Designing Your Soulful Business

It's our belief at JuJu Creative Hub that the work you do in your business should be the stuff of the soul. The kind of work that doesn't actually even feel like work, where most mornings you can't wait to get out of bed and dive into it.

For most entrepreneurs that take on the journey of building their own business, they crave to live life on their terms but soon enough after a couple of months of growing their business, they begin to feel the pull. This pull is the constant list of to-dos piling up, the feeling of needing to be everywhere and do everything.

But what if we told you there was a better way, a simpler way?

We're calling it Soulful Business, because that's what it should be - full of soul. 

You're not here to simply be another cog in the machine, another facebook post on the feed or another product-pusher pumping out the content. You're here to step up, to share your gifts with the world and to make an impact. 

So let's put aside the to-do lists for a while and start designing a business that feels good. Really good. 

Purposeful Planning

I know you've probably groaned a that first heading. We got you all excited to be doing things with heart and soul, and then we dump the P-word on you... Planning. eugh!

Planning doesn't have to be all masculine spreadsheets and financial forecasts though. We like to see planning as crafting our big vision for the future. We start with the big big visions (you know that one that you still whisper a little when you share it with your friends): what do they look like, what do they feel like, who's standing there with us? 

Next, we take these big visions and decide what's achievable in a year and what's going to get us closer to achieving those big visions. Then, breaking this down even further we take those annual plans and create an easy-to-action focused plan for the next 90-days.

I see so many people falling for the sparkliness of 'creating a 90-day plan'. However, if this plan isn't rooted in your mission you might as well be flying by the seat of your pants.

Now I understand that planning can feel restrictive, un-intuitive and messes with your go-with-the-flow mojo, but you wouldn't expect a pilot to fly you from here to San Francisco without a clear flight path now would you? The same goes for your business darling - you need to know where you're aiming for before you can begin to take small steps to getting there.

"Be like a postage stamp  - stick to one thing until you get there."
- Josh Billings

If you're ready to craft your big vision and set about actually achieving it, start by asking yourself these three questions:

What big impact do I want to have made, or what am I going to achieve in  3 to 5 years from now?

What are the 3 or 4 things that I need to achieve this year, to really help me along this path?

What goals and actions can I set myself to ensure that I'm moving towards this in the next 90-days?

We've got a free resource over in our resources hub that will help you focus on moving forward, and achieving your goals. Download the Growth Goals worksheet over here.

Creating Aligned Income Streams

Somewhere in all that planning you've been doing a little thing called 'money' probably popped it's head up. In order to achieve some of those bigger goals you're going to need to bring in some money to your business (whether that be a little or a lot is entirely up to you!).

It's my belief that working in a sustainable way is all about finding the perfect place where the work that you love to do matches the work that your dream clients need from you. It's about aligning your skills and your passions with the needs of those that are searching for you.

There's more to business than simply finding a market and selling to them. It's about an energy exchange between the two of you. That energy exchange is most beneficial to all parties involved when you're energetically aligned to the work that you're doing. 

In the early days of our businesses we often fall for the belief that we have to be everything to everybody (because we're fearful that saying no will mean that the universe won't send any more clients our way). It's always been my experience that the opposite is true. In fact, a key mantra of mine is:

"When I say no to what no longer serves me,
I'm opening up for the universe to send me more of what does."

If you're ready to work in a more aligned way, you can ask yourself these questions:

What am I most passionate about doing and what am I particularly skilled at?

What types of work do I enjoy doing? Presenting to large groups? 1:1 face-to-face consults?

How would my dream clients best like me to show up for them? What methods will benefit the both of us?

Are you ready to work in a way that feels aligned to what serves you and your dream clients?

Join the Free 5-Day Manifest & Meet Challenge and be guided toward a new way of creating a soulful business, where your dream clients are naturally attracted to what you have to offer.

Building Your Online Presence

It's time to get seen and heard by your dream clients my darling. You've crafted the big vision and have found that sweet spot between how you love to work and how your dream clients love to learn. So it's time to let them join you in the journey of solving their problem!

Creating a recognisable brand  that connects with your dream colours goes much further than fonts, colours and that cute hand-drawn concept your designer came up with. Of course, that's extremely important too in making sure you're putting your most professional foot forward. 

Your brand is the sum total experience that any potential client has with your business. Therefore, building your online presence is a unique mixture of many individual elements, each as equally important as the other in creating the perfect recipe of your brand. 

Your Brand Messaging:

Your brand messaging is the the back-bone of your business. It shapes how you answer your emails, how people purchase your product or service, your social media posts, your website and yes, your logo. It cohesively mixes in the why behind your business, your business values and your big visions to connect with your dream clients. It's the unique mix of what you do, who you serve, how you go about it, what your skills are and above all why you do it.

Action Tip: Create a positioning statement for your brand. This can be used across social media platforms, weaved into your copy and of-course on your website.

Your Visual Brand:

Okay, so here's where you logo comes in! But also your imagery, website, mailing list and social media. It really is so much more than simply your logo that comes into play when branding your business. So it's important that you're presenting a cohesive brand profile.

When considering what visual elements to use in your branding, think about how you want your audience to feel. When they first discover you on Facebook, on Instagram or directly on your site, what feeling rises up in them that makes them crave more from you?

Action Tip: Create a style guide for your brand. It's great for any team-members or VA's you bring on board, and makes sure you're sticking to your own pre-determined guidelines.

Your Website:

We're making special mention of your website here, as it's often one of the bigger investments you'll make when it comes to building your online presence.

We've preached about it many times, but your website really is your number one marketing tool. Whether you're a DIY-er or you're getting a professional designer to do the work for you, your website will be one of the key ways your potential clients will become your dreamiest clients ever. 

Action Tip: Ensure your website has all the essentials. It's going to be the place you direct your social media followers, your guest blog posts and future clients you meet at networking events, so it's important you're making the best first impression.

Your Social Media:

Creating an aligned and on-brand social media presence is important for getting in front of new tribe members and really creating some ripples in your industry. We'll dive into the soulful side of building a social media profile further down this post, but we want to touch on how creating a cohesive looking social media presence.

You can brand your social media in many ways. The power of social media really comes to life when you create an experience worth sharing (and talking about). After all, your brand is really what others are thinking and saying about your business.

Ways you can do this: 

  1. Start a conversation, remember to engage with your community
  2. Create some themes with your posts, so your tribe knows what to expect from you
  3. Share tips, tricks and insights, even better if their cohesively branded to reinforce your style.
  4. Show the REAL behind the scenes, because #reallife is what people will connect with (even if it's just through an Insta-story or two!).

Action Tip: Create some templated graphics for your brand, they'll help your brand stand out and be recognisable to your tribe as they're scrolling through their Social Media feeds.

Gathering The Tribe

You've probably seen the Facebook ads in your feed that go a little something like this:

"Get your first 100 subscribers in 3 days"
"Grow your list by x10 with these three simple hacks"
"Gain new leads with my simple email marketing solutions"

Trust me, I get it, it's enough to turn you off even putting an opt-in box on your website. It feels icky, sleazy and not at all aligned with how you want to run your business. But what if I told you that list-building doesn't at all have to be about chasing numbers and hesitantly watching your list to see if someone unsubscribes?

I've been there, I've fallen into the trap of counting the numbers. But I always come back to this one simple truth that feeds any work I do around building my email list:

It's not the numbers that matter, it's the people. 

I was recently frustrated with my mailing list, because I'd been working hard promoting the opt-ins I'd so lovingly created for my tribe, but I couldn't get past this one specific number. My list would dance around it, teasing me and then suddenly drop-down. I mentioned this to my mastermind buddies and was reminded that the number on the screen doesn't matter, it's the connection I'm making that does.

So with this, I sent a little love through the universe to those people still on my list, and got back to the business of trying to provide epic value for them. Because they're the ones that need it right now.

Gathering your tribe is so much more than 'list-building'. It's about you showing up and being a generous leader. Lighting the path for your 'followers', so it's a little easier for them than it was for you.

If you're struggling with the thought of putting yourself out there and starting an email tribe of your own, I encourage you to ask yourself these questions:

What would I have loved to know at the beginning of my journey?

What would have made the journey easier?

What can I share with or create for my tribe that will help them in these two areas?

The answer to that, is where your very first opt-in idea will come from. Whether that's an e-book or a webinar or an email challenge is totally up to you. Just remember, you're here to serve your tribe - which you can only do if you first show up!

Action Tip: Create an opt-in that connects you with your tribe members and provides great value for them. Need some ideas? We've got 31 of them over here on the blog.

Connecting With Content

Now that you've created an amazing offer to share with your dreamiest of dream clients, it's time you actually showed them it, right?

You might be asking yourself: "How do I get them to see my offer?"

It's time for you to create some amazing content my darling. All that knowledge that has been swirling around in your head, needs to come out in one form or another and light up the world of your future clients.

The purpose of creating content is to introduce the topics that you cover in your 1:1 services or digital products. It's designed to help establish you as an expert in your industry - oh and it's great for helping Google find you (and therefore your dream clients find you too!).

If you're hesitating to create content because you're not a great writer, then honey I've got news for you - you don't have to write a single thing. Take a leaf out of Brene Brown's book and let the words flow out verbally (she hired a cabin in the woods, invited some friends for a holiday and told them stories all weekend, which then was turned into a very successful book of hers).

There are plenty of ways for you to share your knowledge. You could start a podcast, or a youtube channel, you could start micro-blogging using Instagram or Facebook. Just turning up, speaking your truth will naturally attract the right people to you.

Want to really widen your reach? Why not reach out to some aligned businesses and pitch yourself for a guest blog post or podcast interview. 

Stuck for ideas on what to write? We've got 20 questions that will help you find blog posts that will WOW your audience in our free 'Finding your blog posts' worksheet. You can grab it from our resources page here.

Soul-filled Social Media

So many of us do the work packaging up our products and services, making amazing opt-ins for our tribe, and blogging our hearts out to provide them with extra value. We often think that's all we need to do. People will find us on their own, right?

Well yes, to a certain extent. We humans however can be a little lazy sometimes. We like things to be easy for us, and we like our solutions to pop up right in front of us. It's particularly handy when it's right there in front of us on our Facebook feed! Social media can be such a powerful tool for connecting you to your dream clients and allowing you to provide meaningful content to them.

Honestly, sometimes showing up on social media can feel tiresome, draining and oh-so-inauthentic to what you're trying to share. It doesn't have to be though - social media should feel good. It should light you up to be engaging and interacting with your dreamies. It's a perfect way to really feel into what they're experiencing and get some first-hand knowledge of what they're struggling with.

The energy that you bring to your social media platforms will filter through to the audience that views them. So my biggest piece of advice is if it's not feeling right, then leave it behind.


Yes, that's right. You have 100% permission to do social media the way that feels good to you.

Don't like the idea of adding 30 hashtags to your Insta-post, just to gain some extra followers? Then honey, don't.

Jumping on FB live scares you half to death? Wait until you're feeling more aligned to it. 

It's not about just holing yourself up in a closet, waiting for someone to come knocking on your door asking if you're open for business. You do have to put yourself out there, get over your fears and let the world know your talents, because that's part of this entrepreneurial journey that you've chosen to take part in. What I'm saying is that you can choose the ways you do this.

If all you can handle at the moment is pinning your blog posts to Pinterest, that's absolutely okay. Just start there. You'll soon feel into the way you want to work with Social Media, and your tribe will be right there waiting, cheering you on when you take the leap.

Action tip: If social media is feeling like a drag, try conserving your energy and committing to certain times in the week where you'll focus on creating content and scheduling it into an app like Hootsuite. That way, when you choose to show up on Social Media you can really be there in the moment and engage with your tribe.

Developing Nurturing Customer Funnels

When I say 'Sales Funnels' you think..... Salesy??? Sleazy??? Soooooo much effort???

Any of those sounding familiar?

The fact is though, you've probably already got some sort of sales funnel happening in your business. You're promoting yourself on social media, right? You're putting out great content and funnelling people to sign up for your opt-in, right? And you're booking people into discovery calls and letting them know your package details?

Well then you've actually got yourself a sales funnel.

Sales are a natural part of business. They're what make your business a business and not just a hobby. Where sales funnels come into their own is making the process easier and smoother for both you and your clients. It aligns your products and services in a logical way that meet your clients needs. 

Because after all, that's what it's about - nurturing your customer to provide the best value possible.

You might be thinking that's all well and good but how do I take my products and services, and get more people to buy them.

It all starts with the very first interaction your future client has with you. This could be via social media or a blog post you've written or hearing your guest interview on a podcast they love. The aim of your sales funnel is to firstly reach more people, peak their interest and encourage them to dive deeper with you, in order to help them solve a problem that their experiencing.

Once you've solved this problem for them, what's the next step? And the next? And the next?

This my dear, is the beginnings of up-levelling your sales funnel. Sales funnels include multiple different facets of your business. It includes how you find traffic to send to your blog posts, and how said blog posts encourage people to join your email list. Then once they're in your inner circle how are you encouraging them to explore your products and services.

It doesn't have to be salesy or sleazy. It can be a nurturing service you provide your dream clients to make it easy on them to know that you are the one to help them solve the problem their facing.

Action Step: It's important to know where your dreamies are currently coming from. Take a look at your current client list and find out where they found you. Were they a referral, or did they find you on Instagram. This will show you where your current efforts are paying off so you can try and maximise your impact.

Are you ready to welcome in more dream clients, without feeling salesy or sleazy?

Join the free 5-day challenge and start attracting your dream clients in a way that feels nurturing to both you and them.

Building Abundant Systems

Systems is another scary word that pops up from time to time in our business. Usually it scares us because it requires that other scary word 'technology'. But spending a little time getting your systems and processes in order makes on-boarding your new clients that much easier, it takes the energy and stress out of the process allowing you to enjoy working with your dream clients in a whole new way!

Building systems is about mapping out the process you take for all the important tasks that occur in your business. By doing so, you're essentially you-proofing your business. Systems allow you to be more productive, more focused on the tasks that make you money and well more abundant.

Why more abundant?

Well think about it. Whether you're outsourcing some of the tasks to a new team member or using a program like Zapier to automate some of your processes, the time you're not spending doing these things is now free for you to use as you please.

This will mean different things for each of us. For some it will allow us to take our business wherever we please, and truly live a 'laptop lifestyle'. For others it will mean just a little more freedom to take a day off without things falling apart.

Systems are the support framework of your business. They're what you'll fall back on when you get sick, tired or a little too overwhelmed by your inbox.

But where do you begin?

Surprisingly, you don't even need to begin with the technology!

Just start by taking note of what you're already doing in your business. When a new client enquires what are each of the steps that you need to take to take them from enquiry to booked into your coaching calendar?

You can't get too detailed here - write down every step it takes you.

Then, look at how you can streamline this. Are you sending 5 emails back and forth trying to find a suitable time that you can both meet? Well darling, you need a booking system. Are you constantly waiting on clients to return their client agreements, because they don't have a printer? Make them digital with an app like DocHub. Or perhaps you write the same email each for every step of the process of working with you, then creating a script that you can just slightly adjust will save you hours (trust me! This one changed EVERYTHING - no more 'forgot to mention.....').

Wherever you can shave a little bit of time off the process for yourself and your client will also appreciate the smoothness of your processes and your professionalism.

Want to dive a bit deeper into building abundant systems? You can read a bit about why we setup our systems (and what we use) over here on the blog.