Firstly, a huge welcome!

We can't wait to get started with you on your new Website! Before your project kicks off, we have a little house-keeping to do.

Before we begin, we suggest that you bookmark this page ASAP

This page your very own personal project portal. This is where you'll find an outline of the entire process of your Website process (which you can take a peek at below later on). We've developed and refined this process over many, many projects with an aim to walk you through step-by-step each of the necessary processes for creating your brand and website.

Use these quick-links to jump to certain parts of your project.

Technology We Use

Here's a run-down of the programs that we'll be using over the course of your project:
Throughout your project, there will be a few key programs that we’ll be utilising. Here’s a quick run-down of these programs and what we’ll use them for.


For sharing content and files that relate directly to your project.


For all that juicy mood-boarding & inspiration gathering! 


For providing feedback on all the magic designs!


For that all-important face-to-face time! Our Skype details are elle.jujumarketing

GOOGLE DRIVE (a further note on how we use it)

We use Google Drive as our main portal for collecting and sharing any relevant information. You've been sent an access invitation to our shared Google Drive (which you can also via the button above).

Below is a brief description of what you will find in each folder. Should you see a need to create an additional folder, please do so and send us a link to it directly. (If you could use the naming format ‘{Your Name} - Folder Name' that would be splendid!)

If you add items to your folders throughout your project, please ensure that you share them with us by right clicking the file, selecting 'Share' and emailing us with a brief description of what it is and what it should be used for.

{Your Name} - Photos
This one's pretty self explanatory! Here's where you'll upload any photos that you have that are related to your brand. This is generally more applicable in the website stage, but will also give us an idea of the brand-direction and feel.

If you need to share specific information about the photos then feel free to use the 'Photos Explained' document provided.

We'd love for you to give us as many photos as possible to play with, because you never know what we can come up with! Also, if you already have these photos located on a Dropbox or someplace else, simply pop the link to them in the Google Doc mentioned above!

{Your Name} - Documents
Here you will find a copy of the following documents relating to your project, including:

  • A copy of your Invoice/s
  • A copy of your project agreement
  • A 'client details' document that we'd love for you to complete

{Your Name} - Inspirations
This folder is where you can provide us with any ideas that you love/sites you like.
There is a document also included in this folder that we hope you will review. This is where you can tell us a little more about why you like the inspirations you've gathered!

{Your Name} - Brand Elements
Again, we think this one explains itself. This is where we'll share any of the brand elements that you already have. Think Brand Style Guide, vector/photoshop versions of your logos, custom fonts etc.

{Your Name} - Website Content & Planning
Here's where you'll upload the final version of your Site Map (which we go through below) and where you'll upload any relevant documents, files and final versions of copy for your site.


Now that we've introduced ourselves, we're going to chat to you about the communication channels between you, our most-valued client, and us, your creative side-kicks! 

So you've arrived in this little online space, and might be thinking 'What the!?!?', but don't despair, in this section we'll be looking at the different communication channels that we'll be using. 

We find that when bringing a new brand and website to life, the inspiration hits at the most un-planned times! That's why we've set up a few little systems to help us make sure that those little bursts of inspiration are noted down ASAP, and are never forgotten! 

Here's a run-down of the programs that we'll be using over the course of your project:
Throughout your project, there will be a few key programs that we’ll be utilising. Here’s a quick run-down of these programs and what we’ll use them for.

Helpful Documents

We've got you covered with the direct links to our project documents. Of course, they're found in your Google Drive (under 'Documents'), but here's a handy link just in-case you ever need it!

Payment Details:

Initial Scheduling Payment: $1000 (PAID)
Project Start Date Payment: $1000 (Due: Prior to Project Start)
Mid-Project Payment: $1000 (Due: on delivery of Brand Collateral)
End-of Project: $1000 (Due on sign-off of website - prior to launch)

Pre-Website Homework

    When it comes to building your website, it's important that we're not just building it for the business you are today, but we're building it for the business you want to become. Many people when they're branding themselves and/or their business think of where things are at RIGHT NOW, but the truth of the matter is is that you (and your business) are both going to evolve.

    Now unfortunately, we don't have a magic-8 ball or the ability to see all that the future holds, but if you're anything like most business women I know you have big dreams for your business, and a big vision of the impact you're going to have on the world.

    We want to get all those big dreams out on paper! But first, like any story, we want to start at the beginning, getting to know where you've come from and where things are at right now for you and your business.

    Once you've worked through your Pre-Website Homework, simply upload it to your Google Drive and let us know it's there (by sharing it with us). 

    Planning Your Website

    We sure do know a thing or two about launching websites! The thing we love about building websites, is the ability to share your valuable knowledge with your dream clients! 

    In order to give your dream clients your best first impression, it's important that your website is doing the hard-work you need it to. 

    That's where the planning comes in! Before we jump into designing up your new online home let's get strategic!

    There's a few key moving parts that need to come together in order to bring your website to life!

    1. Your Brand (obviously, we've got that covered).
    2. Your Goals & Vision
    3. Your Strategic Site Map
    4. Your Content
    5. Your Technological Requirements

    Let's dive into each of these shall we?

    Book in your Website Strategy Call

    In this call we'll be reviewing all the elements in the 'Planning Your Website' section, so please ensure you have completed each part.

    Your Goals & Vision

    When you're working hard promoting yourself on Facebook, sharing posts on Instagram, writing guest blogs, jumping on podcast interviews and networking at events, you're going to be sharing the one place where all of this comes together: your wonderful website.

    Just as with everything in business, before you get started - jumping in with both feet, it's important that you set yourself up with a map. A guide that you can come back to any time you feel you're wandering off track and check in with your bigger vision.

    Getting clear on your big vision for your wonderful website lights the pathway for the journey ahead.

    Spend some time getting clear on your goals and what you’re trying to achieve with your website, but ultimately what we're really defining is what you want to be achieving in your business.  Your website IS your number one marketing tool. That's why it's important to ensure your website is helping you achieve your business goals.

    Ultimately, you want to ensure that your website is guiding your potential clients to the way that you want them to work with you. So darling one, I want you to think about this one simple, but important question.
    What are you trying to achieve?
    🌟 More clients?
    🌟 More discovery calls?
    🌟 More leveraged income?
    🌟 More emails on your list?

    Once you've completed this worksheet, please upload it to your Google Drive folder (under 'Website Content & Planning') and share it with us so we know you've completed it.


    Your Strategic Site Map

    Now that you're clear on your goals, what pages will you need to help you get there?

    For example, if you're planning on running a coaching-based business you're going to need a page that outlines the types of services you offer and maybe even some individual pages for each service.

    Take a moment to watch the video, and download the 'Strategic Site Map document'. This document is your opportunity to lay all the ideas out on the table. If you're not quite sure - include it anyway! We'll be going over this in our website strategy call.

    Once you've completed your Site Map, please upload it to your Google Drive under 'Website Content & Planning' and share it with us so we know it's complete.


    Creating Your Content

    Now comes the fun part of creating your juicy content. Whilst we can't create EVERYTHING for you, we do have some helpful tools that will help you on your journey.

    Taking each of the pages in your site map, create a separate document for each one. This allows you to remain focused on the page you're creating. If you'd like to, you can create these using Google Docs in the 'Website Content & Planning' folder of your Google Drive. Alternatively, if you prefer to work offline in Microsoft Word, you can just upload your final copies to the Google Drive when they're complete.

    We get asked quite a bit about two main areas when it comes to crafting your copy. Your About Page and Your Blog. So we've put together these resources, to help you!


    Write Your About Page


    Finding Your Blog Posts


    Technology Requirements For Your Site

    Domain Names

    It's important to decide on your .com (or domain name) as soon as possible. There are many options available to you whether you go with a .com or a .com.au is entirely up to you!

    We often get asked who to purchase your domain through. You can purchase many domains through Squarespace (which will be discounted from your first year's subscription). If you're wanting a domain name that's country specific (e.g. a .au) then we suggest going with a domain company such as GoDaddy.

    Squarespace Platform

    We'll let you know when it's time to upgrade your website so that we can send your website live.

    You can review the Squarespace plans here. Generally, unless your site is strictly an e-commerce platform or require more than 20 pages, you'll only need the General business plan. You can choose whether you pay monthly or annually. Please note, you'll be eligible for a 20% discount when paying annually (for your first year) because you've signed up through JuJu Creative Hub.



    Blogging is a great way to update your website, increase your SEO ranking and create content for all your social media platforms.

    We strongly encourage you to include a blog in your site, but of course it's entirely up to you.

    Squarespace make it easy to blog on the go with their iPad and iPhone application!

    Online Shop

    The beauty of Squarespace is that you can build an online shop right on the same website as your main site.

    To create an online shop and accept online payments you'll need either a Paypal Business account or to setup a Stripe Account.


    Booking Schedulers

    If you're planning on offering discovery sessions, 1:1 coaching or even group programs having an online booking system can make your life soooooo much easier (read: not needing to manually schedule every single client call!). 

    Our favourite is Acuity, we've been using it for years and it now integrates perfectly with Squarespace making it simple to integrate directly into your site.

    Some others you might like to look into though, to see what the right fit is for you could include Calendly, Satori or Timely

    Mailing Lists

    There's no denying it - building your mailing list is a sure-fire way to get your dream clients to know about all your amazing offers and services.

    Building newsletter opt-ins into your website is where we come in, but you'll need to set up your mailing list account in order for us to do so.

    So what technology do you need?

    Well our favourite is ConvertKit, which allows you to create any number of opt-ins, content upgrades, pop-up forms ANYWHERE on your site. Alternatively, there's also Mailchimp, which a great free alternative that also integrates with Squarespace.


    Email & Forms

    Whether it's a contact, feedback or custom enquire, forms are a great way to ensure that you capture the exact information that you need.

    You might also want to consider setting up a personal business email. If you purchase a 'business' plan through Squarespace a GSuite business email comes free for your first year. But if you'd like to set up your own business email you can do so through GSuite

    Social Sharing

    Having social sharing buttons included on your blog posts is a great way to get your content out to more people. These can be included on each of your blog posts, Pinterest 'Pin It' buttons, Instagram Feeds and Facebook 'Like' widgets can all be included on your site for optimum sharing capabilities.



    Website Concepts

    Here's where your website starts to come to life. We'll begin by sharing with you the 'wireframes' of your site, which is a very simplified version of where content will go and what technology will be utilised. 

    Then, once that's signed off on, we'll get to designing up a storm and creating your beautiful new online home. The link to view and review these mockups will be sent to you via email, and added to the button below when they become available.

    We'll also be sharing with you the live version of the site, so you can check it out in more detail.