So......You've got a Logo - But Now What?

You need a website!

Let's be honest, you've been suffering from a bad case of website shame for far too long! You've invested in a logo that feels just right to you and your business, but when it comes to actually promoting your services online to your dream clients you'd rather wring the washing out by hand than send them to your shabby-and-not-so-chic online abode.

WELL LADY - Fear no more!

I'm here to give your site a makeover, to make it (AND YOU!) feel fabulous!

I believe that your website should feel like your online home - a safe space to share your thoughts,
ideas and inspirations with your tribe in the online-stratosphere.

I believe that your website should do away with mediocre and bland off-the-shelf design,
to really become a showcase for who your business is.

I believe that your website should be a magical space which entices your dream clients
to stay a little longer and explore the realm of you.

Because your website, is not just a website.

It's an invitation to get to know you and your business, on a deeper more personal level.


To really sell your products and services, and truly help your dream clients get to know you and your business,
you need these important elements.

BRANDING: Create A Cohesive Branded Site That Captivates Your Dream Clients

VISION: Share Your Message In A Way That Feels Authentic To You And Your Brand

STRATEGY: Build A Site That Grows with your business - Not One That You'll Want To Overhauled every season


 Once you've read

Once you've read through my process, familiarised yourself with the FAQ's and understand the pricing of my web-design packages, send me through an enquiry using the form below to get the ball rolling!


We'll meet over Skype, and discuss all your ideas for your website, take a look at your existing site & logo (if you have them) and develop a vision board for your site.
Then we'll strategise together what features and pages you need throughout your site.


Once you've booked in for a web-design project, we'll set a time-frame for launching your new project and for the all-important design work to begin.
This is where the magic happens, and you'll start to see all your ideas and inspirations come together.


We've strategised, we've been visionary and we've designed a killer website that's bound to please your dream clients. Now it's time to share the magic with them! 
We'll share your site with your social media tribe, email list and launch it out into the world!




Who is this for?
The Regent is for the online entrepreneur that wants to really make an impression on their dream clients! They know that branding is the key to sharing their big vision and goals with their tribe and are ready to step up in a way that owns their uniqueness and celebrates their talents and skills.

What's involved?
This is a completely custom website design. Say good-bye to the off-the-shelf template that's been slightly customised to match your brand colours. This package is all about creating a one-off website that captivates your audience from the get-go.

What's included in this package?

  • A 1:1 website strategy session, to determine the must have features and pages that your site needs to include.
  • A strategic site map, because people need to find all your important info to hire you ASAP!
  • A landing page, to inform your visitors that something magical is coming soon!
  • My signature client questionnaire, to uncover the essentials about your business that need to be accentuated in your site.
  • Complete site customisation - including newsletter subscription boxes, social media icons, blog posts, buttons and more!
  • Development and custom design of up to 10 pages - so you've got all your bases covered!
  • Google Analytics Installation, to keep track of your growth.
  • Email platform integration, so you can build your tribe!
  • Social Media shareability, including pinnable images and blog share buttons.


Please enquire for current pricing.



Who is this for?
You've got a website, but are just looking to add a little extra pizzaz to help make it stand out from the crowd and really resonate with your brand. This is for the entrepreneur that's ready to level up their site with extra personalised customisation.

What's involved?
Upgrading your website is different for everyone, some people require a few new pages, some just want a few custom elements such as branded newsletter boxes or social share buttons.

We'll set up a time to chat 1:1 about what upgrades you require, and I'll share my ideas for taking your existing site to the next level.

Then I'll get to work on making your site ooze a little more YOU!

Investments start at $300* AUD
*Commensurate with requirements







Who is this for?
You've just written an e-book and if I know anything, I know you poured your heart and soul into it! Now it's time to share it with the world - whether that be giving it away to people when they join your tribe or maybe you're launching a paid product (ummmm, CONGRATS! That's amazing!!!!).

Either way, it's important to put your best foot forward, and build a sales page that does the all-important persuading for you.

What's involved?
This comprehensive package is perfect for launching a sales page that helps sell your new product. It covers all the bases including:

  • Sales Page Design to attract the attention of your dream clients to your paid offering or free opt-in
  • Tech setup (e.g. Paypal, Email Integration, Domain Names) so you can start getting paid ASAP!
  • A 1:1 consult with yours truly, to help map out your launch schedule
  • Social Media image to help promote your offering in style

Plus added bonuses that I've created
exclusively for my VIP clients!

Please enquire for current pricing

Looking for a DIY Option?

We've designed a range of stunning website toolkits, perfect for the #girlboss that loves to take the wheel and create her own unique style.

Our Square Kit Designs Toolkits all include:

  • Over 15 step-by-step video tutorials teaching you how to customise and build your site
  • Professionally designed Photoshop files (that we teach you how to use)
  • Our Ultimate Guide to Finding Feminine Styled Stock Photos (to really up-level your brand)
  • Our Ultimate Guide to Finding Your New Logo (plenty of options for creating your logo on a budget)

Click on the image to view more details

Plus you'll learn all our tips and tricks on:

  • Setting up a Strategic Site map
  • Create & customise as many pages as you wish to
  • Create & implement a cohesive brand style guide (even if you haven't got a logo yet!)
  • Create a beautiful, eye-catching Homepage that draws your dream clients further into your business
  • Add products to build your online shop, and start making money online!
  • Design beautifully branded blog images, ones that are truly Pinterest worthy
  • Linking your mailchimp & social media accounts to your Squarespace website, so you're optimising the touch points you interact with your tribe on
  • Create Cover Pages to share your opt-ins and a Coming Soon page to gather leads before you've even launched your new site!


I don't have a logo yet, can I still work with you?

JuJu Creative Hub is a full-service agency, meaning that you can come to JuJu for much more than web-design.

Just a word of warning though: I offer a comprehensive strategic approach through my VIP branding experience, Brand Alchemy - when developing any visual identity. This approach is much more than a logo design; it is a holistic look at your entire brand. I offer this process so that your brand is built to grow with your business!

How do I know if I'm ready to work with you?

You're suffering from what I like to call 'website-shame'. Instead of sending people to a website where they can explore your services and get to know you and your brand better, you often hide behind email and end up sending customised quotes to each and every potential lead.

You're ready to change that, and start making your brand stand out online, share your packaged services and sell more products!

Do you create other collateral as well?

For an additional price, I can create on-brand collateral for you and your business, giving your business a cohesive look across both the digital and physical arenas you'll be participating in.

Is there a waiting list?

To be honest - usually!
When you book in with JuJu Creative Hub, we'll discuss your ideal launch date and I'll do my best to accomodate that in our launch plan. As I only take on one website design at a time, in order to fully focus on our project together, this can mean there may be a waiting list to begin your project.

How do we get started?

To kick things off, hit the enquire now button at the bottom of this page. You'll need to answer a few questions about you, your business and your ideal website. We'll book in a time to have a quick chat over Skype where we can discuss all those ideas you have for your new online home.
Once you've decided to work with JuJu Creative Hub for your web-design project, you'll need to pay a non-refundable deposit, in order to secure your project into the schedule of JuJu Creative Hub's projects.

What platform will you use to design my site?

Squarespace BABY!
I use Squarespace, as I believe it is an extremely easy plaform for my clients to learn once the design process has been completed, without having to enrol in a web-design course!

How will I know how to use my site once it's launched?

As a client of mine, you get access to my library of DIY tutorial videos which cover everything from adding a new product to a shop, creating blog posts or adding a new page and menu item.
You'll also get 30 days virtual support after you've launched, so that you can ask any questions that pop up after launching.

How is working with JuJu Creative Hub for a web-design project different from building it myself?

There are plenty of brilliant Squarespace templates to choose from, I'm not gonna lie. But working with JuJu Creative Hub will ensure that every element of your website is perfectly aligned with your brand vision.
All elements are professionally custom designed and coded where necessary into your site.

Do you build e-commerce sites?

I sure do. I also use the Squarespace platform for e-commerce sites, and can create a custom e-commerce site as an add on to either The Standard of The Regent package. If you require e-commerce functionality, please let me know in our discovery call, and I'll share with you what's involved.

What do I need for my site?

Every site is different. But here's a list of the basic must-haves for every site. Please consider whether you have, or will have by your expected start date, these items prior to booking in a website project.

* Logo & Brand Style Guide (If you don't yet have a logo and brand style guide, you might be interested in Brand Alchemy).
* Professional Photography (Stock Photography can be utilised - but your site will look much more on-brand with professional photos that include your pretty face!).
* Content Copy

Do you write the website copy for me?

I'm not a professional copywriter. Therefore it's up to you to provide the copy for your site. If you are booking in for The Regent package, I will help you to determine a strategic site map in order to determine what content you will require copy for.
If you're not sure how to go about creating your copy, I am happy to suggest a few excellent copywriters that you might be interested in working with.

How long does it take to design my site?

Each package takes a different amount of time.
The Standard: 2-3 weeks
The Regent: 3-4 weeks
The Upgrade: based on requirements, usually 1-2 weeks
The Promo: 3-4 weeks

What if I don't have everything prepared by the alloted time I booked in for my web-design project to begin?

In our discovery call, we'll work together to determine how long you need to prepare items such as professional photos, content copy, logos etc.
It is up to you to determine whether the timeframes are realistic with your other commitments.
Once you have booked in, you'll need to ensure that you're prepared to have all that is required ready to go.
If your content and relevant files aren't provided to JuJu Creative Hub two weeks prior to your project's start date, your project may be required to be post-poned until the next available start date.

How much work do I need to do outside of our time together?

Once you've booked in your project with JuJu Creative Hub, you'll be provided with a worksheet to help you map out your content, images required and site map. You'll need to return this to JuJu Creative Hub two weeks prior to your project beginning.
You'll also be responsible for providing any website copy, logos sourced elsewhere, professional photos and other relevant imagery to JuJu Creative Hub prior to your website project beginning.

What's the difference between The Standard & The Regent Package?

The Standard package is designed to help you get online, on a budget. You still get access to me as a designer, but your site is less customised than it would be if we were to work together thorugh The Regent package.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yep! I sure do! I know that investing in yourself and your brand can be a huge leap for some of us, and sometimes we need to complete payments in installments.
It is for this reason that I have both a two-part and three-part payment plan (not including your initial non-refundable deposit which secures your project).
We can chat about the details of these payment plans in our discovery call.
Please Note: the entire amount is due for payment prior to your project beginning.

Do you offer refunds?

Once you have paid your non-refundable deposit, you are booked in for an allocated period of time, where I will focus solely on your web-site project. As this time has been allocated to you, I may have had to turn away other clients that would have been able to complete their project during this time.
Therefore, once your final payment has been made, there will be no refunds issued. It is for this reason that I encourage you to select a time that you know you can dedicate to the project, in order to make the most of our time working together.
We will work together in our discovery call to determine the best possible time for both parties.

What if I need more pages than what's included in my chosen package?

Should you require more pages, these can be added to the package at an additional cost. As part of the web-design process, we determine what pages you require. If we collectively decide that you need more pages, this can be arranged for you.