Trust me - I've been there!

Where just the thought of telling someone what you have to sell has your stomach turning in knots.


You know that the one key element of your business is sales.
But still every time you're on a discovery call or sending out a salesy-type newsletter to your list your palms start to sweat.


Seriously, there's a whole lot of things you'd rather do.

Like walk across hot coals for instance...


Well darling, I want to show you a different way.


In this free online workshop, I want to share with you a more soulful approach to selling!

Whether you're a coach, yogi, creative, consultant or any other type of spirited entrepreneur, mastering the skill of selling your services is a must. But that doesn't mean you have to sell out in the process.


Here's what you'll learn:

How to naturally share your gifts, talents and offerings into the world - so you can get hired by your dream clients

How to attract high paying clients and get them to buy without feeling like a sleaze-ball!

What to do once someone's bought from you - so you can keep them coming back for more

The number one ingredient that most online entrepreneurs are missing - stopping them from selling out their services


So darling one. I have just one question for you..

Are you ready to have more soulful sales?

Enter your details below and join us live on Tuesday 15 August at 11am AEST