Do you ever feel like you've been showing up online,

sharing your heart and soul,

searching long and hard to find your true tribe,

but nothing's really sticking?


Your energy is pulled between all the things on the to-do list,

and quite frankly, you're ready to call it quits!


Quits with posting to Facebook, only to reach a few people.

Quits with sending out Newsletters, where no one clicks through.

Quits with launching new products and services to crickets!

I have a secret to tell you. So lean a little closer...

It does not have to be THAT hard.

There is an easier way.


It's my firm belief that:

Selling your products and services, shouldn't feel like you're selling out
It's entirely possible for you to be working in your zone of genius 100% of the time
& You can be hired by your dreamiest clients ever to do exactly what you love doing
(and let's be honest - you're all kinds of amazing at it too!!!)

Welcome to:


In this 4-week group program, you'll get crystal clear on exactly the types of clients you want to bring into your business in 2017
the ones that have you jumping for joy!

We'll uncover how you can package up your expertise and create a VIP experience for your clients, from the moment they say those two beautiful words:
'I'm IN!'

I'll share with you resources, scripts and templates to help you connect with more dream clients, in a more meaningful way...
One that ACTUALLY helps your bottom line!

We'll talk about the P word. PRICING.
But don't worry, I'll share with you my secret formula that makes sure your package is priced right,
to help you reach that 2017 income goal.

And of course, we'll set an easy-to-action plan to help you bring all of this to life in 2017!

Here's what's involved:

Week One - Brand Clarity

We'll take a look at where you're currently at: what's working, and what could be improved.
We'll set some big visions for your business, because it's important we've got a destination in mind.
We get clear on the things we're going to let go of, and clear, moving into 2017.

Week Two - Your Unique Offering

We'll map out everything that's currently on the smorgasboard for your clients.
We'll take a look at how your clients are currently finding you, and how we can improve that!
You'll craft a compelling offer to share with your VIP clients.
I'll share with you my signature way of structuring my prices and packages, to ensure I'm hitting my income goals,
so that you can replicate for your own business.

Week Three - Connecting With Your Dream Clients

I'll guide you through a few approaches to proactively sharing your VIP offering with your dreamies.
I'll equip you with scripts, templates and resources that help you do this in a way that feels natural to you.
(AKA no sleazy sales tactics here).
You'll create a client-winning on-boarding process, that has your dream clients saying 'YES! I need this NOW!'

Week Four - Preparing for 2017

We'll map out an easy to action plan that will have you creating epic content, connecting with dream clients and
hitting your income goals throughout 2017. 
We'll focus on Q1, but the skills and tools will be there for you to access for each quarter of the year.

Sign Me Up, Buttercup!

Join now with a single payment of $169 AUD

OR  Join now with 2 easy payments of $99AUD

We kick off Monday 21 November!

How it all works

Each week you'll receive an email outlining the key themes for the week and delivering all the important resources and tools for the week's activities.

You'll receive access to a private Facebook Community, where I'll be popping in daily to answer questions and prompt you to think about the week's focus topic.

Each week we'll get together over Skype, where as a group we can work through any questions or blocks around the focus topic. Don't worry if you can't make it live, there'll be plenty of opportunity for you to pre-submit questions and view the recording at a later stage!

Who is this for?

This is for the heart-centered female business owner who's ready to make things really happen in her biz in 2017!

2016 was good, but 2017 can be even better!

This is for you if you've been in business for 12+ months, and are ready to take things to the next level.

Much of the content and conversations in this group program will center around running a service-based business. Of course, you are more than welcome to join in if this isn't a perfect match, I'm sure you will still gain some incredible insight and action for 2017!

Who is JuJu Creative Hub?

JuJu Creative Hub provides Branding, Marketing & Design services to female entrepreneurs, guiding them through the process of uncovering their unique brand values and message, finding ways to authentically amplify this message to reach more people. Our team is led by Creative Director, Elle Lynn. It's Elle's personal belief that everyone has a unique set of gifts that should be explored to create real impact in the world.