This gorgeous gold mega bundle includes 8 glittery designs and is a brilliant addition to any bloggers media-kit.

Very simple to use, in an online program such as CANVA, any photo editing smartphone app or using Microsoft Power Point. No need to learn tricky designer software!

Create your very own glittery quotes with the All That Glitters Mega Bundle.

The All That Glitters (Gold) Mega Bundle includes all of the following individual packs:

  • Glitter Spots (Gold)
  • Glitter Triangles (Gold)
  • Glitter Line Border (Gold)
  • Glitter Square Border (Gold)

You'll receive:

  • A PNG (.png) version of each design - great for uploading to photo editing apps, such as Canva
  • A PowerPoint (.ppt) version of each design - perfect for when you need to create your graphics offline