Shine From Within

There are some clients that pop into your inbox and you know instantly that it's going to be a big resounding YES to working with them.

Some might call this a 'dream client' - or at least I know I would! 

When Amanda from Shine From Within reached out to JuJu Creative Hub we knew that this was a project we couldn't wait to dive into.

Former model and current Youth Mentor, Shine From Within's CEO Amanda Rootsey came to JuJu Creative Hub with a logo lovingly designed by one of her previous program participants and wanted this fresh new look to be represented across Shine From Within's online home.

Whilst our focus was on updating the homepage, making it a little more strategic and helping Amanda achieve some of the big goals and dreams she had for Shine From Within.

A Sneak Peek Behind The Process

Because we knew that there were some big things in store for Shine From Within, we started by getting clear on what Amanda's goals were for the business in the near future. Here's a little taste:

We want our website to:

Have a modern & consistent feel that's young and fun, to attract young teen girls to explore our content. But we need to keep our things professional as we want parents and potential youth mentors to feel like they are in safe hands.  
Make our teenage girls feel excited and welcome in preparation for a future online program for teen girlsand exciting new book that's in the works.

We love some some serious list building action to happen this year. We've got 3 brand new opt-ins for each of our main audiences -  parents of teenage girls, teenage girls and youth mentors.

In case you missed it, yes - Shine From Within had 3 distinct target audiences, each with their own reason for landing on and we needed to make one website work for all 3!

So we could ensure that each of these audiences knew they were in the right place as soon as they landed on the Shine From Within website, we begun by getting clear on what key aspects needed to be included on the homepage - to make the absolute maximum impact on each of their target audiences.

How did we do this exactly? 

We used what I call the Smorgasboard Homepage Method™ - through this method we share just a little snippet of what your dream clients have in store for them when they dive a little deeper into your website. 

We started with some full-width slider banners - one for each of Shine From Within's main audiences. We have to say, we were pretty lucky to be working with some amazing images taken by Bayleigh Vedelago (so if you've been tossing up whether you should have that professional brand shoot before you launch your new website, I'd say it's a must!).

Because list-building was such an important part of the goals for Shine From Within's new website, we made sure there were plenty of opportunities for parents, teen girls and future youth mentors opt-in and get their hands on Amanda's amazing new opt-in goodies!

So we included some of these beautiful easy-to-access opt-in features.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 18.22.13.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 18.25.23.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 18.30.32.png

The Result

Amanda's Story

Tell us a little bit about yourself

We teach teen and tween girls how to shine from within through our holiday programs, one-on-one mentoring and resources.  We also support women to become nurturing youth mentors in their own community through our Youth Mentor Training online program.  At the heart of it all, we believe that all teens (and adults for that matter!) should feel comfortable and happy within themselves, just as they are.

What can people find on your website? Who does it help and what can they expect to experience as a result?

On our website you'll find free resources for teens, parents and youth mentors as well as information about our upcoming programs and retreats.  You'll also find useful blog posts to support parents, educate teens and inspire anyone who wants to work with youth. 

You'll also find our natural beauty online store, which has a range of ethical, natural, vegan skincare and make up. 

What's the best piece of advice you have to offer readers of your site/future clients?

We all have something to share and can support young people in some way.  It's often by tapping into our own authenticity and being vulnerable (whether that's with our children, audience, students or clients) that we can truly create a lasting bond and open up a supportive, safe space.  

Can you tell use a bit about the evolution of creating your business?


Many years ago, as a teen myself I enrolled in a deportment and modelling course, or rather my Mum enrolled me!  It changed my life.  It was the first time I had heard about 'confidence' and 'believing in yourself' - I was hooked.  I trained up with them and started teaching teens while I was on my breaks at university.  


Once I graduated with a Bachelor of Business, I modelled in Europe for a little while and was really pushing myself to be something that I'm not.  I was a classic people-pleaser and introvert trying ever-so-hard to be an extrovert.  But it all came to a holt when I discovered a lump on my neck, which turned out to be stage 4 cancer.  


The 2 years that followed opened up my world to natural health, gentle living and meditation and, once I was in remission, I KNEW I had to share this with teens.  So I created Shine From Within to deliver programs for teen girls which bring together life skills such as make up, style and job interview skills with wellness and self-worth subjects.  


We've been running for about 4 years now on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and have taught hundreds of girls through our school presentations, holiday programs, retreats and more.  Realising I couldn't do it all on my own, I launched the Youth Mentor Training program in 2016 to support other women who are feeling called to put together their own unique programs for youth.  It's been incredible to watch these women launch their businesses and run amazing workshops based on their own passions and strengths.  Together we are helping so many more girls.  


In terms of achievements, I'm a finalist in 2 categories of the Beautiful You Coaching Awards - as International Coach of the Year and Program of the Year.  I'm also just finishing off my book for teen girls which will be out with Hay House late 2017!  


What things did you consider before seeking to work with a designer?

I considered updating my website myself but I felt like I had taken it as far as I could.  I'm quite savvy with building it but I knew that if I found the right designer they would just take it to a whole new level.  

What other products/services did you invest in to help you bring this to life?

I invested in a really great photographer to bring the project to life and had been mindful of capturing great photos and footage while running the last few programs.  I really wanted the website to capture the fun and beauty of our programs.  


How did you share your new-look online home with your tribe??
I gave them lots of sneak peaks through instagram stories/snapchat as we went along and then shared it via social media and our newsletter list with a 'party' offering an extra bonus if they enrolled in one of our programs to celebrate.  The graphic that you shared with us to announce it was very useful!

What parts of the process of creating your new website did you enjoy the most?

I loved collaborating with someone that I felt really got me and got the vision for the new website.  I also really loved collaborating with one of my first students to design some elements of the re-brand.  And getting a look at the website as it all started to come together was so so exciting!