Oh Shoot! : 'A How-To Guide for Loving Your Time In Front of the Camera'

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Eyes of Love specialise in capturing natural and relaxed portraits of women in business.

What is your E-book/E-course about? Who does it help and what can they expect to experience as a result?

The most common feedback I receive from clients prior to their photo shoot is that they're nervous. This ebook was lovingly created as a guide to help women put their best foot forward, feeling confident and camera ready. 

What's the best piece of advice in your e-product?

To capture gorgeous portraits and emotions, it's important to be playful and fluid in front of the camera.  Multiple looks can be achieved from one base pose: looking at the camera, smiling, looking away, looking down/up.  The goal is to end up with a variety of poses and images.

What was the evolution of creating this e-book/e-course?

I observed that fear, negative self-talk and resistance was holding my clients back from having their picture taken. 

Which is such a shame! I wholeheartedly believe that every woman can photograph beautifully, without exception. We don't need to wait until we've lost weight or for 'perfect' conditions.

My ebook guides women through the entire photoshoot planning process. It was created with the intention of giving women the confidence to step out and shine in front the camera.

How did you go about developing the content for your e-course/e-book?

I had already written two magazine articles and many client emails / conversations to draw upon as a resource in creating the ebook. 

What things did you consider before seeking out to work with a designer?

I don't have the graphic design skills to create an ebook myself, I wanted it to be practical, beautiful and well designed.

What other products/services did you invest in to help you bring this to life?

I had a copywriter proof read and edit the content.

What parts of the process of creating your e-book/e-course did you enjoy the most?

I wanted the my ebook to feel really loving and nurturing for my readers.  I enjoyed writing the content, it's soothing and encouraging, like having a pep-talk with your bestie.

I'm so appreciative of all the women I was able to photograph and feature in the ebook. My intention was really loving - to see the imagery, words and great design come together was a really satisfying feeling.