7 Steps To Getting Started

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m is a cheerleader and side kick for change-making women in business and I work with clients to help unleash their creative energy and find more direction and purpose in their online communications. Offering social media strategy and management, I also has a degree in marketing and journalism with experience working in the magazine industry. This allows me to offer clients a range of services including writing, editing and public relations. Specialising in feminine and change-making brands whose social media platforms make you feel something, I have a range of experience in the health and wellness, online and creative spaces.

What is your E-book/E-course about? Who does it help and what can they expect to experience as a result?

'7 Steps To Getting Started' is a tried-and-tested guide for anyone who has spent the past few weeks, months or, in my case, years, talking about starting [insert creative project here]. It doesn’t matter whether it is a blog, fashion label, painting, craft project or book. This is a guide to getting started.

What's the best piece of advice in your e-product?

At the end of the day, you could do all the planning in the world and it wouldn’t mean a thing unless you started. Don’t get bogged down in planning.

Creativity demands action! Go easy on yourself and give yourself time and space to grow. You don’t need to know everything before you start. After all, things will change anyway. Qualifications and certifications are great, but not necessary. Everything you ever need is already within you.

What was the evolution of creating this e-book/e-course?

'7 Steps To Getting Started' was the first offering that I created for my tribe at Sophie Zen. I launched it, before I even launched my website, as an introduction to what my business stood for. I played with lots of ideas for 'opt-ins' but decided on '7 Steps To Getting Started' when I asked myself one simple question: what do you know really, really well? And after taking my business idea to implementation stage, I felt like I knew a lot about 'getting started'.

How did you go about developing the content for your e-course/e-book?

As my business was just beginning, the content was something that I sat down with the intention to create. The words absolutely flew out of me in just a few days.

What things did you consider before seeking out to work with a designer?

I knew 100% that creating an ebook was something that I needed design help with and I absolutely adored Elle’s style.

What other products/services did you invest in to help you bring this to life?

I worked with a copywriter to get the message right and sent it off to Elle to design. The entire process was exciting and joyful. Everyone I worked with shared the same excitement as me and did everything they could to help nurture the idea and bring it to life. Not only did Elle help to design my ebook but she also helped with the marketing and promotional strategy. This proved to be absolutely priceless!

Were there any resources you reached for when planning your e-course/e-book launch?

I was in the process of doing Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted by Rachel MacDonald so that really, really helped!

What parts of the process of creating your e-book/e-course did you enjoy the most?

Writing the content and seeing the final product!