7 Days 7 Ways

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Founder of The Untamed Life and Untamed Creative Studio, Tess believes all transformation and positive change begins with one bold step. She is a personal freedom + possibility advocate, accredited & certified life coach, ghost writer, online business strategist and mentor for those seeking more in life and want to grow, market and communicate their life’s work with soul. 

What is your E-book/E-course about? Who does it help and what can they expect to experience as a result?

7 Days 7 Ways is a guide complete with workbook and audio interviews to support you through your journey of awakening to your truth and living free and courageously in your life and business. Also includes instant access to Tess, a private group and a community of others living The Untamed Life.

What's the best piece of advice in your e-product?

When you change your mindset to one of abundance and find the courage to dig a little deeper to your truth & get real with yourself, I believe you open yourself up to more possibility, with access to more freedom and abundance – a feeling born from within that cannot be measured by external factors like money, material possessions or physical appearances.

What was the evolution of creating this e-book/e-course?

I had just recently gone through huge changes internally and within the world around me. I had recently seperated from my husband of 3 years, moved to a new area and started a new life and new relationship and it had me re-evaluate a few things like what I 'really' wanted to be doing and that was writing and being creative mostly. I then had an epiphany that I was infact living The Untamed Life and the sense of freedom that comes from that is like no other but I want people to realise this journey starts from within, its about being courageous from within and unlocking a kind of freedom that cannot be measured by physical appearance, money or status etc. And thats what I try to teach in the 7 Days 7 Ways guide.

How did you go about developing the content for your e-course/e-book?

I started by asking my fellow female friends in business what it meant for them to be living The Untamed Life and I discovered there was a common theme. While they all had different and inspiring stories to share, it all came back to connecting to your true essence, your higher self, your intuition - that is the key. So that became the main focus, on how to do that and express this in your work and life. And I realised actually how challenging this can be for a lot of us. I then had a lot of content to work with from these interviews which I used to help create the workbook. There were 7 altogether, so I made it a 7 day guide.

What things did you consider before seeking out to work with a designer?

I knew I wanted to work with someone to bring it to life. I had the ideas there but I knew I just wouldn't have the time nor the skills to make it look as polished as it is now!

What other products/services did you invest in to help you bring this to life?

Lucky I am a copywriter and online business strategist so I could do that part myself, I pretty much left it in the capable hands of Elle to tell me what I needed haha! She also helped me put together some graphics and gave me some tips on best way to market the launch so that was great to have a wing lady help. I already had wordpress and we used that for the landing page (while website still in progress) and so all I really needed was Mailchimp to deliver the content to my subscribers. Other than that I just needed google drive to share content but I already had that so it was pretty simple. I like keeping things simple and minimal so it worked well.  

Were there any resources you reached for when planning your e-course/e-book launch?

I relied on the expert advice from Elle ;) Other than that I'm lucky to have experience with these things and access to an epic mastermind of lady bosses so I didn't really need to reach out for further resources.

What parts of the process of creating your e-book/e-course did you enjoy the most?

Getting the designs back from Elle, and seeing what she created. That always gave me a high !!