10 Minutes to Deep Confidence

Tell us a little bit about yourself.  

Hey! I'm a coach that helps everyday women bring their meaningful ideals to life. I work with women who feel pulled to live a more meaningful life and making a difference in the world but they don’t know where to start and they’re not sure if they have what it takes. I help these changemakers-to-be take their first steps to start making it all happen.

What is your E-book/E-course about? Who does it help and what can they expect to experience as a result?

10 Minutes to Deep Confidence packs together all my go-to confidence tricks and rituals in a quick and fun exercise. It's a tool that will help you rock any situation with real, genuine confidence. After using it you can expect to feel grounded, invincible and ready to go for your dreams!

What's the best piece of advice in your e-product?

The golden nugget of wisdom at the heart of this tool is: real confidence doesn't come from being good at stuff. Real confidence comes from understanding that you are a worthy and fully acceptable person no matter what happens. Once you ground into that feeling, nothing can touch you.

What was the evolution of creating this e-book/e-course?

I've had a massive transformational journey going from shy, conforming dreamer to a confident girl bringing my ideas to life. But of course I still have moments of self-doubt and feeling lost in myself. But now instead of spiralling down into those feelings I've learned to turn to my confidence tricks right away and reground into myself.  When my clients started asking me to share these tricks instead of just writing a blog post I decided to pack them all in a gorgeous easy-to-use tool!

How did you go about developing the content for your e-course/e-book?

All the content in this tool comes from rituals, exercises, and journal prompts that I use for myself on a weekly basis. I've been a human guinea pig for confidence rituals over the years, so these are tried-and-tested!

What things did you consider before seeking out to work with a designer?

I stopped trying to design my own products a long time ago! I love putting my heart into creating the content of the product and then collaborating with someone else's visual genius to pull it all together into a magical product that my clients will love using.

What other products/services did you invest in to help you bring this to life?

I wanted to make sure this tool was as fun and easy to use as possible so I got a handful of my peers and clients to test use it before sending it for design. I also worked with a professional photographer to snap a few photos to infuse a personal side into the design. And finally I hired a web designer to place the product on my website where it can best be found.

Were there any resources you reached for when planning your e-course/e-book launch?

I found this post from Design Sponge helpful for nudging me to launch this tool in a bigger and bolder way than I was used to: http://www.designsponge.com/2014/09/biz-ladies-ebook-marketing-101-strategies-for-launching-your-online-product-with-success.html

What parts of the process of creating your e-book/e-course did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed creating the content of this tool with a constant practical lens of "How can this tool actually be useful for women? How can it help them get real results with their confidence?"

And then of course seeing all that effort I put into creating the content of the tool being whipped up into a gorgeous design by Elle was SO MUCH FUN. I always had such a big smile on my face when she would send over snippets and sneak-peaks.