Makeover Your Mailing List


What if building a connected and engaged tribe around your list wasn't as hard as you thought!

We offer six different 90-minute 1:1 online workshops to help take your mailing list to the next level.
Workshop 1: Getting Started with Mailing Lists
Creating a branded opt-in process, and promoting your list
Workshop 2: Opt-ins & Content Upgrades
Developing Opt-ins & Content Upgrades that solve your future clients' needs
Workshop 3: Developing An Automation Series
Utilising a welcome series to actually help sell your products and services (without selling your soul!)
Workshop 4: Content Planning
How to show up regularly, and create meaningful content your tribe will love!
Workshop 5: Extended Features
Understanding your analytics and utilised groups/segments to get to know your tribe better, so you can serve them better.