You started your business because you were fed-up with the status-quo.

Sick of giving your all to a job where you weren't appreciated.

Tired of working so hard for something that didn't light your soul.


So you sought a different path - one of the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

One where you could really help the people your heart was longing to help!


You've completed the training, you're gathering an online following, you've even got yourself a website.
But there's something missing...


You're still waiting to experience what it's like to feel the thrill of working with the clients you've been dreaming of.

You're hearing others say they're 'booked out' for months and asking yourself when it will happen for you.

Or maybe you've fallen for the myth that you have to give it all away for free (because if you really loved what you do so much you shouldn't be getting paid for it, right?)...


But what if there was another way?

A way to connect with your dream clients that didn't feel like you were selling out in the process.

A way to naturally attract clients without feeling like it's a constant hustle.

A way to lovingly know and guide those that aren't your dreamies to working with someone more suited to them (so you can work 100% in your zone of genius).

A way that allowed you to work in-flow, and not against it. A way that marries the feminine flow with the action you need to take.

What if you truly could manifest your dream clients into reality and get paid for doing the work you love?


Darling, there is!



The 5-day guide to help you manifest and meet the dreamiest clients you've worked with yet.

Over 5-days, you'll be guided through how to clear the mindset blocks holding you back from working with your dreamiest clients to date. You'll be shown the tools and techniques that have personally helped me and my clients to not only get hired, but work with clients in a way that lights them up.


Here's a sneak-peek of what we'll cover:

1. How the intention you're setting is attracting (or repelling) your dream clients

2. How working in alignment with your natural talents and the work you love puts you in a natural state of attraction

3. How to ensure you're meeting your dream clients exactly where they're at, so you can have the biggest impact possible

4. How to share your gifts, talents and offerings into the world - so you can get hired by your dream clients

5. How to create space and manifest your dream clients into your life and business

So darling one. I have just one question for you..

Are you ready to manifest & meet your dream clients?

Enter your details below and join the live challenge starting July 10.

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"It's day one and this is already incredible!!! Cannot wait for the rest of the week!"
- Alyssa


"This challenge has inspired me to really connect with my dream clients and see what magic I can make happen."
- Sophie


"I'm loving this challenge. Such a great refresher"
- Hayley


What's involved?

By joining this challenge you'll receive:

  • Daily emails throughout the challenge - guiding you through the principles of manifesting your dream clients
  • Handy worksheets to help you dive deeper into the content and map out what it means for your personal business journey
  • A short 5-minute video to help you connect with the concepts
  • BONUS meditation to get clear on your dream client persona
  • BONUS guidance and support in the official JuJu Creative Hub Facebook Group


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