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Part One// Choosing your template

Each template utilises a different Squarespace base template. This is listed at the top of each template.

If you need to change your base template, please use these instructions.

Part Two// Creating Your Canva Graphics


Within each template page above, you’ll find a link to view the full-size preview on the left-hand side.

Next to this, on the right, you’ll find a link to each of the Canva graphic templates.

Each template has a 10-15 minute video walking you through the different elements of the graphics.

Even if you’re familiar with Canva I suggest you take a look at the video as it will give you a couple of tips for making the customisation of these templates as simple as possible.

Don’t have Canva yet?

Make sure you sign up for a free Canva Pro trial before beginning your template customisation. This will allow you to create a brand kit & upload any custom fonts.

Part Three// Setting it up in Squarespace

After you’ve created all your Canva graphics, pop back into your template portal and watch the step-by-step video tutorial to help you setup your homepage within Squarespace