You’re ready to make an impact on the world.

Start building the business of your dreams and living life on your terms.

There’s just one thing stopping you…

You haven’t got a website

Or worse…

Your website has been sitting in ‘draft’ mode for months waiting until you can cope with understanding all that technology!!!

Or maybe…

You’ve got a website but it doesn’t look and feel like you, and it’s definitely not attracting your dream clients to work with you.

Isn’t it time you launched a website you ACTUALLY love?


What if…

You could build a site that truly reflects who you are and what you do?

It doesn’t have to take months of pain-staking late nights, trying to figure out tricky technology?

It didn’t cost you thousands of dollars hiring a designer who may or may not get your big vision?


Well darling, I'm here to tell you all of that is totally doable!
And in just 6 weeks!

Let’s go on a journey together…

Imagine that you’ve connected with your dreamiest client ever.

You hit it off, they’re super excited to work with you and you’re thrilled to be helping them on their journey.

But then comes the question you’ve been dreading:

“Can you send me the link to your website?”

You cringe at the thought of them scrolling through your site;
a site that doesn’t look and feel like you.

Or worse yet…you’re yet to build your online home, so you fumble around trying to find somewhere to send them.
Your Instagram? Or Facebook page? Or that guest blog post you wrote way-back when.

The only problem is, none of them help you get HIRED!

Don’t worry, I’ve heard it all before.
And let me tell you something - I’ve been there myself!!!

That’s why I created…


So you can…

  • Build a site that looks and feels like you and start attracting your dream clients.

  • Understand the technology and feel supported to create, update and manage your site moving forward.

  • Finally get rid of website shame & launch a site you truly love!!!

What’s included:

A stylish, new-look website

Get the custom-look you’ve been dreaming of, with full control over each and every step. Utilising our pre-built templates as a starting point, we’ll help you feel confident in creating a custom website, without the price-tag!


A Step-by-Step Website Plan

We’ve created plenty of website over the years and know a thing or two about how to go from ‘no-idea’ to ‘launching’. You’ll receive our signature guide for building a website, supporting you through every decision you need to make for creating your new online home.


Group Support

Need feedback on your design? Stuck on what to write for your about page? Here’s where creating your website in a group program really comes to life - your fellow students can help support you, give feedback and help you get your website out into the world.


6 weeks of intimate guidance

This isn’t an e-course where you’re left to fend for yourself. Each week you’ll receive video tutorials walking you through exactly how to create your website masterpiece. PLUS, I’ll be hopping into our Facebook group for Q&A’s, extra tips videos and resources.


Done-for-you resources

We’ve developed a number of resources that make mapping out your website, writing your about page and creating content as easy as pie (just not quite as tasty!).


Ready to create your new website?


The Roadmap

Want to know how you’ll get from frazzled and overwhelmed…to launching your site in just 6 weeks?

Here’s how we’ll do it.

Planning, Strategy & Aligning the Vision

It’s my whole-hearted belief that every website needs a plan, before we begin all the fun creative stuff.
I’ll take you through my signature process for uncovering what you really want out of your website and how to make sure your new website does all the heavy-lifting in attracting your dream clients to you!!!


Content Creation, Site Map & Blogging

There’s no such thing as a site without content! This week we’ll uncover all about how to plan the pages of your site (aka your site map), what you should blog about and you’ll receive handy scripts to help you write all of those must-have pages (think: about pages, contact pages and service pages!).

Branding & Creative Curation

Now the fun really begins! You’ve written a kick-ass about page, collated a few blog-post ideas and are ready to get this site rocking! To help make your site look cohesive, professional and like a million dollars, you’ll need to think about the brand behind the website. But don’t worry - I’ll walk you through my favourite ways to make a cohesive looking brand on any budget!


Implementation Week

You’ll receive help and support to get to know the back-end of Squarespace and how to implement the designs from one of JuJu Creative Hub’s exclusive Square Kit Designs website templates. These are the perfect starting point for you to create a fully-customised website that looks and feels like you (without having to spend thousands or tearing your hair out in the process). There’ll be plenty of support in the Facebook Group if you get stuck at any point.


The Finishing Touches

By now the majority of your site is complete, but there might be a few extra things you’d like to implement.
Here I’ll show you my favourite add-ons to make your Squarespace site sing!!!


Going Live!!!

This is where you’ll get to celebrate all your hard work paying off. We’ll be hopping on a live call together as a group to showcase the amazing effort that you’ve gone to! Champagne is totally acceptable!


Who’s it for?

Love it. Launch it. is for:

  • The coach who’s gathering her online community, building her client-base and wants to start sharing her knowledge with more people.

  • The creative who wants to showcase their talents in a way that attracts their future dream clients to them with ease… so you’ve got more time for the fun, creative stuff!

  • The virtual assistants who want to share their professional tips and articles… so they can start attracting high-paying, month-to-month clients that love your vibe from the moment they land on your online home.

  • The stylists, bloggers and recipe-developers who crave building a platform that increases their audience…so you can finally launch that VIP program, e-product or membership that you’ve been dreaming up.

  • The multi-level marketer who wants to stand out from the crowd, attracting new team-members with ease…so they can live the freedom lifestyle they’ve craving.

  • The online-entrepreneur who is ready to say goodbye to technology-induced headaches and start understanding the technology that will help build their business…so she can get on with the real business of building her business.

  • The savvy-business woman who wants to launch her site ASAP…so she can stop waiting for the perfect moment!

  • The mumpreneur that craves connecting with her dream clients in an easy and efficient way…showcasing her expertise and systemising how she attract clients.


Who’s not right for this?

This probably isn’t for you if…

  • You’d much rather pour over every single detail of your website getting is just perfect before you launch.
    This course is about taking fast-action to get your website out there and looking great! There’s plenty of time for you to tweak things post-launch. But I want to see you sharing your expertise and getting hired by your dream clients!

  • You’re soooooooo not into understanding how the technology works or DIY’ing things in your business.
    This course is a great price-point for those that don’t have the budget to work 1:1 with a web designer. If you’re looking to outsource your web-design, you can check out our services over here.

  • You don’t want to build your website on Squarespace or use an out-of-the-box template.
    We’ve been using Squarespace for over 5 years now, building custom websites for ourselves and our clients and we hand-on-heart have to say it’s the best-damn website platform we’ve seen!! We love how easy it is to create beautiful looking sites (that work on all devices) and how much support there is for those that ‘don’t do tech’ to understand how to maximise their website post-launch.


The Investment



What Others Are Saying

  • Tracey Spencer
    Every time I have teamed up with Elle my business has up-levelled big time - from my newsletter list doubling, my social media reaching more of my dream clients, and from 10k business months to multiple high 5 figure ecourse launches. I love how we bring our creative geniuses together to make magic!

    Tracey Spencer, Creator of Lightworkers Academy
  • Alma Barrero
    Working with Elle was so easy! One thing that I highly appreciated was the fact that Elle shares with you her honest feedback as a professional. I'm already referring her to my business friends! Thank you very much Elle!

    Alma Barrero, Personal Stylist
  • Amanda Rootsey
    One of the main goals that we came up with together for the website was to build our list and the new site has resulted in a huge influx of opt-ins already. If you're feeling a little hesitant about taking the plunge and investing in a new website or re-brand, my advice would be to go for it! The joy you feel when you see it all coming to life and the immediate increase I experienced in opt-ins and bookings has meant that the investment has already paid for itself.

    Amanda Rootsey, Author & Life Coach
  • Sophie Zen
    The process has given me more confidence in my business. I am consistently complimented on my beautiful website - which I love sending people to, because I know how good it looks!

    Sophie Wood, Social Media Guru
  • Amelie van der Aa
    If your aim is to build an online business, your website is crucial and should look professional. It's the first impression people get of you and your business. Making the effort to invest in my website gave me the best result I could hope for: a beautiful website I love - that my readers love too!

    Amelie van der Aa, Nutritionist

Our 21-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

We want you to feel completely confident in your decision to purchase Love It. Launch It. That’s why we’ve got this incredible risk-free guarantee!

If you don’t absolutely adore “Love It. Launch It.” within 21 days of your first class date, you’ll receive a complete refund. You’ll just need to send me through proof that you’ve completed the content from week’s 1 & 2, so I know you’ve really given it a crack.

Just a heads up: you can always check out our complete refund policy.


Meet the Creator

Hi! I’m Elle!

My hand-on-heart mission is to see women overcome the boundaries they’ve put up in their minds and create a business that gives them a life they love.

I love seeing women, just like you, learn new skills and feel confident in the tools they use in their business.

I’ve watched many clients experience the up-levelling that comes with launching a new website; launching their coaching services, selling e-courses that exceed their own sales targets, sharing their knowledge through content and getting hired by their dream clients.

The thing I love most though?

Getting to share the knowledge I have - of how all this is possible for you too!



+ When does the course begin?

We kick off with week one on Monday 9 September. You'll receive access to the Facebook group and the first week of content on this day.

+ I don't have a logo yet, can I still create a website?

Absolutely! We'll show you how to get started with a simple text-based logo and you can always evolve this in the future if you wish. Our aim for this program is to get your business' online home up and running ASAP - there's plenty of time for tweaking later!

+ What platform will my site be on?

Squarespace BABY! Love It. Launch It. is designed solely to help you create your customised one-of-a-kind website through Squarespace. It's our belief that this is an extremely easy platform to learn! And nope, this isn't transferrable to another platform.

+ I want to build an e-commerce site, e-course platform or sales pages, will this help me?

This probably isn't the right offering for you at this time. Love It. Launch It. is specifically for creating a website to share your content and how people can work with you. If you'd like help with creating your e-course, sales page or e-commerce site we'd love to help through some of our custom options.

+ Are there any additional costs

The cost of your monthly/annual plan with Squarespace isn't included - however you can sign up for a free trial while you're participating in the course (we'll help you with this!). Plus, if you pay for your Squarespace site annually, you'll receive the cost of your domain name FREE!

+ Do you offer refunds?

We have a strict refund policy, which you can view over here. In short, we don't offer change-of-mind refunds, but we do have a 21-day risk free guarantee. Check out the full details on our Refund Policy page.

+ What if I can't finish it in the 6-weeks?

Don't worry, you'll still have access to the course and Facebook Group for as long as we're running Love It. Launch It. That means you'll be able to join in on future rounds if you still haven't finished, or you're wanting to use the content to develop another site in the future.

Got more questions?
Feel free to drop us an email at

Don’t wait a moment longer and get your website LAUNCHED!