You're ready to expand your brand awareness and get hired for the expert that you are, but you're not sure where to begin.

We're here to help with loads of free-resources to help you step into the light and shine.


Content Creation Cheatsheet

You know that your tribe are waiting to hear from you. But what should you say? Spark months of content ideas with our content creation cheatsheet!


Manifest & Meet Your Dream Clients
5-Day Challenge

You've written your 'client avatar' of who your target audience is, but it still feels a little like you're chasing a unicorn client that doesn't exist. This FREE 5-day challenge will help you manifest and meet more of the dream clients you've been looking for!


Plan Your Automated Welcome Series

You've created a beautiful opt-in, one that speaks directly to the needs of your tribe. And you've started getting people joining your list because of it. Now it's time to welcome them into your inner-circle through a heart-centered get-to-know-you welcome series.


Growth  Goals Worksheet

You're ready to welcome in more clients, become known as the go-to gal in your industry. How do you start getting out there, and attracting those clients to you? By continually showing up. Our Growth Goals Worksheet will help you stay on track!


Mailing List Makeover Challenge

Our most popular challenge to date, the Mailing List Makeover Challenge will take you on a journey of building a tribe, and not just a mailing list.

Build your Brand with Canva

So you've read all about building a cohesive visual brand, and the impact that can have on levelling up your business.
But what's next?
In this one-hour training, you'll learn how you can build a cohesive looking brand with Canva!

Website Audit Worksheet

Is your website helping you achieve your business goals? Or is there a never-ending list of 'upgrades' you'd like to do.

Well darling, it's time to see how your website really shapes up with our website audit worksheet.