A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer's decision to choose one product or service over another.
– Seth Godin

Attract Your Dream Clients.

Work In Your Zone of Genius.

Be Fully

Do you feel like you're constantly pushing, trying to juggle "all the things" in your business, that just end up taking you away from working with your dream clients?

Do you feel like your brand identity is about as crystal clear as the remnants of your morning coffee?

Do you feel like your website would be better off sitting in the back of your cupboard somewhere (probably next to that sequin dress you know you're never going to ACTUALLY wear!)?

Maybe you've lost the sparkle that glimmered so brightly when you first started you business?

Or do you feel you're just not quite living up to your potential and are ready to take things to the next level to really make your heart-centered business SHINE?

Do you dream of the day you're fully-booked with the dreamiest of dream clients and making a real difference to the people you created your business for?

Well what if I told you there was one thing that I believe could change all that?

What if this one thing could help you to streamline your marketing efforts transform your business so you can focus on working with your dream clients, in your zone of genius, 100% of the time?

How would that feel?

Whether you're a health coach, a social media strategist or any kind of service-based, heart-centered entrepreneur one thing's for sure:

Your Brand isn't just your logo, it's all those little individual unique elements that combine to make your brand, YOURS.

It's what I like to call your

Brand Alchemy

Because when you get crystal clear on your branding, some of these magical things start to happen.

You start to feel aligned with your big vision for you business, and clear on the path to getting there.

Clients start to learn more about your services, products and how to hire you with ease, translating into more clients booking in to see you! 

More traffic flows to your website, where visitors stay a little longer as they're enticed by your professionalism and streamlined look, leading to more people interested in your products and services.

You have more time to focus on working with clients and developing premium services. Hey, you could even write that book you've been dreaming of. All because you're not trying to figure out clunky tech or slap together ANOTHER Canva advert at the last minute!

You start to feel more empowered and confident in your skillset, as you work in your zone of genius!

Don't worry, I get it!

Building a brand, crafting your message and creating an authentic space online can feel like hard work.

But I'll let you in on a secret - it's totally doable.

By peeling back the layers, of what makes you unique and discovering the blend of skills and talents you bring into this world I will guide you into levelling up your business by creating a brand that mixes together these elements and attracts more of the dreamiest clients you've ever had. I call this Brand Alchemy.

I believe that branding is the key to:

I find that a big part of having the confidence and feeling empowered to charge what you're worth comes down to branding yourself right. 
I know that you're knowledgeable enough and have all the skills to bring on VIP clients and sell-out your premium services. I know you're here to stand in your truth - courageous, strong and proud - and light the path for other women in your industry, by positioning yourself to be an industry leader.

And I know that branding can help you to create this.

Because when you declare your big vision loud and proud, no-one can question your un-shaking ability to chase your dreams.

So what is Brand Alchemy?

Brand Alchemy is my 12-week signature process that walks you through how to get clear on who you're in business for (aka. your dream clients), how to develop your messaging that connects your services with these dream clients and develop your visual brand identity to start building a recognisable brand.

Who is Brand Alchemy for?

Brand Alchemy is for you if:

  • You're a woman running an online service-based business, and are ready to take things to the next level
  • You know that too much time of your time is spent creating marketing materials in Canva and wasting time working out how to change your Wordpress site
  • You feel like your visual brand is looking haphazard and no longer reflects where you're at with your business
  • You're ready to level up and grow your business and stop attracting clients that don't light you up

What's Involved?


Through a combination of 1:1 online workshops and workbooks you'll complete on your own, we'll uncover the core values of your brand and assess the current landscape of your brand. We'll start to vision where you want to take your brand and develop a clear understanding of who your dream client is in order to construct your visual branding and brand messaging in a way that best communicates your value to them.

This stage includes exclusive resources that I share only with my VIP Brand Alchemy clients that take you through the process as well as 2 x 1:1 online workshops together.


This is where the elements of our brand discovery work comes to life. You'll start to see your new brand direction in a visual capacity with some initial design concepts and development of your brand messaging scripts. These will become the backbone of your brand, and the platform of everything you produce and say about your brand. 

This is an extremely exciting stage of the brand development project starts to feel REAL. Together we'll gather inspiration, share mood boards and chat through everything that needs incorporating into your brand design and messaging. At the end of this stage, you'll be presented with your final Brand Guide which will support you in building a brand that you love and attracting your dream clients.


One of my favourite parts of building a brand, it's probably no surprise, is creating a magical online home for the brand to share their message, create meaningful content and promote their kick-ass service offerings. This stage of the process is where I combine your brand messaging and visual identity to create an online space that reflects you and your brand values. 

As well as a beautiful new website, you'll also receive a bunch of resources that will help you in planning your site map, streamlining your content and improving your SEO, you also get access to my exclusive library of how-to videos so that you'll never feel 'lost in the website wilderness' again!


Because I believe in a holistic brand identity, no branding package of mine would be complete if it didn't include an overhaul of your social media, mailing list and other digital collateral. Utilising your new visual identity, I'll create resources that support both the launch of your new site and the content you share in a digital capacity with your tribe in the future. Think Pinnable images, blog post templates, instagram templates, Facebook Cover Photos, Facebook App Icons, Mailing List customisation!

The online collateral design stage allows you to share your new brand across platforms, with templates that will support you well after you've launched!

If you're ready to level up, and start attracting more dream clients, download the Brand Alchemy information pack below.