Why You Need To Define Your Target Audience

When it comes to running your business, one of the first things that you’re told to do is that you should be honing in one who your target audience is.


To be honest, even in my own early days of JuJu Creative Hub, our target audience was very broad. Our content focused on how to DIY your business. Our mission statement was aimed at start up social enterprises. Our services were aimed at the female entrepreneur, starting her online business.


It was evident that our target audience was as confused as we were about who we were there to serve, and why. This showed in the enormous variation of people that were joining our email list, buying our products and wanting to hire us. It was tiring, and near impossible to adequately serve each of these different client bases.


Until, as part of our re-brand we got super-duper clear on exactly who our dream clients are. We mapped out all those normal ‘customer avatar’ things like age, location, job, how many kids etc. But what we really honed in on was what life was like for our dream client. What problems were they facing, what were their dreams and aspirations, what did their daily life look like, what did their dream life look like?


As a result of clarifying who our dream clients are, we saw immediate change in our business. Our opt-in gifts were attracting female entrepreneurs in business that were exploring how to build their business online, women started reaching out to us knowing that they wanted to work with JuJu Creative Hub and our brand started to become known in online circles for providing marketing and branding strategies that would help these women’s dreams come to life! 


Suddenly, this whole ‘building your brand’ thing felt easier, more aligned and totally in-flow. The work became more enjoyable, and our unique message became more apparent to our dream clients. Without clarifying and really getting to know who our dream clients are, none of this would’ve been possible. So if that hasn’t convinced you that you need to spend some time this week clarifying who your dream clients are, then we’ve outlined our top four reasons why you need to.

You can solve a specific problem for your dream clients

Many female entrepreneurs suffer from a common symptom. This one symptom can be fatal for their business. They want to help EVERYONE. 


Whilst this is a noble pursuit, it’s not always the most practical way to run a business. A common fear around clarifying the target audience your business will serve is that by doing so you’ll be saying no to potential clients that might come along.


When you clarify exactly who your business is best suited to serve, aka your dream clients, this allows you to focus on the specific needs, dreams, wants and fears of these people or businesses. By doing so, you’re better equipped to develop content, opt-ins, products and services that help your dream clients with the specific problem/s they are experiencing. 


By contrast, when you don’t clarify your dream clients it’s hard to pin-point their exact needs and therefore any solutions you provide will only ever skim the surface of assisting them to solve their problems.

You can craft a compelling message

No matter what industry you’re in, whether you’re a health coach, a social media strategist, business consultant or creative copywriter chances are you’re not the only one that your dream clients are interacting with online. Once they’ve identified there’s something missing or something they don’t quite understand, they’re going to be searching online, pinning articles from Pinterest and asking in Facebook Groups to find the answer that best fits their needs. Hopefully, if you’ve been showing up online you’re going to pop up in one of these online platforms for your dream clients to find you.


Once they do, it’s important that your unique message compels them to dive deeper into getting to know you. By clarifying who your dream clients are, you’re able to identify the kind of language that they’re attracted to in order to reflect back to them the issues they’re experiencing in a language that they relate to.


By using language that your dream clients are using, you’re able to craft a compelling message that speaks exactly to their needs and helps you stand out from the crowd. Ultimately, this will help you create a lasting impression that compels your dream client to respond and take action - whether that be to sign up to your mailing list, jump on a discovery call or purchase your new e-book.

You can spend less and maximise the effects of your advertising dollar

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make as an online entrepreneur is buying into the notion of advertising for the sake of building your ‘brand awareness’. Often, we can confuse the need to build our brand with the need to spend money advertising to build merely build awareness aka mass marketing.


As a coach, creative or consultant, when you’re starting out it’s particularly important that you are spending any money you’ve allocated to advertising on opportunities that speak directly to your dream clients. That’s why getting clear on exactly who these dream clients are is the key to wasting less money on advertising, and gaining more traction with your advertising efforts.


With tools like Facebook and Google AdWords at your disposal, you’re able to create extremely effective and targeted advertising campaigns that are positioned directly to your dream clients needs. When utilising these to direct traffic back to your blog or free opt-in offerings, then you’re able to continue the conversation and share your expertise with them - not just use the advertising for direct selling or building brand awareness.

You can address any risks and fears that your dream client might have about investing in you

As a result of identifying and clarifying your dream clients you are bound to deter some people from working with you. Trust me, this isn’t a bad thing. Identifying who you’re not in business to serve is actually a service to your current and future dream clients. It shares with your clients that you’re not in business to provide a one-size-fits-all approach and that you have spent time and energy learning the tools and techniques that will give them the best results. This reduces the risks and fears that might arise in your dream clients from investing in you, by letting them know that your approach is catered to meet their exact needs. 


As a flow-on result, it also helps your not-so dream clients easily identify that you’re not the one for them. This makes life running your own business easier for you, resulting in less refunds and complaints that might occur as a result of you not being able to deliver what you need to for those that aren’t your dream clients.


By harnessing the power of focus and identifying who your dream clients are, and what they’re struggling with, you’re able to focus directly on your customer and solving a specific problem for them. Not only will this streamline your advertising, marketing and business systems, you’ll also be showing up online in a strategic and on-brand way, that allows you to position yourself as the expert in your field. 

Once you’ve focused on and harnessed the power of connecting with your dream clients, you can move forward in your business, and widen the net a little.

So darling one, if you haven’t already - please, please, please spend some time this week getting to know who your dream clients really are and clarifying how you help them. To help you, we’ve created a special little guide that will help you get to know them even better. We promise, this is where the magic happens.

Finally, because we’re all about taking inspired action, we’d love for you to share in the comments below who your dream clients are and how you help them!