When should you re-brand?

Re-branding can be a very enticing concept, kind of like the feeling of updating your wardrobe at the change of season, or heading to the hairdressers for a completely new look. But as exciting as it is to unveil a new-look brand identity to your tribe, it's not a decision that should be taken lightly. 

By contrast, sometimes a re-brand IS what is needed to freshen up your brand and business, and start attracting your dreamiest clients ever. So here are my best tips on when you need to re-brand and when you should not.

Your brand no longer represents your big vision.

As the chief decision maker of your biz, you'll learn pretty quickly, that there are soooo many ideas that flood into your mind. Some of these are just the bright shiny objects that will distract you from the big vision of what you got into business for. Others will slowly shape your path into bigger and better things. Things you never thought of when you took that first step on this adventure of forging your own path.

Sometimes, along the way, the big-bold vision (aka that scary but oh-so-exciting dream) can change - and let me tell you, that's totally okay!!!

When I first started JuJu Creative Hub, I had a vision of being just like one of my 'idols' of the business world. I wanted to run a socially-conscious marketing agency for startup social enterprises. However, I soon learned that these startups came with very low marketing budgets (i.e. none whatsoever) and that working with them may not be the best thing for my own startup marketing agency's bottom line. 

So as I started to pursue other revenue streams. As I did, I realised that deep down I was extremely passionate about seeing women come out of the shadows and start to build an exciting business of their own; one that fulfils them and shares their message authentically with the right people.

Whilst there is still a strong socially conscious vibe to my brand (I only work with women that are working to benefit the world through there business, and not just adding more junk into our lives) my big bold vision had changed significantly.

When I set about re-branding JuJu Creative Hub, I wanted to ensure that I was sharing my big bold vision with the right people, through my branding. The way I did this was through understanding exactly who I wanted to attract to my brand, and how I wanted them to feel when they first encountered JuJu Creative Hub. My current brand was neither attracting the right people, nor showing the right people I was the one for them. So, it was definitely time for a re-brand.

Your brand doesn't connect with your dream clients.

When working with fellow lady-bosses, many of them come to me when they've been in business for a while, but their brand is no longer attracting their dreamiest clients ever. Sometimes this is because of the reason above; their big bold vision has changed, and they're now focusing on a different demographic of clients. For others, their brand hasn't been attracting their dream clients right from the outset.

For example, a client of mine has been in the health industry for a while, but has never truly connected with her dreamiest clients ever. Yes, anyone that comes to her for advice will most definitely receive the benefits of her depth of knowledge, and of course she loves helping them in return. But these aren't the people that she got into business for. They're not the ones that light her up every time she sees them booked in on her calendar and they're not the ones that soak up every word of what she's saying thinking "YES! That's totally what I need right now!!"

To understand your dreamiest clients, and start attracting them to your brand, you need to know them on a very intricate level. Understanding the problem you solve for them, their needs, their wants and their fears. Understanding what lights them up will help you build a brand that attracts them visually (because, let's be honest that's what they'll most likely be seeing first) and then keeps them engaged as they delve a little deeper. 

If you're finding that your client schedule is filled with less than lack-lustre clients (and lady, it's completely okay to admit if this is the casel!) then maybe it's time to look at re-branding, so that you're truly sharing your essence with those that need your magic in their life RIGHT NOW!

You've changed direction - big time.

If your business has changed, your brand needs to change. No, it MUST change. I see something happening way too often; we get attached to our 'brand', often because we've spent our hard-earned startup money to get it designed, then we try and mould it into whatever business we have going on at the time. 

Maybe you started out as a business strategist, and then you moulded into a health coach, and somewhere along the way you started selling organic soy-candles. These are three verrrrry different businesses, and therefore need very different brands. 

Yes, you might love the colours, or the font, or the cute little dog-image that you feel encapsulates everything about who you are. The truth is though, that your brand is not about you! It's about your clients and what resonates with them that will draw them in, wanting to know more about you.

It's quite okay to change your business, if it's not working for you; you don't have to keep on slogging away at it. But take some time to sit down, and strategically think about your new dream clients and the best way to visually attract them to your new brand. If it works out to be the same colours, fonts, graphics as before, then great - just make sure it's easily distinguishable from your previous brand, so as to not cause confusion for your dream clients.

Finally, I'd like to share with you a reason you should NOT re-brand.

You should never re-brand because YOU are tired of your logo design. If you have not done the strategic work that is required when you re-brand, then you will be back here, tweaking your logo in 6 or 12 months time! (Or possibly less!).

This is the ultimate confusion for your dream clients, and each time you re-brand in this way, you lose a little of the value that you've stored up in your client's mind.

If you haven't spent time really getting to know your dream client, understanding what attracts them to other brands they engage with, and what they would be attracted to in your brand, then you are not only wasting your time (and possibly your money), but you're actually damaging your brand.

A re-brand is not something to be entered into lightly. When done right, it is a soul-searching experience that really unveils who you are, what you're passionate about and how you can best show your dream clients these elements to attract more of them into your business.