What is Your Intention?

Whether you're familiar with the concept of manifesting or not quite sure about it all, you've probably experienced the power of intention without even realising it. You mightn't be consciously aware of it, but the power of intention is constantly at work.


When we focus our attention consciously on our desired outcomes and the goals we've set for ourselves, our mind gets to work (even when we're not aware of it) to find the pieces of the puzzle, put them together and bring the picture to life.


Creating our goals is not just about writing them down once - it's about constantly reminding our subconcious of the direction we are heading, so that it may manifest faster and more autonomously.


This is where the power of setting your intentions comes in! So it's important when you're creating the business of your dreams, that you are aware of the intentions you're bringing in.

What is an Intention?

I first discovered the power of intention (consciously, that is) when I read Danielle La Porte's 'Desire Map'. 

Our intention is the way we want to show up in the world. The way we want to be seen by others AND how we want to feel inside.

Whether we realise it or not, our intention is always present. Many of our daily actions can be taken one way or another, ultimately, they can have different causes and effects. The undercurrent of this is our intention. Now, when people are involved, our intentions can be misconstrued or judged. But when the Universe is involved, there's no trickery.. We can't fool the Universe in terms of what our intention is.

So in plain words, our intention is why we do what we've chosen to do. I love this quote from the Upanishads that for me sums up how the power of intention helps us manifest our desires.

As is your desire, so is your will.
As is your will, so is your deed.
As is your deed,
so is your destiny.

- The Upanishads

Journal Prompt: What is your intention? 

Whatever you're working on right now, I want you to take a moment and feel into the intention. Why are you creating it? What do you envision for it's future? What effects do you see happening after you've released it into the world? How many people do you see it making an impact for?

Journalling can help us bring all our thoughts into a physical realm, which can then in turn allow us to gain clarity on our desires and help us to take action on creating them.

Intention Setting vs. Goal Setting

Intention setting is often spoken of when we are setting our goals. And whilst the two are very close friends, it's important to understand that they are both very unique individuals!

Every time I launch something new, I spend some time feeling into the goals I've set around it.

This could be the number of subscribers I'm hoping to bring into my newsletter tribe. Or it could be the revenue I'm hoping to earn. Or possibly it's the number of women I'd like to join my program.

These are my goals. 

My intentions though are how I want to feel when creating this, how I want to show up for the people that purchase or subscribe. My intentions are also based on what the outcome of reaching this goal would mean to me.

Ultimately, if you're able to still cultivate the feeling around your goals, the goals become secondary. So even if you don't quite reach your targets, you can still feel satisfied knowing that you've embodied your intention fully.

Journalling Prompt: Spend some time visioning the outcome.

Whether you like to create a vision board on Pinterest, cut up old magazines and stick them on your wall or write a love note to your future self it's important to spend some time focusing on the energy of being in your future situation.

“When you get focused and intentional, there’s no way you can’t grow.”
- Carrie Green, She Means Business.

How can you easily apply intention setting?

There are many ways that setting an intention can be used to grow our businesses. As I've mentioned above, I use this method whenever I'm creating and launching something new in my business. It's actually a very powerful tool for many different areas of your business. Here are a few of my favourites:

1. Helping you get out of your own way

We've all been there, putting all our energy into something new only to hear the internal dialogue begin telling us 'we're not enough'. Not good enough, don't know enough - just not ENOUGH.

When this little voice pops up in our head, grounding back into our intention allows us to get our of our own way. We see the bigger picture of what we're creating, who we've created it for and what the impact of sending it out into the world will be.

2. Bringing in more dream clients

When we get clear about what our intentions are in our business (and there are likely to be many of them - because hey, we're complex creatures!) we can better attract the right clients into our businesses. Why? Because what you focus on expands. 

When you're spending time visioning the clients you'd love to work with and what that energy would feel like, the universe can't help but respond and send you more of what you need.

3. Spending less time on the stuff that drains our energies

By getting clear on our intention and staying continually focused on it (whether that be through meditation, affirmations, journalling or just a walk in nature), our natural response will be to cultivate more of that in our life. As a result, the unnecessary things begin to fall away.

We receive more clarity, focus and less distraction from the things that are unnecessarily pulling us away from the life we desire.