6 emails to welcome your new subscriber to your tribe

So you've had a new subscriber sign up to your list (CONGRATS!!!), but now what???

It's important to nourish this new relationship with your brand new subscriber, so that you don't just become another email clogging up their junk folder! This is where it's important to maintain 'recency and frequency' in order to help them remember who you are and why they signed up to your newsletter in the first place!

Because let's be honest, we've all had those emails where we think 'Who the hell is that??? And how did they get my email address??". With these 6 emails, I'll show you exactly how you'll be able to avoid your newbie subscriber suffering from opt-in-amnesia and actually start building a meaningful relationship!!!

1. The story

You've spent a little time crafting the perfect about page, right? (Hopefully you said hells yes there!). So now it's time to share it!

Chances are, your new subscriber was so in love with your opt-in, they might've skipped straight over to that sign-up box and forgot to take a trip down memory lane with you over on your about page.

Take the opportunity to share a little bit about how you got to where you are, and why you're excited to have them on-board with the next phase of your journey. Sharing a small snippet, and linking your 'read-more' button back to your website's about page will help you to drive them back to your website for more perusing.

2. The better connection


Ok, so they're on your newsletter list. But sometimes the inbox can be a completely chaotic mess!!!

Encouraging them to connect with your other platforms will help to keep that recency and frequency factor high, as well as exposing them to more of your content. Because if you're anything like me, each of your platforms probably have slightly different content on them.

Here's a stunning example from the wonderful Samantha Wills.

3. The Related Content

If you've planned your opt-in well, it is probably aligned with a fair chunk of your blog content. Let your new subscribers know where they can explore a little more of the topic presented in your opt-in by sharing with them a summary of content that will help them out.

Share at least 3 articles for them to explore at their leisure. Bonus points for making them visually appealing!!!

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4. The Update

Help them out (and help yourself) by showing them how they can update their preferences. This is where you can use groups to implement preferences. You might choose to set groups up for how often they'd like to receive emails from you (if you like to send a lot then this is probably a good idea). Alternatively, you might want to create some groups around the types of content you send out, so that they're getting exactly what they're interested in!!!

This is also a great exercise in understanding what your audience are into like the team at Office
did to find out the gender of their subscribers, in
order to cater their emails accordingly!

 5. The Reminder

I'm sure your opt-in is jam-packed of juicy content that you poured your heart and soul into, but chances are with information overwhelm your new subscriber may have just completely forgotten about your nuggets of gold (that they're getting for FREE!!!).

Why not use your email systems automation sequence to send them a friendly reminder about how awesome your opt-in is and asking them how they went with your workbook, what they thought of your free chapter, send them on to your testimonial questionnaire, or reach out for a quick 15 minute check in to keep them on track or help out with any stumbling blocks they might've experienced.

6. The Next Step

If you've planned your opt-in well, it should sit perfectly within your sales funnel, encouraging your new subscriber to delve further with your business and hopefully purchase something from you!

This is a step that many online solo-entrepreneurs forget (or avoid!), because it involves sharing why they should reach out and buy from you!

If they're already this far into your tribe, chances are they're interested in learning more! Reach out to them and encourage them to book in a free discovery session, purchase your small-investment e-book or join your mastermind group. Whatever the next level of investing with you is, make sure you're sharing it with them!

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