Overcoming Vulnerability in Business

How many times in your working week do you question what you are doing? How many times have you held back on saying what you thought in a business meeting from fear that your idea might not be valued? Maybe you’ve held off on publishing a post because you feared that no one would care, or decided not to launch a new offering because it might not engage with every member of your tribe?

I’ve just finished a series of sessions with the beautiful mindset coach, Jo Kendall. These sessions were radically helpful in changing how I viewed my business, and helped me step forward into a new phase whereby I’m no longer withdrawing from opportunities to show my vulnerability, but rather leaning into it – and the results in my business thus far have been astonishing.

In our sessions, Jo shared this beautiful video from Brene Brown, on the power of vulnerability.

Just before I started with Jo, I had mapped out my next 6-weeks of content that I'd be sharing on the blog. In one small moment of fear, I saw that beautiful content plan crumble. You see, I analysed the mix of marketing tips and personal business focused blogs I had planned and cut out anything that had a small element of vulnerability in it. 

I'd told myself "people aren't interested in what you have to say" and "people will only want marketing tips - they don't care about your personal journey". 

I looked at my revised content plan, and felt like it was so bland - but I was convinced that that's what people reading my blog would want, therefore, that's what I should be writing about. How wrong was I?

You Have Something Important To Say

There’s not one single person on the planet that sees things exactly how you see them. Your insight into a particular topic, or your own story is too important to overlook. Share it, and declare it PROUDLY.

One of the key take-away points for me from the above video, is that those that Brene Brown studied who had a strong sense of love and belonging BELIEVED they were worthy of love and belonging.

This applies in business just as it does in life. I want you to give yourself permission to speak out, be heard, and be respected for your opinion, insight and ideas. What you have to offer this world, in your business is unique and important. Let go of what you think you SHOULD be saying or doing in business, and focus on what lights you up in your business.

My Big Vulnerable To-Do List

I wanted to share with you, my list of things that scare the heck out of me – but are so incredibly necessary to move forward in business. I’m sharing this with you so that you can hold me accountable as we move forward in connecting together. I also hope that this inspires you to create your own ‘to-do’ list, from a place that will help you show up in a courageous and compassionate way; in order to create true connection.

Write vulnerable blog posts.
As I mentioned earlier, I’d scrapped a whole chunk of potential blog posts that showed the heart behind my biz. I’ve scheduled these back in to show the transitions and learning’s I’ve experienced in business, in order to be truly transparent with you. Here’s some of the ways I intend to do that

  • Showing you my statistics featuring The Good, The Bad and The Ugly realistic side of how my own strategy plays out
  • Explaining the some-what ‘woo-woo’ elements of my business, that might seem a bit hippy-dippy, but actually center me in knowing I’m on the right track
  • Sharing the emotional side of being in business

Getting the REAL me out there.
In this digital age, it’s so hard to hide behind a screen and live a pretend life (as we’ve seen in the media lately). It’s important in overcoming vulnerability for me to put the real elements of me out there. So how I’m going to do this is:

  • Get my butt in gear for a professional photo shoot. I know that this is an important part of any marketing strategy, to have a face of the business, but my own fear of being seen has held me back from this.
  • Get my voice heard. I have a guest podcast, with the beautiful Katie Wyatt of The Wellness Entrepreneur coming up in a month or so. For an ex-singer, I have an innate fear of hearing my own voice. I’ll also be sharing with you, my ‘Finding your ideal client’ guided-audio. I'm sure throwing my voice out into the open, will help me overcome the vulnerability of hearing my own voice.
  • Host webinars. The perfect combination of being seen and heard, and sharing my knowledge with you beauties!

Host live workshops.
I want to share my knowledge and experience with you personally. There’s something about getting out of the digital space, and connecting in person, isn’t there?
I look forward to planning some events with like-minded businesswomen who are all about creating a powerful tribe of connected women on a mission to make an impact.

These things may not happen overnight, but... well you know that saying!

Do you feel vulnerable in your business? How have you overcome it, or what do you need to do to lean into your vulnerability?