Using The Power of Social Media

In this modern age of building an online business, we have a secret super power. The power of Social Media.

Since Mark Zuckerberg started his platform - you might’ve heard of it, it’s this little known thing called Facebook - finding and reaching your target audience has gotten a whole lot easier. You can connect with dreamies on the other side of town, the country or even the globe with a few clicks of some buttons.

Even though things have gotten easier in one sense, it’s also brought with it a new problem. How do we show up authentically, and not just feel like we are constantly selling and promoting?

This constant feeling of putting ourselves out there can make most of us want to shut the shop and hide under the covers. But what if you could truly create meaningful connections with your Social Media followers?

We want to show you that not only is it possible, it’s probably a whole lot easier than you think

Decide On What Platforms You’ll Show Up On

Now you could put all the social media platforms in a hat, and pull one or two out at random, but that’s a little too hit and miss for our liking.

The best way to go about deciding what platforms you should be focusing on is to identify the ones that your dream clients are already hanging out on and to figure that out, you’re going to need to take a little time to do some research.

Take some time to connect with some of your existing or dream clients and identify where they’re hanging out.

Are they showing up in particular Facebook groups?

Do they love Instagram or Facebook?

Are they pinning like crazy, or tweeting up a storm?

When you identify where your dream clients are hanging out online it can make connecting with them through the power of social media so much easier.

Provide Meaningful Content

Social media can be a powerful tool for sharing your expertise by promoting your blog posts, youtube videos or podcasts. By showing up and sharing your knowledge, you’re letting your tribe know that you’re the go-to-gal for your topic area.

Sharing your meaningful content through social media isn’t always about just posting your latest blog post (although still definitely do that). Instead, think of some ways that you can repurpose those posts and add value for your followers.

You could do a Facebook Live or Insta-story sharing snippets of truth-bombs from your blog content, create a video-graphic with your top tips, or just weave your words throughout individual posts.

Ultimately, it’s quality over when it comes to sharing your content on social media.

Engagement Vs. Growth

When you’re showing up on Social Media, it’s important to remember that it’s not all about you (shocker, I know!).

It’s important to create space in your weekly (and even daily if possible) schedule to authentically engage with your current followers, as well as potential followers. Spend some time commenting on your followers posts, responding to comments and engaging with followers that use hashtags associated with your business.

When you focus on engaging with your community instead of just focusing on follower numbers, you’ll start to see a natural growth occur. Now that’s the best of both worlds!