The Ultimate Guide To Taking Your Website Live

It's one of the most exciting parts of building your website. You've done all the hard work - and now it's time to take your website live and share your awesomeness with your tribe!

Launching can bring up A LOT of emotions for us all, even when you've got a few launches under your belt! So we've put together the ultimate guide to launching your website!

Choose A Name

If you're setting your site up to help run your online business then you've probably already got your website's name in mind. But whether you're going to be setting up under your personal name or business name, it's important to secure your domain name asap!

When considering your business name, also make sure you check out the available usernames on your favourite social media channels so that they're all aligned and easy for your dream clients to remember.

If you're thinking of working with Squarespace - which is of course our preference (but you can read more about that over here) then why not purchase your domain with Squarespace. Keeping everything in one easy place means you don't have to remember 1000 different log-ins (who are we kidding, you've already got a thousand!). Plus! Squarespace have just introduced domain upgrades. So you can secure your domain name asap and when you upgrade your account, you'll get the amount you paid off your annual subscription.

Create A Coming Soon Page

Once you've secured your domain, it's important to put that name to good use. 

However, you needn't wait until you've got your new website polished to perfection in order to start making your new online digs work for you.

Creating a 'Coming Soon' page is the perfect way to let people know that you're going to be gracing the online world with your presence very shortly!! Make sure you've created an amazing opt-in offer to start building your tribe before you even launch (because, you're going to need to throw a launch party, right?).

Plan Your Site

The key to launching a site that stands the test of time (even in the digital age) is..... you guessed it.... planning!

When it comes to planning, make sure you've got the following bases covered:

Creating content that aligns with your big business vision and shares your expertise with your potential clients. As a starting point you'll want to launch with a carefully crafted About Page, Services Page/s and a few blog posts to allow your readers to dive a little deeper into your topics of choice.

Even though I mentioned it previously, blogging your little heart out needs to be one of your top-priorities when it comes to launching your site. You can craft a gorgeous about story and package up your services to perfection - but if you're not consistently showing up with new content to guide your dreamies back to your site time and time again, then all that hard work is, well, wasted!

Launching with between 3-10 blog posts is ideal, but even more important is to ensure that you've got a bank of ideas scheduled in for post-launch.

Make sure you've got all your bases covered when planning your site that will meet your website needs.

Need to launch a podcast in the next 12 months? Make sure you can easily add audio content to your site.

Dreaming of launching an e-course? Can your platform of choice cater to you building your online-empire?

As a side note: I've been using Squarespace for over 4 years now, and am YET to find something that Squarespace couldn't do! (Just thought I'd do a little myth-busting for ya!)

Once you've planned out your site - it's time to get writing and creating!

Share Sneak Peeks

ow that you've carefully curated your site's content and you've stylised your site to reflect your beautiful brand, it's time to start getting your tribe excited about your launch!

Sharing sneak peeks of your site is the best way to let your tribe be part of the journey, ensuring that you'll have an eager group of dreamies cheering you on come launch-day!

Here's some ideas of how you can do so:

  • Create a custom mood-board that reflects your brand colours & imagery

  • Share snippets of upcoming blog posts with your social media community

  • Host a Facebook LIVE or share an Instagram story (or 3) showing some of your beautifully designed site

  • Share the sneak-peek and the process of building your site with your newsletter community

Install Google Analytics

Okay, I know that my nerdy-heart skips a beat when anyone breathes the word 'Analytics', but I dare say that you may have held your breath - or worse yet, groaned a little, when you read that title.

But I promise, installing Google Analytics is NOT as difficult as you've probably made it out to be (in fact, I'm gonna say it's actually really easy!).

Installing Google Analytics is fairly low down on the list of to-do's before launch day for many people, however, when you have analytics installed from the very beginning you'll be able to get a better idea of your growth, user habits and how to make your site more user-friendly when the time comes.

If you don't believe me, here's a simple step-by-step video on how to integrate your Google Analytics account with Squarespace.

Install Your Facebook Pixel

Just like Google Analytics, installing the Facebook Pixel is an important step that gets overlooked way too often!

By installing your Facebook Pixel from the very outset of launching your site, you'll be capturing hundreds (or thousands) of potential leads that you can re-target at a later stage with Facebook Advertising.

So even if you're not going to dive into the deep of Facebook Advertising right away, it's still a good idea to be capturing this data for the time that you decide you'll expand into the world of online advertising.

If you're wanting to get started on installing the Facebook Pixel check out this post by the gals at Dotti Media (they're our go-to experts on all things FB ads).

Create Your Social Media Launch Plan

Here's the exciting part - where you get to plan how you're going to show off your newly decorated site and start welcoming in even more members of your tribe!

Along with more sneak-peeks of your site, you're going to want to launch with an epic launch graphic!

Plus, don't forget to showcase all of that amazing content you've crafted. Consider making some custom-branded images to share your blog-posts and intriguing snippets of your about page.

If you're stuck on what to post, and how to show up and shine on social media during your launch period, why not check out Sophie Zen's amazing Back-To-Basics Strategy Session where she can guide you on how to launch in a way that feels truly authentic to you.

Put the computer down

You've dotted the i's and crossed the t's and put all the last-minute finishing touches on your beautiful new website.

You've shared your site with your tribe, and they're already loving it.

Now it's time to put down the computer that you've been staring at for week's now and get some sunshine. I love Tracey's advice around launching (which you can read more about here) where she says:
"I knew beforehand that I wanted to be out of the house; instead of just scrolling paypal all day, which just breeds a 'lack mentality', because you're constantly checking in to see if someone's bought your e-course instead of celebrating what you've already achieved. No matter what happens, you need to celebrate yourself for creating this awesome thing."

And this advice applies to websites of all kind. Let the magic happen while you're enjoying life!

Because that's the best kind of magic!