5 Minimum-Effort, Maximum Impact Ways to Market Your Business

5 Minimum-Effort, Maximum Impact Ways to Market Your Business

There’s a common thread that pops up in many of our coaching calls with clients, particularly when client first come to JuJu HQ for help. They’ve been striving so hard; blogging, sending newsletters and creating new products, only to realise that they’ve overestimated how many would actually sell.

Often they’ve spent the time getting clear on who their dream clients are. They’re posting on social media daily and they’ve created a powerful free opt-in gift. But there’s one thing missing. Their client calendar is looking a little more minimalistic than they’d like! 

Sound familiar?

In the start-up phases of any business, these are just a few of the pains that you’re bound to experience. It can feel disheartening, pouring your heart and soul into creating offers, packaging up your services and marketing them to your tribe, only to hear crickets!!!

But don’t despair, because we’ve put together our top five tips for marketing, that are not only minimal effort but are designed for maximum impact with your dream clients! Even better still, each one is something that you can totally do yourself - no expert marketing knowledge required!!

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