Secrets Of A Successful Homepage

Many people (designers included) will tell you that your homepage can be likened to a welcome mat. However, if I take a look at the welcome mat currently donning my front door, it’s not really anything to write home about. It’s got teeth marks in it from the puppies and probably a few too many cobwebs for my liking.

When I’m strategising with my web-design clients about how to bring their homepage to life, I prefer to liken your homepage to a smorgasbord or tasting plate (probably because I love food!). Your homepage is there to introduce your potential clients to what they can find within the walls of your website and entice them to dive deeper and get to know you better.

So today, I'm sharing what the secrets to a successful homepage really are - so that you can showcase your business in the best light and make sure your audience want to deepen the relationship. Let's dive in darling and get to know the secrets to successfully crafting a homepage that has your dream clients saying ‘Hell Yes! Give Me More!’

Secret #1

Your Homepage introduces all the relevant information

Let’s take our ‘smorgasbord’ analogy a little further (hopefully you don’t get too hungry in the process!).

When you first approach the smorgasbord at Sizzlers, or that fancy New Years Eve function, it’s important that you’re strategic in your perusing and choosing. There’s nothing worse than being that girl who does three laps of the buffet, and only has a knife and fork to show for it!

You see, the smorgasbord clearly lays out all the options for you. The most strategic way to approach the smorgasbord would be to grab a little bite or two of the things that tickle your fancy (I’m a sucker for a killer egg and lettuce sandwich!), make sure they’re to your standards and then you can always go back for more! Fill up your plate with those egg & lettuce sandwiches babe! You deserve it!

The same goes for your homepage. You want to lay all the options of what lies beneath the surface of your site out for your potential clients (yes, remember these are your potential clients!) so they can choose their own adventure and dive deeper on the topics and sections of your site that interest them!

Secret #2

You don’t skip to the third date, straight off the bat

‘Hang on, I thought we were talking about homepages? Not dating sites!’ I can hear you saying it! But don’t worry I’ve got all your ‘bases’ covered.

I still see many, many sites that are using their blog as their homepage. Now, if you’re currently using your blog as your homepage I don’t want you to go and buy a new template straight away or close down your site.

But I do want you to consider that there might be a better use of this space. Yes, your blog posts are important in sharing your wealth of knowledge with your dream clients. For many of us, our homepage is the most visited page on our website. So it's important that you're maximising the space to promote all the juiciness that can be found within the pages of your site.

Instead of having your latest posts fill the space, why not select a few that are the most popular, or most relevant to your current promotions. That way you're introducing your perspective clients to the most relevant, high-impact blog posts that will knock their socks off!

Secret #3

Your homepage must promote your current business goals.
Your website is your number one marketing tool, it's the place you'll direct all the traffic from those amazing guest interviews you've been doing. It's the place where you'll promote and share your free opt-ins. And as we've already explored, it's the place that you'll share those amazing blog posts filled with goodies just for your tribe.

That's why it's important to ensure your homepage is helping you achieve your goals. 

Want to build your list?
Are your opt-in's making a feature on your homepage, in all the right places?
Want to promote your paid products?
Are your most popular products front & centre.
Want to have a fully-booked out coaching calendar?
Do your services make a feature and are your previous client testimonials sharing how amazing it is to work with you?

Ultimately, you want to ensure that your homepage is guiding your potential clients to the way that you want them to work with you.