Pitching With Perfection

When it comes to growing your audience, there really is no better way to interact with more of your dream clients than pitching yourself for that podcast, blog or event that they are all devouring!

The reason why pitching your skills and expertise is so effective in getting your name out there, is that when done effectively, you’ve got a ready-made audience craving more information on the topic you’re an expert in!

Perhaps you’ve identified the blogs or podcasts you’re keen to get your message out on, but you’re getting stuck on the one important factor that will get you there… 

Crafting the perfect pitch!

Well grab your notebook darling, because we’re diving into the nitty-gritty of putting together the perfect pitch that will get that ‘featured on’ list growing exponentially!

Create the Dream Pitch List

Before you begin pitching left, right and centre it’s important that you’re focusing  on pitching the right people, with the right audience. Like everything we teach here at JuJu HQ, it’s all about strategy first.

So let’s get thinking strategically shall we?

The easiest way to craft your dream pitch list is to interview or survey a dream client and ask them what are they reading, listening to, watching at the moment. Who’s emails are they constantly opening? Who are they showering with love hearts on Instagram?

Now you might be asking why we are looking to existing clients for help? You’ve already got their interest, right?

Well there’s two reasons:

  1. You want to know who is capturing the attention of your dreamies in your topic area, and 
  2. Chances are more of those kinds of dreamies are hanging out in the same places and reading/listening to similar content.

Research and Brainstorm Topics

Once you’ve crafted a killer pitch list, full of podcasts, blogs, magazines and youtube channels you could be featured on, it’s time to get brainstorming on what you want to chat about.

Firstly, you want to ensure that your dream pitch list actually share content that’s aligned with your expertise. However, don’t be afraid to think outside the square.

Even though our primary audience is female entrepreneurs, and we love talking about all things business, marketing and branding, we’ve pitched health magazines and blogs that our dream clients are also interacting with - because they want to keep their best asset in their business healthy!

The key here is to find the sweet spot between your topic of expertise and theirs. How do the two combine? How can you provide a new perspective? Is there a personal story that you can share with their tribe.

It’s also important to ensure that you research the kinds of topics they’ve already  shared on. There’s no use pitching a great article on ‘sugar-free, plant-based snacks’ if they’ve already got 100 recipes of their own on the blog.

Write a Pitching Script

There’s a practise that we teach each of our 1:1 marketing coaching clients when it comes to doing anything ‘scary’ in our businesses.

This practise is to take the energy out of it.

What this means when it comes to pitching is to have a script pre-prepared. Of course, you want to show up authentically, but there’s a few key things that aren’t going to change each time you pitch your dream podcast.

Things to include in your script:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • How you help your clients
  • The things that you love about your work
  • Any particular differences or your own unique take on your topic of expertise.

Once you’ve got your pitching script not only will it be less time consuming each time you pitch yourself for a podcast or blog, it will also be less energetically draining.

Just ensure that you are still catering each pitch to the person, podcast or platform that you’re approaching.

Conquer the Pitching Mindset

One thing that keeps us from hitting send on that pitch (that you now know is a killer one), is that we buy into all the lies that our mind is telling us about pitching.

We tell ourselves things like:

‘I’m don’t know enough to be featured on XYZ podcast.’

‘Everyone already knows what I have to say.’

‘I don’t have enough knowledge to add value to the conversation.’

In order to conquer to pitch with perfection, we first need to overcome the mindset blocks that are standing in our way. Our favourite technique for this is to create a personal affirmation, that you can repeat every time this little voice pops into your head.

Firstly we need to acknowledge the fear that’s keeping you from submitting your pitch. Write this down if it helps. Next, you’re going to reframe the story you’re telling yourself into a positive ‘can do’ affirmation.

For example, maybe you’re telling yourself ‘I don’t have enough time to send out pitches, let alone write the blog post!’. Now let’s reframe it.

Your affirmation could be any of the following:

‘I have ample time to pitch myself for a a podcast interview.’

‘I am the creator of my own time.’

‘I create space in my calendar to actively grow my business.’

Pitching yourself for interviews, events, guest blog posts can be a beautiful way to grow your exposure and build your brand awareness. Not only do you have access to a ready-made audience that are already interested in your expertise, but it can help you really establish yourself as an authority on a particular topic. When you spend time crafting a pitching script and clearing the mindset blocks that come with pitching that podcast you’ve been loving, it can be a very rewarding experience.