My 4 Mindset Practises That Have Helped Build My Client List

When you think of marketing your business, I'm going to take a guess and say that the first step you think about is probably not to do with mindset. Am I right?

I want to share with you today, the three practises I try (I'm not perfect at it either!!!) to implement on a daily, or at least weekly basis in my business.

I'm a huge believer in the power of changing your mindset, manifesting and visioning your future as though it was a reality you were living and breathing today. The reason I'm a believer, is that I've seen this magic happen in my own business, and in the business' of my clients. So let's jump into the three practises I use regularly.

#1: Feel what it feels like to work with your dream clients

I have to attribute this first practise to my mindset coach Jo Kendall. Jo taught me in the early days of my business how to vision and truly feel what it would be like to have be working with my dream clients.

Each morning, as I grind the coffee beans and heat the milk for my latte, I take a moment to check in for the day. I think of a dream client I already have, or a dream client I one day hope to work with. Taking a moment to transcend realities, and place myself as if I was working with them then and there, in that moment. 

I feel in my mind, my heart and my body the emotions and feelings of what it's like to work with this dream clients. Some of these feelings are excitement that they've chosen me to be part of their journey, joy that we are creating something beautiful together, creative as I bring their vision to life and more often-than-not I get goosebumps as I feel connected to her greater vision as she shares it with in our coaching sessions.

#2: Change the station

Over the past 5 weeks I've been participating in Head to Heart, an online program by Beautiful You Coach Tracey Spencer on how to change up the messages that are playing on repeat in our head and holding us back. 

In a recent conversation I had with Tracey, she gave me these  mantras to repeat to myself when I feel like the work is too hard and the feeling of joy in what I do has decided to take a vacation.

"I allow this to be easy & fun"
"I have more than enough time to complete these tasks joyfully"
"It is safe for me to live my dreams"
"It is safe for me to be on top of things and feel really good"

Maybe you're asking yourself right about now, what these have to do with building a client list?

Well I think, for us women especially, that we often self-sabotage our own success. We play the 'I'm too busy for that' and the 'It's got to be hard' cards in order to justify not living out our dreams.

So instead of playing that game I'm practising (because it's an ever evolving journey) the art of changing the station, saying I can and do deserve to live out my dreams and it's okay for me to be fully booked!!

#3: Practise generosity & an abundance mindset

Ahhhhh Mr. Scarcity thinking. You know him too right???

"There's so many others that are just like me in the industry"
"If I write all my good knowledge in my blog posts, no one will buy my e-book!"
"I can't give too much away in a discovery call, they'll never actually pay me"

GAH!!!! What a drag Mr. Scarcity can be!!! Always telling you there's not enough to go around, you can't make a living and give at the same time, you'll never be abundant!!!

Well, he's just plain wrong! 

Being generous with my information and knowledge has been the single-most important so-called 'marketing' tactic (although, I'm not sure I really planned it enough to call it a tactic!) that has built my client list.

I was not known at all 12 months ago, but I started showing up in Facebook groups, answering questions with my heart and soul and giving away knowledge FOR FREE, because I genuinely wanted to help people.

When we practise a scarcity mindset, our client list looks sparse and well the clients are scarce. When we practise an abundant mindset, our client list looks vibrant, full and abundant and our dreams of becoming fully booked start to become reality!! I dare you to try it for a week - and just see what starts to come to fruition!

#4: Make space for your new clients

This has got to be one of my favourite practises yet. (Have I said that about all of the above???)

This is the practise of making space for the dreamiest clients to find you. It's the art of letting the universe know that you're ready to accept more abundance in your life.

Here's how we do just that:

1. Grab a piece of paper, white board or sheet of butchers paper.

2. Decide on a time frame that feels comfortable for you to focus on (e.g. 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months). I personally like to focus on 3 months as that's often the time-frames I tend to work with people on.

3. Divide your piece of paper into the equivalent months you'll be focusing on (i.e. 1, 3, 6 or 12 sections).

4. Now, take a moment and consider what it would LOOK like to be 'fully booked'. What is your capacity for taking on new clients? If you run a 3-month program, you have 6 available office hours for coaching calls (with one-hour per client) then your capacity would be 6 clients for any given 3-month period.

5. Take a ruler (or just scribble in if you like to free-hand it) and divide your 'months' into the given number that takes you to capacity and being fully booked.

6. Now your 'space' is ready to take a prideful place on your desk. The thing here, is to give it the space it deserves. Don't hide it under your pile of things to do. Don't shove it in the back of your diary to look at 'someday'. Give it a place front and centre on your desk.

7. Finally, each day as you sit down to work, take a look at your 'space' and repeat this mantra:

"I am thankful for the clients that have found their way into my life and that I have been able to help along their journey.
I am grateful and open to receiving the opportunities that are on their way to finding me."

Do you implement any mindset practises in your business?
What's one mindset practise you might like to start implementing?

I'd love you to let me know in the comments below!