Make The Most Of Your Best Blog Posts

Make The Most Of Your Best Blog Posts

You've been told a thousand times that you need to create a content calendar in order for your site to be found by your dream clients. While we wholeheartedly agree that posting regular, meaningful content to your blog is a sure way to introduce your talents to your future clients, we're also not ones to make things harder than they need to be!

If you've already written some amazing content, why not give yourself a little break and let your hard work earn it's place on your website.

We personally love crafting new blog posts for our readers, but every now and again we flip back through our blog posts and take a read of some of the words and sentences already gracing our site. It's a pretty magical feeling, knowing that you wrote something 6, 12, 18 months ago that still has such resonance today.

But there's no good use for it just sitting there, hoping that someone, someday might be brave (or bored) enough to scroll through pages upon pages of blog posts to read that one amazing sentence you wrote back in 2015.

You've got to make it easy for your readers to find your amazing content and give yourself some creative room in the process, by sharing some of your old blog posts in new creative ways.

We've put together a list of our favourite ways to repurpose your previous blog posts and make the most of the blog posts that have proven themselves to be crowd favourites time and time again.

Regularly Pin It To Pinterest

Pinterest is no longer just for adding pictures of your dream home or pinning those recipes you know you'll probably never cook (or is that just us who does that?).

Pinterest, like Google, is a search engine - which makes it a great source of traffic for your blog and business website. It can help you get found by your dream clients on the topics that you love talking about!

But there's no use popping up on Pinterest every month or so, then disappearing for months. You need to be regularly using Pinterest AND pinning your own amazing content, not just relying on others to do it for you!

We Recommend: Tailwind

Tailwind allows you to bulk-schedule posts (both yours and other peoples) to any board you choose. It's also got a great built-in feature called 'Tribes' which allows you to connect with other like-minded business' and share each others content.

Why use Tailwind? Well, if you're like us you'll hop on Pinterest, get lost for 10 hours in a field of Acai Bowl recipes and decide you can't afford to do that again - because you've still got a business to run!

Tailwind allows you to pre-schedule in hundreds of posts, probably while watching The Bachelor (but really, you're working, right?) and it will optimise when they're sent according to when your Pinterest followers are online.

Making the most of your blogs on Pinterest

We highly recommend that you make sure that you've got these bases covered on your most popular blog posts (at the very least).

1. Setup Rich Pins

These are pins that will show additional content and are recognised as articles, recipes, products or apps to help Pinterest users quickly identify what the pin is about and click on over to your website to read more.

2. Pinterest Friendly Graphics

Long graphics seem to have the best effect on Pinterest, so make sure you've updated your blog post to include some long-form graphics. This could include the title of the blog posts or you could also create some fun info-graphics to visually represent your blog's content.

3. Be Search-Engine Friendly

Think about the types of key words and phrases your audience might be using to search for the solution to the problem their having. This should be included in your blog post title and in it's description.

Make It Into An Opt-In Freebie

So many people struggle with deciding what their opt-in freebie should be. But you've got the upper hand on this one. If you take a look at your Squarespace or Google Analytics, you can easily figure out what your tribe are keen to learn about, what they're craving and why they're on your website in the first place simply by looking at what the top pages are that they're visiting!

You could create an email series, mini-challenge or e-book centred around the topic that your blog post is all about, and voila you've got an amazing resource that speaks right to the needs of your tribe.

Want to take it the extra mile?

Add a few extra prompts or questions that make your resource more interactive than the blog post for an extra little something.

Need a little helping hand in getting your opt-in out into the world? We'd love to help. Check out our e-products page or get in touch about your project here.

Re-Share It To Social Media

Just because you wrote it 12 months ago doesn't mean you should never speak of it again! Repurposing your content into social media posts is a great way to re-use old content, particularly if you've already identified that it's loved by your tribe. 

You could start by simply sharing your posts to social media on a rolling calendar (a tool such as 'MeetEdgar' can help you do this automatically, otherwise just add it into your favourite social media scheduling tool').

Alternatively, you can actually break up some of the content from your blog posts into what we like to call 'micro-blogs'. These are short snippets of a blog post that are shared across multiple posts.

Make sure you include a link in your bio to the full post, so people can skip ahead or catch up if they want to dive deeper!

Write A Related Guest Post

You love it, your tribe loves it - chances are there are sooooo many others out there that would love it too!

If you've had your heart set on approaching someone to write a guest blog post for them, but you're getting stuck with the age-old question of 'what do I write about', then darling one write about what you already know. Share a new viewpoint or dive deeper into a concept that you talk about in your blog post, only this time do it on someone else's platform.

When you're pitching your guest blog post spot you can share the initial article and even share a little bit about how popular it's been and any feedback you've had around it. Don't forget to identify someone who shares a similar audience to you, but offers a different or complementary service when deciding who to pitch the guest post to. This will help them know that it's success with your tribe could also relate to their own audience.

Want to learn a little bit more about how to pitch your guest blog post? We've written an article over here all about that.

Include It In Your Automated Welcome Series

We love to include our most popular blog posts in our automated welcome series.

What's an automated welcome series you ask? Well we explain all about it over here.

Sharing your blog posts not only brings new life to some content that you've had sitting on the metaphorical 'shelf' for a while, it is a great first glimpse for your new subscriber of the type of content that you share with them regularly in your newsletter and on your blog. You're showing them that you've got epic value and plenty of knowledge - so they should definitely stick around!

Plus, as an added bonus, it gets your new subscriber going back to your site which could just encourage them to head on over to your services page or shop to keep on looking around.

Have you looked at the top blog posts visited on your site?
Drop a comment below with how you love to promote your tribe's favourite blogs!