Make 2017 Your Best Coaching Year Yet!

2016 was packed full of lessons for me, as I embarked on my second year full time in JuJu Creative Hub. I learned more about myself, my boundaries and the types of clients I love to work with.

I know that many of you were also waiting with anticipation (champagne glass in hand) for the turn of the year, and I have to admit, as I woke on Sunday morning to a fresh new year, a smile came across my face.

Not because I was desperate for 2016 to be done and dusted (ok, a little bit of that), but because I am sooooo excited for what 2017 has to bring for both me personally and JuJu Creative Hub.

If creating a booked out coaching calendar (without running yourself ragged!) is on your vision board for 2017, then it's time to put some plans in place that will see that vision come to life.

As a coach, I'm sure you too have felt the pull to constantly up level your business, but that often comes with stress, anxiety and ovewhelm, thinking it's all too much to take on!  How will you balance all these new tasks, up levelling your biz AND working with your clients!

I've mapped out my top 5 ways to uplevel your coaching biz, without burning out in 2017!

Package up your expertise

Take a moment to think of all the amazing offers, resources and information you create in your business. Chances are, when you stop and think about it you'll realise that you have an amazing wealth of knowledge at your fingertips! 
Now all of this is probably sprawled across your blog posts, weaves into your weekly newsletters and scattered throughout those added resources you offer your clients in your 1:1 session.
When you package all of this up, you have one killer offer that your dream client just can't say no to, because the see that you one-hour coaching session is actually jam-packed with added resources! 
Getting started with packaging your services doesn't have to be hard either, because you've already got all those killer resources at your fingertips!

  1. Create your signature system
    Mapping out your signature process allows you to get really clear on every step of working with your dream client entails.
  2. Get clear an all those extra inclusions
    Think worksheets, done-for-you scripts, mediations, pre-recorded tutorials. 
  3. Give it an on-point name, that speaks to the benefits you offer
    You've captured their attention With your gorgeous sales page, and now it's time to name your offer!

Market Your Service

Marketing is a dirty word right? Ummmmmmmm, no! Do not pass go, do not collect $200! Marketing does NOT have to feel salesy or sleazy!

Marketing is just a means to tell more people that need what you have to offer about your amazing skills. Yes, your amazing skills! Marketing doesn't have to be sleazy and salesy, in fact marketing can be (and should be) and act of service for your dream clients.

When you spend your time authentically showing up and sharing your gifts with your ideal clients, not only do you naturally attract more of these dream clients into your business - you're also increasing your impact. So it's a win-win!

Why not delve into a new way of marketing. Explore a new platform, solidify your sales funnel, nourish your email tribe.

Make 2017 your best coaching year yet, with our free 5-day challenge 'Manifest & Meet Your Dream Clients'

Update your website

Your website is one of the first introductions someone will have with your brand and your business. If you've peaked their interest on Instagram or Facebook, chances are, after scrolling through a few of your posts they're going to hit that website link and dive a little deeper into your world.

So, it's kind of important that you're making this first impression count, and guiding them towards getting to know you in a way that only your VIP clients do (by becoming one themselves. Here's a few tips of things to update on your site, to ensure that you're capturing their attention and have them saying 'Hell Yea!' to everything you're offering!

  • Make sure your about page reflects your current story; sure, share the back story - but make sure you're taking us on the journey of where you're going! Share your current vision.
  • Make sure your new packages and pricing is visible; because baby you're worth it
  • Add those easy book-now and streamlined processes; make more time for the fun stuff you love in business
  • Update your testimonials; showcase the kind of clients you want more of!
  • Do a blog audit; are you talking about the topics that interest you and that reflect your current services?

Earn more money

Yes, that's right! You can earn more money! Now I'm not saying that raising your prices is easy, but there comes a certain point in each of our businesses where there are too many enquiries and not enough time to help everyone we need! If this sounds like you right about now, it's time to start thinking about a price rise (and maybe even a leveraged version of your VIP program!).

My good friend Jenna Black, The Abundant Boss, has you covered on this one with her blog post on 4 signs you're ready to increase your prices.

Any time I work with a client on increasing their prices, we first start with breaking down their existing package and making sure we've outlined exactly everything that's involved. This gives you an accurate idea of how much work actually goes into what you're offering! Then we start building the package back up, identifying the ways they can streamline processes and replicate certain parts in order to maximise their efforts! We then do some work on ideal figures, including some big-goal setting and massage these numbers until they feel right and accurately reflect the amount of work that will get them to reaching their dream income goals for the year!

Streamline For Success

There's no denying it, whenever a new technology comes out that boasts it will boost my productivity or help me get to inbox zero that I instantly fall in love with it! No wonder one of my biz-besties is systems guru Jessica Padbury of Beautiful Business Systems.

Here's a quick list of things you can streamline and automate in 2017:
          - Client Contracts & Invoicing
          - Client On-Boarding Procedures
          - New VA/Staff Member on-boarding
          - Email Automation
          - Booking Systems

Trust me, your inbox (& your sanity) will thank you for it once you do!

 Join us for a free 5-day challenge that will have you dreaming up ways to authentically connect with your dream clients!