Instagrammers who know what their brand is all about

Instagram. Whether you love it or hate it, or can't admit that you've got an addiction to it's prettiness it's fast becoming the must-have platform for both service-based and product-based businesses.

I've selected, some of my favourite brands to insta-stalk, and shared why I love them so in the hope that you'll find some inspo, and start to build a brand on this epic visual platform.


Business Name: Spell & The Gypsy Collection

Instagram Handle: @spell_byronbay

About: Started by two sun-loving gypsy-vibing Sisters in the coastal town of Byron Bay, this bohemian brand represents the female goddess spirit. Bringing back some of the girly prints and long flowy styles that remind me of my mothers closet, this brand oozes a sense of nostalgia and adventure all at the same time.

Style: Gypsy Bo-Ho

What they're doing oh-so-right:

Recently, in an article published on The Collective, the Spell sisters shared that their Instagram account is managed solely by them.

This gives a really hands-on and authentic vibe to the feed. Reading their posts, you know that there's passion and love for the images, not just strategic posting and hashtagging (although that's definately in there too!)

These girls have encouraged the growth of their following, by utilising Insta-pics in their online site as well. Not only does this give a little extra incentive to use the brands hashtags but also shows potential purchasers how the items look in REAL LIFE - not just on the styled model images.

Wabi Sabi Well

Business Name: Wabi Sabi Well

Instagram Handle: @wabisabiwell

About: Brieann + Caitlin are revolutionising the way that we view fitness and health. Instead of encouraging feelings of guilt for not doing your gym work this morning, or maybe you missed some downward dog sesh's on the weekend, they're focused on balance, harmony and well-being.

Style: Clean & Fresh

What they're doing oh-so-right:

For me, the brand really stands out in the comments that accompany their beautiful imagery. 

Yes, their feed is clean, white and fresh - all exuding the essence of a healthy lifestyle. But their brand message is stated loud and clear in everything they post. From sharing how to fit movement into your daily life when you're super busy, to how to sharing how to find your inner voice. It's about getting to know you and your body, and treating yourself with some appreciation!

This one comes with a word of warning though - you need to set aside some time to insta-drool, as you'll be sucked in clicking images, reading comments, clicking through to their beautiful site. 
You won't be able to help yourself!

The Beach People

Business Name: The Beach People

Instagram Handle: @thebeachpeople

About: Created by two sisters (I'm now noticing a theme of powerful women collabs that I didn't actually intend!) where the story goes a little like:

They saw a need, or a want, created the product, sold out their first seasons stock and have now become an icon of their industry.

Style: Luxury Adventure

What they're doing oh-so-right:

To the naked eye, The Beach People, are just a beach-towel company.... Nothing too amazing about beach towels, really!

Except, they've made their revolutionary 'roundie' beach towel an iconic figure of the luxury, hamptons-style, beach adventure. 

With a minimum price of over $100, their not exactly selling to the bargain hunter, and their instagram sends that exact message. They're talking to the people that will book an island holiday, or travel to the bahamas, or stay in that luxury beach-side hotel just to get the insta-shots.

Their clever use of white background in almost everyshot and pairing with other brands that already have the 'luxury' persona, has elevated them from 'beach' style to 'hamptons' style insta-ntaneously!



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