How to sell your services (without selling your soul)

Marketing is a dirty word right?? Thoughts of 'Marketing' ourselves can feel like the equivalent of going door-to-door pushing our product, almost begging for someone to hire us at awkward networking events, or dressing ourselves up in flashing christmas lights just to get attention.

I'm going to take a guess, that you're probably unlikely to want to do even just one of those things, and so instead you shy away from the whole 'marketing' thing altogether.

In fact, I've seen this happen even WITHOUT the flashing christmas lights and the door-to-door sales. When did we get so uncomfortable with actually selling the products we're trying to sell?

I know many a-woman who is continually playing smaller than she needs to be, because of the fear of putting herself out there and by doing so, being seen as 'pushy' or 'salesy'.

But isn't it time we changed that?

It's not always the easiest thing and sometimes it can really push us out of our comfort zones, but when we step up and own our voice and share the authentic message we are destined to - the magic happens.

To help you along the path to shining your own light, and dare I say it, floating your own boat, I have some non-sleazy sales tips for you.

What problem are you solving?

Think of some of the clients that you've worked with so far, (or if your new to business, think of some of the clients you dream of working with), what have you helped them with? Whether you sell a product or a service, your business exists to solve a problem that your potential clients have - one that they probably can't (or don't want to) solve themselves.

This is an important role that you're playing, and sometimes we just need a little reminder of that.

Are you helping your clients to overcome anxiety, or are you helping them share their message with more people?

Understanding that you're solving a REAL problem, for a REAL person is a crucial step on the path to no longer feeling icky about selling your products. Because every time you second guess yourself, thinking that by sharing your business and how awesome you are at running it, you are actually stealing away opportunities to change somebody's life.

When you understand the problem you're solving, you also begin to understand the effects that NOT solving that problem will have.

So c'mon, have a heart, and share you're problem solving solution!!!!

Start a conversation

I think we over think these things. Instead of feeling like every time we open our mouths and mention our business, what we do and how we help people feeling like we're a walking billboard screaming BUY ME NOW OR ELSE, maybe we just need to be open to the fact that it's one-thousand percent okay to talk about our business. Hey, it's even okay to be super PASSIONATE about our business. 

Next time you get asked 'what you do', be prepared to launch into a spiel about how amazing your work is and the wonderful clients you get to work with and the transformation that you've seen happen first hand. This is totally okay. 

Other people love to see passionate people. Sure, some of them might think 'AGH, that Sally just talks soooo much about her all-natural organic bliss ball business. I mean really, what even ARE bliss balls!?!?' But chances are, others will be totally inspired by your story as well. 

STOP doing what you feel you SHOULD be doing, and just START DOING

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

Most people don't feel comfortable writing their sales page. The fact of the matter is, that selling probably won't come naturally to you at first. It can take a while to shake off that icky-feeling (although implementing the above two steps will go a looooong way to help!).

So find a way that feels MORE comfortable to you. If the words don't flow when you're staring at a white blank word document titled 'Sales Page', but you feel the words flow when you're just talking, then why not record a video to your dream client.

Whatever it may be, find a medium that works for you, and feels a little more natural - and share your message that way!