How To Change Your Mindset


Have you ever been working on something, pouring your energy into it - it consumes your every thought, and every moment you can you’re typing away at your computer working on it only to have that little thought pop into your head

‘What if this isn’t actually any good?’
‘Why would someone pay for this?’
‘Who am I to be creating this, I’m no expert!’

Trust me, I’ve been there - plenty of times. Dreaming up a new online offering, creating and tweaking it (probably a little too much) and then when it’s just about ready to launch out into the world, my mindset gets the better of me! I’m not sure that we can ever fully get rid of the self-sabotaging internal dialogue that seems to come so naturally to us women (if anyone has a cure, or secret pill let me know!). But I do believe that we can equip ourselves with some powerful tools to help bring us back into focus, and at least quieten the little monster within our minds in order to share our gifts and talents with the world.

So today, I’m writing this post to firstly tell you that you’re not alone, and shouldn’t feel ashamed or like you’re not good enough just because you suffer from the occasional (or even regular) mindset block. Secondly, to share with a few tools and methods that have helped me along my own journey to centre and align myself with the work I’m creating.

Look At The Big Picture

When our mindset is set to ‘lack’, it’s easy for us to continue on working from task-to-task without considering the effects. We jump from emails, to social media, to Skype calls with clients doing the 'busy-work’ because sometimes it’s just easier to focus on the little things. When we look at the big picture, our focus is on the outcomes and results that our work creates. We can choose the tasks that create the most impact for our business (and clients), letting the others fall away until such time that we have capacity to complete them.

Personally, when I’ve identified that these messages of lack keep popping into my mind, I like to switch stations by focusing on the big-picture. It’s during these times that I put down the ‘busy-work’ I’ve been working on and head to my big-visioning toolkit. My favourite activity to really get me aligned with my big visions is to create a vision-board, sometimes I just let the inspiration flow and vision whatever come to mind. Other times, I like to get specific and use my vision-board to map out a specific element of my big vision. It might be focused on my dream clients, or my dream office space or that month-long creative retreat to San-Fransisco I’m dreaming of.

When you change your mindset from one of lack to focusing on your bigger visions, you change the state of energy in your surroundings - and therefore you start creating a reality that’s pushing you toward the future you’ve been dreaming of.

Get Out Of Your Mind

Sometimes, it would just be a whole lot easier, if we could ‘switch off’ our negative mindset talk and just get on with it all, right? When I need to change the station and my mindset, I like to spend some time meditating. If you’re new to meditating, I’d suggest starting with using a guided meditation, you could even find one to help you with the particular mindset you’re trying to alter.

The key to really changing your mindset through meditating is to leave everything that was previously clogging up your mind outside the room. That’s why creating a space that’s dedicated to your meditation is really important - taking yourself out of the physical space you were in when all the crazy-negative-talk was swirling around inside of you. Turn off your phone, find a comfortable position, light your favourite candle or pop your chosen essential oil in your diffuser and tap into some mede-vibes.

Looking for some meditation inspiration? Here’s a list of guided meditations from some amazing women:

  1. Victoria Bauman - Make It Happen
  2. Cassie Mendoza Jones - You Are Enough 
  3. Jo Kendall - Pure Radiating Light
  4. Jenna Black - Radical Riches 
  5. Heidi Rose - Cultivate Calm 

Re-affirm The Positive

When the negative talk keeps going through our head, it’s because we are focusing on the negatives (whether they be real or in our head). Working with affirmations is an easy and effective way to re-inforce the positive messages in your mind. It retrains your mind to think, feel and create the positive situation we want to experience. As Louise Hay describes it:

"An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change. In essence, you’re saying to your subconscious mind: “I am taking responsibility. I am aware that there is something I can do to change.” When I talk about doing affirmations, I mean consciously choosing words that will either help eliminate something from your life or help create something new in your life.”
- Louise Hay

Here’s my favourite way to create affirmations to the specific mindset I’m trying to change:

  1. Identify the negative mindset bouncing in my head - write it down or consciously formulate it into a sentence.
    e.g. ‘I don’t know enough to write an e-book on XYZ topic'
  2. I ask myself ‘is this true’? Almost 100% of the time, I realise that it isn’t - and even if it was a little bit true, I am taking on the responsibility to change it.
    e.g. Do I really not know enough to write an e-book? I’m sure I know a little something about it!
  3. I reframe the negative into a positive affirmation that I repeat to myself over and over, particularly when the negative mindset starts popping into my mind.
    e.g. I have a wealth of knowledge, that my dream clients are waiting for me to share with them.


When we let our negative mindset take over the conversation in our minds, we are essentially letting them take the reigns of our future. Letting this go on for too long can drastically effect the trajectory of your business and steer you off-path. The key to remember is that the negative mindset talk is not true or real - and it can be changed. It mightn’t be possible for you to rid it forever, because in my experience each new phase of business comes with it’s own mindset battles to deal with, but when you equip yourself with the tools that help you regain the power of your mind, you can change the experience you’re having.