How to build a loved-up newsletter tribe

When building a tribe around your newsletter subscriber list, it can be easy to fall into the honey trap of chasing numbers. Your first ten, your first thousand or even your first ten thousand subscribers, whilst exciting it can be very consuming to be following the numbers. As a result, a lack-lustre mish-mash of tribe members are attracted to your brand, because instead of creating beautiful custom content made specifically with your tribe members in mind, your efforts are usually focused on what will bring in the big numbers.

Once you get crystal-clear on who is in your tribe and why they want to be part of your tribe, it’s much easier to attract the right type of people to your tribe - the ones that are more likely to hire you for your premium service or become a consistent purchaser of your products.

Here’s the thing: it’s not the numbers that matter, it’s the people.

Understand the problem you solve

So how do you know who your tribe are? With a little bit of market research.

When you understand the problems that your tribe members would be experiencing, you get a clear picture of what frustrates them, what excites them and what they really need. If you’ve started building a mailing list, ask your existing subscribers what they’re struggling with in your area of expertise. If you’re yet to start building a list, find places where your potential tribe members are already hanging out (like Facebook groups and networking events) and start having some honest conversations with them.

Start small

In order to really know who you should have in your tribe, it’s important to really narrow down who you’re talking to. In marketing speak we call this your ‘niche’.

Finding your niche is not about saying no to all those beautiful ideas floating around in your head, but about allowing them their space, in their right time.

Once you know roughly who you want in your tribe, try getting even more specific about who they are and what you talk about with them. For example, maybe you’re a women’s health coach who offers a holistic health coaching program.

Now it would be easy to say you’re in business for all women who want to make improvements to their health. But, what if you were to narrow this down even further to say women who want to get their body into shape after having a baby? Your message is now super clear, and you have a defined topic area to talk about with your tribe.

For sure, you’ll be talking about more general health items as well, but crafting your newsletter content and opt-ins with these key people in mind will ensure that you’re connecting first and foremost with the most important people of your tribe.

Once you’ve nailed that element of your business, you can start to expand your content topics to draw in a larger crowd. Starting small is a great way to curb the newsletter overwhelm, and stop feeling like you have to do ‘all the things’ at once.

Lead them

The reason I call it tribe-building is because it should be a tribe. And every tribe needs a leader.

The Oxford dictionary defines a tribe as:

‘a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or com- munities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and
dialect, typically having a
recognized leader.’

Leading your tribe is about sharing your big vision with them.

Want to help 100 women make it through the their first year in business? Or how about feed 3,000 people organic meals this year? Share it and declare it!

Sharing why you’re in business with your tribe and providing updates on this make them feel like they’re also part of the mission and can celebrate the milestones with you.

Because if you’ve built a loved up and connected tribe, they’ll be invested in seeing this vision come to life and want others to join in the fun!

Leading them is also where your newsletter content comes into play, no great leader builds a tribe without a bit of a plan - so set aside some time to brainstorm content ideas that lead to making your vision a reality and then set a plan in motion to share these ideas!

Provide them value

So what’s the best way to build a loved-up & connected tribe then?

Provide them with value that blows their mind!

Instead of just creating an opt-in that is mediocre and barely skims over the content of your paid service, brainstorm some ideas on how you can provide them with so much value that they consider it to be worth the price of your introductory level paid service.

Now, I know that this can bring up a lot of fears for us, thinking things like ‘But if I give away my knowledge for free no one will want to pay me for it’ or ‘what if I run out of things to talk about’.

Here’s where the Law of Attraction comes into it. You’ve crafted beautiful offerings that are designed with your most-perfect potential tribe members in mind, considering them every step along the way, and then you think to yourself ‘no, I can’t give all that away, that’s too generous!’

Well honey, unfortunately that (dare I say it) stingy attitude is exactly what you’ll be attracting to your brand!

However, if you were to design an opt-in that was perfect for solving a problem that your tribe members experience, treating it as though it’s as valuable to you as a paid product, you start to attract a whole new caliber of tribe members (and future clients!).

Here’s a few rules and ideas to follow:

1. You can offer anywhere up to 40% of a paid product for free and the people who were going to buy it will STILL buy it!

2. and make it consistent with your brand. You can still use Canva if you’re on a budget, however if it doesn’t scream VALUE & PRESTIGE in your design, remember that’s what you’ll be attracting into your biz.

3. Market it as if it was paid.
Flaunt it baby! Talk about it like you’re its proud new mummy, share it generously, ask for testimonials, Facebook advertise it, don’t hide it away in a dark corner of your website.