Harnessing the power of in-person events

When you're looking for ways to expand your brand awareness and reach new audiences, you really can't go past the power of in-person events.

In-person events not only allow you to get out from behind the computer, but it also allows you to create more connections with real-life dreamies!

But if you haven't yet taken advantage of in-person events, here's your official go-to guide in getting started.

Creating your own workshop

This one can seem scary if you’re yet to really harness the power of in-person events. That’s why I signed up for the gorgeous Jade McKenzie’s ‘Workshop Wonderful’. This beautiful step-by-step e-course helps you get clear on how workshops fit into your business model, what their purpose for your client are and how to bring it all to life.

If you want to start working on your first workshop, firstly get clear on the one objective you want your clients to walk away feeling confident with.

Then it’s time to start planning and promoting!

Attending events and conferences

Identifying the types of events and conferences that your dream clients are hanging out at is a perfect way to create some real-life connections with your dreamies. 

There really is nothing better than bumping into the beauties you’ve been interacting with on Facebook and Instagram, and getting to give them a real-life hug! Whether you’re attending events solo, or meeting up with some online buddies, remember to use the opportunity to authentically connect (and not just hand out business cards.

Speaking at Events

Harnessing the power of in-person events doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do the hard work of organising it all yourself. Tapping into the existing event community is a great way to elevate your brand, and become known for your expertise.

When pitching yourself for events, it’s important to ensure that you’ve found that sweet spot where your expertise meets their audience’s needs.

Once you’ve crafted a list of events that you’d like to pitch, and brainstormed some topics that suit the event it’s time to get pitching. If you’re ready to start pitching yourself for events, we’ve put together a guide to help you pitch with perfection.

Harnessing in-person events, without being in the room

I’m taking a leaf from my Social Media Strategist, Sophie’s book for this one - which doesn’t even require you to change from your pyjamas if you don’t have to! 

By identifying the types of events your dream clients are loving, and brainstorming a list of the events that are coming up you can search these events on Instagram. Find the hashtags for each event and start engaging with followers of the event before the day and take some time to check in with the hashtag and it’s users on the actual day.

Actively engaging with your dream clients that are attending in-person events allows you to not only broaden your own audience, but it also gives you great insight into the topics your dream clients love to engage with in-person and an opportunity to open up a conversation.