Gathering The Tribe

You've probably heard the saying, "The money is in the list", right??? But perhaps you've been scratching your head at what that actually means! Well what the marketing mavens are referring to here is that in order to book out your coaching packages, sell seats in your mastermind or get students signing up for your e-course you're going to need a list of some sort.

Before you jump through the screen and scream "But Elle, I've been Instagram-ming my heart out and FB-living like a mo-fo, but no-one's clicking that beautiful BUY NOW button!!!!" we want to share with you a little secret (or a few) about building an email list.

You might've gathered from the content on our blog, that here at JuJu Creative Hub we're all about marketing your business in a way that feels good to you. So we're not here to yell at you like a drill-sergeant at bootcamp; screaming for you to push harder, strive further and work your butt off (figuratively speaking!).

However, we do whole-heartedly believe that creating a loved-up email list is like unlocking the secret key to your business' success. When you find this sweet-spot, your list not only helps you sell more of your amazing services, but it can also feel goooooooooood. Because baby, if it's not feeling good it's not worth doing (you should probably pop that on a sticky note right above your laptop!).

So how do you create a loved-up email tribe?

We're so glad you asked! Step right this way sweet-heart, as we're laying it all out on the table for you!

Creating a Killer Opt-in Offer

Let's start with the basics shall we???

What exactly IS an opt-in offer?

An opt-in (or lead-magnet as it's often referred to) is something of GREAT VALUE that your dream client just can't resist. This could be in the form of a free 5-day challenge, a webinar, access to an exclusive Facebook group, an e-book or step-by-step tutorial.

Essentially, it's something that could be a paid product - but you're giving it away for FREE! Yep, absolutely FREE.

Need more ideas? Check out our blog posts - 31 opt-in ideas to build your list

What makes a killer opt-in offer?

There are probably a million great ideas swimming around in that head of yours of what you could offer as a free opt-in gift to your subscribers. The secret to creating an opt-in that builds your list, is to create something that your audience can’t say no to. If they were to walk away from entering their email address on your website, they would be missing out on a beautiful bonus - that they’re not going to find anywhere else.

But have you ever wondered to yourself, what's the 'secret' ingredient? Why does her list grow, and mine doesn't. Well here's the key:


Let me ask you a question. You want your products or services that someone pays for to be of value to them, right? (I'm hoping you said YES!)

If you were writing a new e-book, or creating an e-course, would you be shoving something together last minute and tacking it on your site? Or would you be planning, designing, tweaking and THEN launching your product? (I'm also hoping your answer was the latter!)

When creating an opt-in, many people create their opt-in from the perspective of 'what can I put together, cheaply and quickly?'  

Today, I want to challenge you to think of your opt-in as though it was a paid product you were creating, that you're going to sell for real $$$.

Creating an opt-in that is valuable and that resonates with your tribe is about three key things, in this order:

  1. Create an experience that builds the culture of your tribe
  2. Create a story that your tribe wants to share
  3. Introduce yourself and your services to your potential tribe in a non-sleazy-salesman way

Coming from a place of love for your tribe and understanding who they are, you're now in a position to develop an opt-in that caters especially for who you’re trying to attract to your business. This will not only establish you in their mind as an expert on the field in question, it demonstrates you truly care about and understand the problems that your clients are facing, and gives them the opportunity to interact and get to know your business in a no-risk way.

What's the real reason we make opt-ins?

Now, don't be fooled - it's very generous of you to be giving your content away for free. But it's not ALL about just piling on the free content after free content. If you were to do that, you're really just building a blog and not a business.

Too many people create their opt-in offers and then don't follow through with anything further. No email reminders, no opportunity to work together and no weekly/fortnightly/monthly newsletters to check-in. The whole purpose of creating an opt-in is so that it introduces your new tribe member to your business. If your opt-in isn't eventually helping you to generate sales, then it's missing the mark.

Here's a little example of how your opt-in offer guides your client to working with you.

Here's a little example of how your opt-in offer guides your client to working with you.

Getting Eyes on Your Offering

In marketing terms we call this 'traffic'. The more eyes you get on your opt-in offer, the more people that you're likely to get on your list. In the marketing world, we generally expect that you can convert about 2% at any point in your sales funnel. So if the end-goal is to sell 5 spots in your mastermind, you'll need the following, then you need to aim for around 250 people on your list. To get people on your list you'll likely need around 12500 people to visit your site and 625000 to see your ad, hear your podcast or look at your social media post.


Now we're not sharing this information to scare you, because chances are you're actually beating these statistics, if you're showing up authentically and connecting with your dream clients. If you're looking for ways to get more eyes on your website and drive traffic to your opt-in sign up page we've got a bunch of ideas for you.

Paid Advertising

We want to get this one out of the way, because there's nothing like ripping off the band-aid! Paid advertising opportunities are best utilised when you've really honed in on who your target audience is. When you get clear on who they are, you understand where they're hanging out online and offline and can cater your advertising to them specifically. This maximises your advertising budget and gets a whole new set of eyes on your content and opt-ins. Paid advertising opportunities could include:

  • Website banners
  • Podcast advertising
  • Magazine adverts or advertorials.
  • Facebook advertising
  • YouTube advertising
  • Google advertising
  • Instagram advertising

If you plan on utilising paid advertising to get more eyes on your opt-in offer, then it's important you understand how each of these technologies work (because there's nothing worse than wasting $$$ on dud Facebook advertising!). We love Bianca McKenzie's Facebook Ads for List-Building for a well-rounded easy-to-follow e-course to wrap your head around why FB ads are way more than just a boosted post!

Tech tip: if you're new to advertising, we suggest creating a swipe file with Evernote and installing the Evernote web-clipper. Every time a FB ad that you love pops up on your feed, clip it for inspiration! You'll have a library of ideas for your next campaign!

Collaborating & Networking

Got a girl-gang of like-minded business babes that you've been hanging out with? If their target audience aligns with yours, why not ask them to invite their clients and subscribers to download your gorgeous free gift? It's a win-win. They're providing extra resources to their dreamies and your getting more eyes on your content!

Denise Duffield-Thomas did this recently with her latest online offering - a free 5 day manifesting challenge. I was getting invited left-right-and-centre to join her challenge from an amazing range of online female entrepreneurs. Did I join? You bet I did - who could resist all the shoutouts from these amazing women!

Yet to find your network of girl-bosses? Never fear, you can still capitalise on the benefits of networking by pitching yourself for guest blogs, podcast interviews and magazine features. Make the most of these opportunities by setting up a unique page on your site for the host to direct traffic to. This is a great way to put your opt-in front and centre while also taking the opportunity to let your new audience member get to know you a little better.

Sharing on Social Media

Here at JuJu Creative Hub, we've worked with numerous clients to create their opt-in offers. Part of our package includes a suite of social media promotions - because we know how important it is to show off your work to your tribe (and get them subscribing!). But what amazes us is the number of people creating opt-ins, launching them with a huge celebration and then promptly burying them in some deep-dark corner of their website. 

Here's some ideas for making sure your opt-in offering is front-and-centre for your social media followers to see:

  • Make it your Facebook Cover Photo
  • Share it regularly in Facebook Groups where your dreamies hang out


  • Schedule regular posts sharing your
  • Add it to the link in your Instagram bio

Here's a couple of examples for inspiration!

BONUS TIP: Make your site work for you

If you really want to maximise the number of eyes that are on your opt-in offer, then it's time to get serious about where it's promoted on your website.

The whole point of all of the above is to bring traffic over to your website, so it's kind of a big deal of where you put your opt-in on your website. Here's a few tips:

  • Create landing pages for each of your opt-ins that you can drive traffic directly to
  • Add a resources page, you can check out ours over here (this is particularly good if you've got multiple amazing opt-ins!)
  • Add content upgrade boxes to your posts. This got 10 times easier for us once we made the switch to ConvertKit, that's why you'll see an opportunity to score a free gift on every one of our blog posts
  • Make your opt-in prominent on your homepage and all the other main pages of your site - you can do this by adding a pop-up box

Welcoming Them Into Your Inner Circle

Okay, so there's been a whole lot of talk about opt-ins, mailing lists and 'tribe-building'. So hopefully by now you're starting to get the picture that this whole list-building thing is a little more than slapping a 'sign up to my newsletter' box on your website footer.

One of the common blocks we see with women that come to JuJu Creative Hub for help with their brand is that they aren't confident in sending out newsletters.

We're all for doing things that feel good, as we mentioned earlier. However sometimes this business of growing your business can mean that we do have to step a little outside our comfort zone. 

We have a principle here at JuJu Creative Hub, to take the energy out of anything that feels HARD so that it feels a little easier.

When it comes to your mailing list, what this means is to make things feel a little easier on yourself.

There are two ways that we want you to do just that:

1. Make a newsletter schedule

Often what's holding you back from writing to your tribe is that blank page and the thought that you 'have no idea what to write'. So dedicate some time THIS WEEK to mapping out what you're going to write and when you're going to write it for the next 90-days. 

Maybe that means sending one newsletter out each month - and that's perfectly fine. Only commit to what you can commit to taking action on. If you're stuck for ideas on what to write, you can use our 'Finding your blog posts' worksheet that you'll find over in our Free Resources Library to map out some ideas (we promise it works just as well for newsletter content!)

2. Create a welcome series

An automated welcome series is a great way to nourish your new subscribers, let them know a little more about you and draw them back over to your site where you can showcase your epic blog content and amazing range of products and services.

We follow these simple principles when putting together an automated welcome series (which you can read about in more detail over in this blog post)

  1. Share your story, dive into a little bit about why you're in business and who for (after all they could be total strangers to your brand!).
  2. Invite them to connect further by sharing your social media platforms with them.
  3. Share related content to your opt-in offer, guiding them back to your blog and website.
  4. Get to know them - ask them about themselves through a survey or by updating their preferences.
  5. Remind them about your opt-in gift, and check in how they liked it.
  6. Let them know what the next step is, how can they work with you to get even better results, faster!

Ready to create your very own email welcome series that actually connects?
We've put together a step-by-step workbook to guide you through the process of creating your unique email automation (no cookie-cutters here!)