Developing a nurturing customer funnel

The starting point of any customer's journey with your business is the moment they first lay eyes on you, or your website, or social media platform. It's at this point, that you want to wow them with your branded graphics, cute quotables and drool-worthy website. But getting them to convert into a customer is so much more than a few gorgeous flatlays and some inspirational words from Brene Brown.

All of your potential customers fall into three main baskets:

  1. Potential clients that don't know you at all, and don't know they need you yet
  2. Potential clients that have heard of you, but aren't in your inner circle
  3. Potential clients that are in your inner circle, but haven't yet bought from you.

As you may have guessed, our aim is to lovingly guide a potential client from basket 1 to basket 3 in a way that feels natural (and not like a pushy salesman) and supportive to both our own energy and our client's. So how do you do that exactly?

In this post, we're breaking down each of the three 'baskets' mentioned above, so that you can get clear on how you can develop your own unique, nurturing customer journey. Let's get to it!

Basket 1:
Potential clients that don't know you at all

The key here is to tap into a need, want or fear that your dream clients are experiencing and create a solution for them. Sometimes, we humans, can be great at talking about our problems but we don't actually know the NAME of our problem. Your job, is to create a solution that solves this problem for your client, even when they don't know exactly what the problem is yet.

For example, say you're a health blogger/nutritionist who has a focus on helping people experiencing chronic fatigue syndrome get their symptoms under control.

The problem you see: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
The problem they see: constant lack of energy and focus, so their not achieving enough in their day.
Solution you provide: Managing their symptoms and understanding their limitations to give themselves a better day-to-day experience
Solution they receive: Calm, ease and less frustration in not understanding their own body

It's in this phase that you want to be sharing blog posts, social media posts and opt-ins that are showing your potential dream clients that you understand their symptoms and the struggle their going through, and that you have a solution that will help them right now.

The aim in this phase is to get your brand (and your solution) in front of them, and peak their interest. Often this means going outside of your existing networks to do so. Things like Facebook/Magazine advertising, Google Ads utilising key words around the problem they're experiencing or pitching yourself for guest blog posts/podcast interviews can help you get more eyes on your content and help your dream client move from basket 1 to basket 2.

Basket 2:
Potential clients that have heard of you, but aren't in your inner circle

They've clicked the 'link in bio' or they've jumped onto your opt-in freebie page - so they're some what interested in what you've got to offer. This phase is all about converting them and bringing them into your inner circle (or as you might be more familiar with the term 'mailing list').

Here are some ways to maximise your opportunities for taking potential clients from Basket #2 to Basket #3:

  1. Create an opt-in offer that solves their problem.
    Once they've clicked on your ad, or over to your website, it's now time you deliver the goods. What's the gift you're going to give them in exchange for their email address? What specific problem does it help them solve?

    The key here is to ensure that what you're offering is worth value to them and is presented professionally, establishing you as the expert that's worth knowing. (You can read more about creating an opt-in offer that makes an impact over here).
  2. Ensure you have an individual page set up for any guest posts/podcast interviews that you do. When you've spent the energy in adding value on someone else's platform and your potential client clicks over to your site, a dedicated page related to the topic you've been discussing can increase your chances of getting them to hit 'subscribe'.
  3. Optimise Your Opt-in Pages.
    If you're using Facebook Ads, or simply promoting your opt-in offers through social media or Facebook Groups, it's important that you're maximising this opportunity. Start by analysing your conversion rate - how many people are viewing the page vs. how many are actually signing up. Try tweaking and changing a couple of things (or if you're using a platform like Instapage you can do A/B split testing) and make sure that your websites working for you in the best way they can.
  4. Get a referral.
    The proof is in the pudding - we're more likely to buy something if someone we already know, like and trust is suggesting it. This is why affiliate marketing works so well. 
    Start by identifying a few connections that share a similar target audience with you. Reach out and build meaningful connections with them and when the time is right you can pose the question as to whether they'd be interested in sharing your offering with their tribe.

Basket 3:
Potential clients that are in your inner circle, but haven't yet bought from you.

So you've got a new subscriber, they've joined you on the journey to solving their problem and they're absolutely loving that opt-in gift you created just for them. But now what? How do you move them from being a subscriber on your list to a loyal and returning customer?

Step 1: The Thank You Page
One online marketer that I follow suggests that offering something of low-cost to your newest tribe member straight after subscribing is the best way to qualify your leads. Qualifying your leads essentially means working out whether they are in-fact a dream client. One aspect that we often forget to outline when creating our 'dream client wishlist' is how willing they are to pay for a solution. Whilst I know that you want to help as many people as possible (because lady it's just your nature to do so), you're also here to make money and keep the lights on!

Research shows that the hardest sale to make from a client is the first one and that once someone has purchased from you once and had a satisfactory experience they're more likely to come back for more. 

That's where creating a one-time limited offer to present to your newest tribe-member comes in. Perhaps you can offer them a cheaper rate on your new e-book or a printable that goes along with the opt-in they've just received. Think of something that will either be the next logical step after the opt-in or that will help them achieve results faster. 

Step 2: The Automated Welcome Series
They've signed up, downloaded your freebie and then what? Crickets? I hope not!

Creating an automated welcome series takes the pressure off you if you're not yet ready to send out weekly emails to your tribe. These series are designed to let your newest tribe members get to know you and introduce your amazing paid services to them.

Want to learn how to create your own epic welcome series? There's more on this topic over here on the blog.

So now it doesn't matter if your newbie signed up right after you hit send on your monthly update, you can keep them engaged with your brand from the get-go!

Step 3: Your Packages & Services

Now that we're all introduced and we've started getting to know each other, it's time to showcase all the ways that your potential client can become, well, an actual client.

Here's a quick checklist of ways you can do this:

  • Invite them on a discovery call with you
  • Create dedicated Sales Pages for your offers
  • Send out emails that are specifically promoting your products/services
  • Add a small segment at the bottom of your regular newsletters
  • Create a promotion series around your service-offerings
  • Make sure you've got your package details listed on your website
  • Add a contact/enquiry form or opportunity to book your discovery session on each of your package pages

Creating your sales funnel doesn't have to feel 'salesy' or sleazy. If you come at it from the perspective that by setting up these systems in place, you're able to better serve find and meet the right clients, then you're going to have much more affect on your community.

Having these steps mapped out not only protects your energy when it comes to promoting your business, it provides a supportive system and nurturing customer journey for your client.

Are you ready to work in a way that feels aligned to what serves you and your dream clients?

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