Creating A Business You Love

I hear many stories of how beautiful women like you got started in their business. For many (not all) of you, there was a key shift in the way you were working and you sought out a different path - one where you could write your own story of success and really help people in the way that felt most aligned for you. 


This is definitely a similar path to my own, where it took a nervous breakdown to shake me up and start forging a path creating a business that felt good to me - that lit my soul.


Even if you don't particularly resonate with this state of 'crisis' causing the shift for you, I can guarantee that when you started your business, you dreamt of creating something that felt magical, spirited and aligned with who you are and what you love to do. Am I right?


When you first created your business, what did you dream of?

Was it changing the lives of the women you coach?

Was it scheduling your social media by the pool sipping endless lattes?

Was it exploring your creative site, with endless inspiring projects on your books?


I find that so many of us start out with these big dreams, and then somewhere along the way - during the actual doing of the work - we get a little lost and fall out of love with the business we've created. Let's change this shall we?


So I want to share with you, my take on creating a business that you love - one where you can't wait to get to the desk in the morning, but you're also able to still have a life outside of it. Just like any relationship, there needs to be a balance of energies.

Do the work you love

Creating a business you love involves doing the work you love - pretty straight forward right? But so often we get caught up on doing all-the-things... There's that podcast that's been calling your name or that guest blog that you have to write. 


None of these things are bad on their own - in fact they're great for expanding your brand and getting your business 'out there' - but if they're not ACTUALLY what you love to do then they're detracting from your business and not adding to it.


What I like to do, is to create a list of 'all-the-things' floating around in my mind. It could be anything from the emails in my inbox, to that big project that keeps knocking on my heart's door.


Take this list and highlight all the things that you actual love to do in your business. Is it jumping on discovery calls? Is it writing your blog posts? Is it showing up on social media?


Next, take a red marker and cross out anything that isn't actually necessary - you know the tasks that are filling up the 'should' pile of your mind, but you're only doing because you feel 'obliged' to.


Now you have a list of all the other things. Beside each one, write DO, OUTSOURCE or AUTOMATE. There will be some tasks that you might still have to do (depending on budget, team and your own unique circumstances), but the point of this exercise is to maximise the time spent in your business doing the things you love. 


Outsourcing is a great way to get experts on your team (that can usually do a better job, in less time), but if you're not ready for that kind of investment, investigate what you can automate in your business. Anything from writing your own on-boarding scripts, to automating the delivery of your package details. Trust me, it makes showing up in your business a lot more enjoyable.

Work in the way you love

Now that we've talked about doing the work you love, let's decide how you're going to do it. Let me start with an example...


I see many designers following the path of creating beautiful brands, logos and websites for their clients, but at some point deciding that utilising their creative talents sticking to someone else's brief isn't what they had in mind when they quit that branding agency, and started their own gig.


So they say farewell to their clients and start creating digital products, templates or even designing their own range of physical products. Because that's really what they love doing!!!


The same goes for coaches, yogis, kinesiologists and YOU! 


Some of us will love working 1:1 with our clients, and some of us will feel waves of anxiety at the thought. Some of us will thrive delivering group workshops, and some of us will prefer to sit behind the desk creating virtual products for our tribe.


The point is, that we are all different and will want to deliver our products and services in different ways. You needn't fit anyone's mould - you can work in whatever way you love to work.


* A note on this before I move on. Sometimes it's about trying different ways of working, and seeing what fits you best. Trying one way and deciding it's not for you does not mean you're a failure. It just means you're a little closer to creating a business you love!

Work with the people you love

No - I don't mean your friends and family. Although sometimes that's fun, but it can also cause chaos!


Here on the JuJu Creative Hub blog, I go on a fair bit about finding your dream clients (in fact, there's a whole section of my site dedicated to just that topic!). My take on working with the people you love is so much more than defining a customer avatar or 'niching' into your target audience persona. 


That's all well and good advice to follow, and sure I do help you find who they are in blogs or through my Manifest & Meet Your Dream Clients challenge. However, working with the people you love goes just a level deeper than all that.


It's actually about defining what the energy exchange between you will be. Will they pay on you on time? Will they show up to the appointments they scheduled? How will they respect you and the work you do? Will they visit you one-time, or will you develop an on-going client relationship with them?


It's about finding the types of clients that go beyond a payment connection. And letting go of any of the clients that are not those soul-clients you've been dreaming of.


Because, as my favourite saying goes:

"When I let go of what is no longer serving me, the Universe sends me more of what does."


When you take on the (ever-evolving) journey of creating your own business, you can get pulled every which way, believing that you've got to do all the things that the marketing gurus tell you, and that your accountant is suggesting and that blog post you pinned on Pinterest advised. But creating a business you love, is about tapping back into and focusing on that which is aligned with your passions, skills and desires - because that's the beauty of creating a business you love, you get to decide what that looks like!

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