Connecting Through Content

The thought of writing and publishing your first blog post can give even the most confident of us an instant case of stage-fright (even when there's not a stage in sight!).

Putting yourself out there, sharing your opinion, declaring your take on the world can be scary-as-hell! For at least the first six months of my own business I didn't have a Facebook page because I was scared of being seen. 

If you're one of the ones who struggle to hit publish on the blog article, youtube video or social media post, then I want to challenge you today to flip this little gremlin on it's head and ask yourself: "What if sharing my content was a way I can show up, connect with my dream clients and offer them a little bit of guidance that they might need today?".

Taking the emphasis off ourselves and shifting our focus to the people we want to help allows us to let go of the fear of being seen and focus on connection. Because after-all, as the saying goes:

"People do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it."

My hope for this guide is that it will either help you up your content game or be the prompt for you to hit that big flashy 'go-live' on that very first post! (Okay, there's unlikely to be a big flashing go-live button, but you know there should be!).

Let's do this darling one, let's connect with more of your dream clients through powerful content that's bubbling away inside you!

Why you need content

Content is the driving force behind many online businesses. Not only does publishing blog posts boost your SEO ranking and help Google (and therefore your dream clients) find you, but it also gives you a platform to show what an expert you are!

Having content that is unique to your brand pays dividends for boosting people's awareness of your business in three key ways:

  1. It gives you something to promote that is useful and informative to your external audience on social media platforms. No one enjoys seeing an entire feed that's laden with 'BUY ME NOW' type of posts!

  2. It allows other people to share your expertise. Our go-to resource for help these days is either Google or Facebook. Having handy resources that others can share on your behalf in Facebook groups, emails to friends or as a response for recommendations is the perfect way to get your name out there!

  3. If it wasn't clear already - it establishes you as an expert, and minimises the risk for your potential clients. Producing high-quality and valuable content allows your dream client to take a peak behind the curtain and see what it might be like to work with you (and if you really know your stuff)!

Types of Content

Living in this digital age, we can count ourselves lucky because there are HUNDREDS of ways to produce content and it's not just limited to blogging.

Maybe you hate to write and the thought of writing a 500 word blog post every two weeks for the world to see has you begging for any other form of torture possible! Take a moment to breathe, as that is totally fine. If you don't love to blog there are still plenty of ways that you can share your expertise online.

There's podcasting, youtubing, hosting twitter chats, microblogging on social media, webinars & live calls. The possibilities are endless. It's about finding a content platform that allows you to feel free in showing up and sharing your expertise.

If you're still looking for inspiration,  we've shared our favourite 10 content marketing ideas over here! Surely you'll be able to find a platform that feels comfortable to you! 

How often will you show up?

Ahhhh, this ol' chestnut!
It's kind of like asking you how long is a piece of string, right?

Deciding how often you'll show up isn't just pulling a number out of a hat and running with it. It's important when you're producing content online that you do so with consistency. So if you're going to go gung-ho blogging your little heart out every week for the first few months of your business, but then there's radio silence from you for months, you're not doing anyone any favours.

Your audience will crave consistency, so work out a schedule that feels good to you. Understand how long it takes you to create your content, what all the moving parts of putting it together include and how often your business and life schedule will allow you to sit down and create.

If you're putting together your content last-minute, with no strategy and in a state of stress and anxiety thinking 'I've got to get this out this week or my newsletter list will hate me!' - firstly, calm the farm- secondly, that energy will come through in what you're creating.

So map it out, schedule in your creating time and then get to it. Put that pen to paper (or video, or podcast or whatever platform you've chosen)!

Ideas & Inspiration

Sooooooooo how do you know what to write?

Well that's easy, the idea will come to you out of the universe, hit you like lightning and BAM your blog post will be written in the flash of an eye.

Or if the ideas aren't flowing, here are some ideas for where to search for your next youtube episode topic.

  1. Keep an idea swipe file. Gather ideas that pop into your inbox, show up consistently in facebook groups or a eminating through your social media feed. You can keep a notes file on your phone - or our favourite tool to use here at JuJu Creative Hub is Evernote. We've got a file called 'Blog Ideas' where any inspiration is noted. Then when it comes time to schedule things into our content calendar, we can look for common themes and create our blogging calendar.

  2. Search through client enquiries & coaching notes. Do you always get asked a particular question when people reach out to work with you? Or are there common themes that arise in your coaching sessions with clients? Make note of them and see how you can address them in your content. This is a perfect way to meet your future dream clients exactly where they're at and let them know that you get them!

  3. Download our Free 'Finding Your Blog Posts' worksheet. Okay, we know this is a little cheeky - but we promise it's worth it. Any time we do feel stuck on what to write, we check in with this handy little tool. Full of 20-prompts that will help you come up with blog, newsletter, podcast, youtube content for months!
    EXTRA TIP: Put the timer on for 5 mins and just see how many ideas you can brainstorm. There's something about being under pressure that gets the creative juices flowing!

Download our Free Finding Your Blog Posts inspirational worksheet

Re-purposing Content

Once you've published a blog post (or shared your podcast on iTunes) it doesn't have to be the end of it. It's important to capitalise on all that hard work that went into creating it.

A common misconception when it comes to publishing content is that once it's published your done. When you've put a lot of heart and soul into your blog post, this can be a little bit disheartening, because your content is likely not the kind that's a one-minute-wonder, it's likely to be just as relevant in three months time as it is today.

So how can you maximise it's impact? By re-purposing it.

Here's a little secret you mightn't know... we regularly re-purpose our blog content!

When we publish a blog post we of-course send it out to our newsletter tribe to let them know we've crafted something new, with them in mind. Creating content shouldn't just be for your existing subscribers though - it should help you reach new audiences. 

Our blog posts also get posted to our Instagram and Facebook page, pinned to Pinterest boards and shared in Facebook Groups, to help new people find our content.  We also pull out parts of our blog posts to share across multiple different Facebook posts and in the captions of our Instagram account, sharing the content without necessarily referencing the post.

As a funny side note, when our social media manager puts together the weekly Instagram schedule, I'm often leaving comments for her like 'did I write this?' not realising that the content was already in my constantly expanding resource library!

Other ways that you can repurpose your blog content could include:

  • creating a podcast episode of the blog

  • filming a video or a powerpoint talk through the blog post

  • creating snippets of the blog to share on Insta-stories

  • turning it into a webinar or an e-book, perfect for your next opt-in offer!

Ultimately, your content is there to help new audiences find you and engage with you. Utilising platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are perfect for showcasing and sharing your content but the ultimate aim is to draw them back over to your website, get them to join your inner circle (aka your mailing list) and to start connecting with them on a regular basis. By connecting with them, providing real value that speaks directly to their needs you're establishing a relationship that goes way beyond the realms of one blog post - you're inviting them to get to know you further.

And on that note, I'd love if you came and joined our very own inner circle here at JuJu Creative Hub by checking out our range of Free Resources in the Resource Library.