Big Dreams vs Daily Action

There’s no denying it… One of my all-time favourite activities is jumping onto Pinterest and creating a vision board for my business. I do this for many different things in my business, not just when I'm creating mood-boards for new brands.

Whether I’m dreaming up a new product, or contemplating my future office space - having a big vision for my business is what keeps me perpetuating my business forward.

I’ve got some big dreams for JuJu Creative Hub - ones that have been there from the very beginning, so it’s almost a given that at times all these big dreams can feel a little overwhelming. That's when I start questioning things...

Where do I start?
What’s most important?
Will focusing on one part of my business stop me from following the flow in other areas?


I'm sure you've felt it too. That gentle (or sometimes rough) pull of feeling like you've got to do everything right now, or your dreams just won't come to fruition. Or perhaps you're stuck in limbo, knowing what you've got to do but not sure how to get from right where you are now to the life of your dreams.

Well lady love, I want to share with you my very own process for dreaming up those big visions in your business and chasing them down with actionable steps every day.

Big Visions vs Daily Actions

Keep a Dream Journal

I know it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when you've got a million and one ideas floating around in your head. Firstly, that's a beautiful sign that you're on the right track with your business and it's important to take a moment to celebrate that.

After the celebrating is complete it's important to make sure you've got those ideas down on paper. One primary reason is to remember them but the other is that something magical happens when you take pen to paper and write down your dreams.

I like to keep a dream journal full of all the ideas of projects, blog posts, opt-ins and potential collaborations that pop into my mind. In fact, I keep my dream journal as a file in my Evernote so that I have it wherever I go and I can capture every idea.

But now, how do we turn those big visions into an action plan?

At the beginning of each year I sit down and map out the big projects from my dream journal that are calling my name. 

This year my some of my key focuses were:

  • Launch Square Kit Designs - easy DIY Squarespace toolkits to help female entrepreneurs build their first website that looks like a professional designer did!
  • Launch a signature e-course - I didn't have the complete idea for this project yet, but knew that I wanted to launch a signature e-course for my tribe to work with me. This turned into Soulful Business Academy after brainstorming through my ideas with a business coach, my mastermind buddies and going through Kathryn Hocking's e-Course Launch Formula.
  • Add more travel into my business - although my idea was living the laptop lifestyle somewhere in Bali for a few months the universe has sent this dream in to me in different forms. Being invited to speak at the Evernote event in Melbourne, client trips to Sydney & Brisbane and weeks away working and exploring new places.

There were of course others on my list, such as re-design my coaching offerings and I'd love to move into an office external to my spare-bedroom at some point in the next 6 months. 

The reason I'm sharing this with you is to show you that dreams for our business can take all different shapes. They might be fully formed ideas that are crystal clear from the moment they land in your heart and mind or they might be ideas that take time to grow. They might be products you develop, or new services or just things you'd like to do in your business.

Write them all down honey, and you've got an endless amount of ideas to return to whenever you're seeking a little inspiration for your next business project.

Break It Down

Now comes the fun part. You know that big dream that feels so far off, but oh-so exciting to you?

Let's start there darling.

You can choose any timeframe for this project. It could be a year-long adventure or something you can create, market and launch in the next 90-days. Just be sure that you're starting with a time-frame that's realistic for you and takes into consideration everything you've got going on in your life.

Let's take building your first website for example.

For many this can feel like a massive undertaking, but if you break it down into smaller bite-sized pieces you can have a beautiful new website in 90-days, as long as you take it bit-by-bit. So take out a pen and paper, and list down all the things you can think that need doing for this project. It doesn't matter if it's in a logical order, or even if EVERYTHING is included, just start with everything you can possibly think of. Again, you might like to keep this in a handy app like Asana or Evernote that you can take anywhere you like, or you might just like it in a notebook. Make sure it's something handy, as no doubt you'll be thinking of things every so often throughout the day and you'll want to capture it all!

So for that website, here's where you might start (as a side note: you don't actually need all of this to start your website - there might be more things listed here than you need to focus on right now!).

  • Writing your about page

  • Booking a photoshoot

  • Hire a copywriter

  • Design a logo

  • Write some blog posts to launch with

  • Map out your website pages

  • Create a newsletter opt-in

  • Start a mailing list

  • Decide on a website platform

  • Purchase a domain name

  • Start building the website pages

  • Create a 'coming soon' landing page

Now, considering your timeframe that you've selected, break it down into smaller part. For example, if you're working with a 90-day plan you might like to break it into 3 x 30-day intervals. 

I like to focus on the things that are a) going to be the biggest amount of time/investment and/or b) might require others to be involved (i.e if I'm going to hire a copywriter or need some extra outside support) as you'll want to ensure they're available and have you scheduled in as far as possible in advance!

Commit To Creating

Just like I say in my free 5-day challenge 'Manifest & Meet Your Dream Clientsbringing to life all that you desire in your business (and life) isn't about sitting idly on our yoga mats waiting for it to come along - we've got to make steps toward bringing it into fruition.

Now that you have your list of things that you've either got to do, or get external help for, it's time to schedule them into your calendar.

Understanding how you best love to work is key to ensuring that you don't self-sabotage yourself along the way. Perhaps the words flow best when you first wake up in the morning, or you find your creative sparks in the quiet evening hours. Or you might even prefer to do some solid work creating your new project by booking a week away with just you and your laptop.

Taking these continual steps toward creating your projects is what will make those big visions happen before you know it!

Design Your Dream Dates

'Dream Dates' are something I've implemented in my business in the last 12 months. It's a dedicated time I spend each month reviewing everything I've achieved in my business.

Just as it's important to focus on the road ahead, it's also important to look at everything you've achieved. In these dream dates I take a look back at the projects I've launched, I look at my stats and how I've grown in my business, I look at my income and give thanks for every dollar.

These dream dates are strictly 'no new idea' territory - they're all about being grateful for what I've already done. As it's my belief that we can spend a little too much time always chasing down the 'next thing' in our business, and it's important to stop and celebrate what we've already done!

Planning your business doesn't have to be all stiff business plans and spreadsheets, there can be a more soulful way to map out those big visions that are in your heart and bring them to life in a way that feels full of ease. It's about creating a business that feels aligned with the way you want to work. 

If you'd like to find a more soulful approach to bringing those big dreams to life, then darling, I'd love to invite you to join me in Soulful Business Academy. Enrolments close at 12PM Friday 25 August and we kick off on September 4th with our first module 'Purposeful Planning' - which is all about creating those big dreams and setting out your action plan for success!