8 Tools to Help You Build Your Coaching Business

It's no secret that I'm a little bit in love with the power of technology. I have to admit though that in the early stages of building my business even I felt overwhelmed by all the options available, and navigating which ones were perfect for my needs.

I'd spend hours signing up for free trials, studying youtube tutorials and fumbling my way through understanding each new platform only to realise that it didn't EXACTLY fit the needs of my business. In the end, I'd usually just go back to the 'old-school' way of doing things (you know the one where you send out every client contract and every feedback form manually. 

I've also noticed a trend with my clients around up-levelling their coaching business and implementing some of these technologies. They (probably like you) know that streamlining their processes with the use of these systems will make things easier in their business, but the energy that it would take to find the right ones and navigate the learning curve it would take to implement them feels, well, completely overwhelming!

It's my belief though that when you put these tools to good use they take a lot of the draining energy out of running your business and bring more ease and flow into finding and on-boarding new clients. You know what that means darling? More time to do the things you love!!

I've tried and tested each one of these amazing tools so that you know they're EXACTLY what you need to help you navigate the business of building your coaching business.

Email Lists: ConvertKit/Mailchimp

One of my favourite marketing tools for inspired coaches is to build their mailing list. Why? Well not only do I believe that it's important for you to have a channel that allows you to connect directly to your dream clients, but it's also a great way for you to introduce your amazing services, e-courses and blog content to them.... But that's all a story for another time.

In order for you to do all this though, you're going to need some technology behind you!

There's plenty of options out there (probably a few too many, am I right?) but I'm hoping to save you some heart-ache when it comes to navigating them all on your own! 

It depends what stage of business you're at as to which one's right for you but my two favourites are Mailchimp & ConvertKit.  Ultimately this one comes down to price! 

Mailchimp is great if you're wanting to dip your toe in the water of building your list, delivering opt-ins and sharing your knowledge through your weekly newsletter, without spending all your hard earned coaching income on a monthly basis (because that's better spent on Netflix, let's be honest!).

ConvertKit is also a great solution for those that are interested in building their list. The great thing about ConvertKit is it's additional features that you won't find in Mailchimp. There's easy-to-implement tagging of your subscribers (so you can cater your content to their interests) and customisable sign-up forms you can easily embed in your site. Whether you're wanting to explore sending out multiple opt-ins, content upgrades and utilising automation to welcome your new subscribers ConvertKit is great at guiding you through the steps to do so! 

Sales Pages/Sales Funnels: ClickFunnels

I've only recently delved into ClickFunnels, and lady can I tell you I wish I'd discovered this beauty a lot sooner. ClickFunnels is the ultimate sales funnel machine! 

I have to admit, when I first encountered the ClickFunnels brand I was put off by the masculine approach to sales they took. But as I delved into their founder's free book 'DotComSecrets', I realised that he shared a lot of the same philosophies I do when it comes to authentically marketing your services online. The difference was that he had all these tried and tested ways of doing so completely mapped out, and was sharing them freely!

Russel has then channelled all of this knowledge and expertise into a suite of digital products that make it super easy to map out your sales funnel, create sales pages, create membership and affiliate programs and (the part I love the most) track your tribes interaction with your emails, your pages and your products. 

It really is an all-in-one sales funnel solution for coaches of all varieties. If you're ready to get serious about building sales funnels that support your business to work while you're not, then ClickFunnels is the tool for you (plus you can get a free 14-day trial here. You're welcome.)

Client Feedback/On-Boarding Questionnaire's: Google Forms

Now you've got your opt-in in front of your tribe and you're sharing your epic skills with them, they're no doubt reaching out asking for how they can hire you! You're going to need some extra help to make things a little easier on yourself to sort out the dream clients from the not-so-dreamies!

So boss-babe, it's time to setup a few easy-peesy forms that will make that easier. The entire collection of apps available in GSuite (formerly Google Apps for Business) has been an ultimate lifesaver many times in my business - that's where Google Forms comes in.

First up, we have the pre-client questionairre. This form should invite your dream client to share a little bit more about themselves, where they're at and what they would like to get out of working with you.

Next, there's the on-boarding form. This is your opportunity to dive a little deeper now that you've determined that they'd be perfect to work with. Setting up an on-boarding form allows you to make sure you're getting all those juicy details, before you jump on your first call together!

Finally, after you've supported, encouraged and coached your dream client through the process of you signature program it's time to get some feedback (and of course a killer testimonial!). Setting up an online feedback forms mean you can easily (and without all that worrisome energy) ask for honest feedback from you dreamies!

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Client Tracking: Streak

Like I said, Gsuite is pretty sweet; particularly when it comes to tracking potential leads and where clients are at in our time working together, which is precisely what I use Streak for.

Streak allows you to map out your sales funnel or on-boarding process, and create 'boxes for each of your clients, so that all the contact you have together is in one easy-to-find location. You're then able to move these client contacts through your customised lead-tracking funnel and ensure that you've followed up with all leads that might've dropped off at any point.

Ps. If you're wanting to check out GSuite you can grab 20% off your first year by using the following discount code off the GSuite Business Plan 33QURRJTXFDEWW4

Booking Calendar: Acuity Scheduling

Hooray! You're dying to move forward with your dream client, and well, the feelings mutual! (Did we already say hooray???!!!).

Whether they're ready to book their discovery session with you or dive straight into a heart-centered coaching session, by setting easy-to-book packages, you'll not only streamline the process for your client, but save yourself from a flurry of emails back and forth trying to tee up a perfect time for you both.

Plus, Acuity allows you to set specific availability for each coaching package (say hello to focus!!!) and sends those all-important booking details straight to your Google Calendar so you can say goodbye to double bookings!!! Again, can I get a hooray!

Invoicing: Wave Invoicing

I've tried out a few different invoicing systems in my time, and Wave is by far one of my faves! It integrates seamlessly with Stripe, so you can track all your payments in one place.

Want to set up recurring payments for your packages that offer payment plans? Sorted!
Want to track your income & expenses (without tearing your hair out!)? Sorted!
Want a simple view of how much income you've got coming in each month (because tracking leads to growth!)? Consider it sorted!

Ultimately, utilsing a professional invoicing system not only helps you come tax time, but means there's no more wasted time chasing for payments or constantly checking bank accounts!

Contracts: DocHub

 Best sign of working with a professional coach? A spick and span Client Agreement that lays the foundations on all the important elements of working together.

But let's take that a little further, and make it easy for both you and them to get the agreement sorted quick-stick so you can start working together sooner rather than later!

DocHub is a great free platform that integrates with your Google Drive, allowing you to send digital client agreements that your client can sign on their computer asap. No printer, no ink, no return addressed envelope required!

Client Notes: Evernote

If you're thinking of on-boarding a new team member, taking some of the workload off you so you can get back to doing the things you're brilliant at (AKA actually coaching!), then you're going to want some of your processes mapped out. 

Utilising Evernote you can seamlessly map these out, linking in all the important documents and sharing it with your team! 

I recently invested in some help mapping this all out, ensuring that it worked for me and my team and it has really changed the way I work. Utilsing evernote, I can set up client notes, content calendars and map out internal procedures all in the one place and on any device connected to the internet. 

Make 2017 your best coaching year yet, with our free 5-day challenge 'Manifest & Meet Your Dream Clients'