6 Things Every Coach's Website Should Include

When it comes to building your coaching business there's one key thing that EVERY coach needs. It mightn't be straight away, but eventually you're going to want to invest in this one tool that will help you attract more dream clients into your business! What is this one tool that will take your business to the next level you ask?

Your website of course!

You might've heard a lot of business coaches speaking about how you don't need a website. But i'm going to tell you that they don't really understand the magic of this power-packed tool. So I'd quickly encourage you to throw that piece of advice out the window (please, get a website!).

Here's three reasons why I believe you absolutely must have a website in order to build your coaching business:

1. It helps you establish credibility with your dream clients.
2. It clearly outlines the amazing ways that your dream clients can hire you.
3. Naturally, we humans want to know what the next step is. Once we see you on Instagram or follow you on Facebook and decide that we love what you're laying down, we crave taking things to the next level.

But I have to warn you - not all websites are built the same! There's good, there's bad and there's..... well dare I say it... ugly. So how do you make sure your website is showcasing your brand in the absolute BEST light? Lucky for you lady-boss, I've put together a list of the must-have features your website needs to capture the attention of your dreamies, and having them come back for more!

A Blog

The Tool That Will Help You Share Your Expertise

When building a website, most coaches include some sort of blog inside the virtual walls of their new online home. Blogs have been around since before the turn of the century, so it's not exactly a new premise. There has also been talk in recent years that perhaps blogs are 'dead', being taken over by things such as the rise of podcasting, microblogging on social media channels and video.

I beg to differ though. Blogs aren't dead, we just need to think of different ways to bring traffic to our blogs, because our blogs are our number one educational tool for our clients. 

As a coach, it's imperative that your blog content speaks to the needs of your dream client, shares what it's like to work with you and has a clear call to action that invites them to delve deeper in getting to know you better.

Sign Up Forms

The Tool That Will Help You Create Deeper Connections

While it's not impossible to build a loyal following through other mediums such as Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, often your online tribe are craving to get to know you on a deeper level. Your mailing list is the place where you can do just that. Offer free gifts, share behind-the-scenes looks and promote sneak-peeks of your latest offerings.

In order to build your list though, you're going to need those all-important mailing list sign up forms. You can build them into the end of each of your blog posts, share it in your sidebar or create pop-ups within your site.

Work With Me Page

The Tool That Will Promote Your Services

When a client wants to get to know you more, they might click on your Facebook bio. But when they want to know how you can help them, they'll click over to your website and hunt down your services page. 

A neatly presented smorgasbord of services allows your potential client to instantly ascertain whether you're the one to help them out! When designing your work with me pages, it's important to ensure that you clearly outline what's entailed and have a clear call-to-action prompting your dreamy to take the next step with you.

Client Testimonials

The Tool That Shares Your Previous Successes

Nothing says 'professional' like the words of your previous clients. While clicking around on your site, your potential clients are bound to take notice when a peer or friend's face pops up shouting your praises! 

You can even try sharing your previous clients' successes in an interview series or through case studies. Because lady-boss, social proof is the key to unlocking your businesses potential and gaining the interest of more dream clients!

On-boarding Pages

The Tool That Makes Engaging New Clients Oh-So-Easy!

So you've got some killer content happening on the blog, your mailing list is growing rapidly and you're getting interest from some of your dreamiest clients to date!

But as much as you looooooooove the traction you're getting, it can be a little overwhelming handling it all!

Here's where the magic of your website can really help! Having a few 'private' pages that only you and your clients can access can mean you can easily share on-boarding forms, terms & conditions and hidden client-only content with your dreamies, without having to re-invent the wheel each time!

Landing Pages

The Tool That Will Help Build Your Sales Funnel

Landing pages, thank-you pages, feedback forms, up-sells, cross-sells, webinar sign ups, heck even webinar hosting- they're all done within the walls of your business' virtual home. 

Having all of these online and easily accessed through your website mean that you're presenting a beautiful, professional and cohesive brand image no matter where your next client first meets you!