6 Branding Mistakes you can avoid making today!

So you've got yourself a logo, you're building your website, blogging away and interacting on social media on a regular basis. But something just doesn't feel right!!!

You know that you could be doing more to make things look and feel like you, but you just don't have the time to take a massive design course (nor do you really want to!) and to be honest, the $$$ to invest in hiring a designer to do it all for you just isn't there.

So today, I thought I'd share with you 6 branding mistakes I see online entrepreneurs making - AND how you can avoid them.

1. You're creating new designs every time you post

One of the simple things you can do to showcase your brand, is to create some simple templates for the things that you use each and every time you post to social media, run a Facebook ad or write a blog post. Not only do these save you time from having to recreate the wheel each time create some new content, they also reinforce your brand image - ensuring that your true fans can recognise it's YOU from a mile away!!!

2. You don't have a style guide

I'm all for pretty hand-written fonts, bright poppy colours and funky zig-zag patterns. I'm a designer - so of course I love these things. But the fact of the matter is, these aren't my 'style'. They're not what I've associated my brand with - so if I were to all of a sudden be introducing some bright hot pink zig zags into a few of my social media posts or here on the blog, you'd probably be thinking 'What the!?!?!"

Developing a style guide means that you can get a little flexible with what you're putting out there, but still stay within the guidelines of your brand image.

3. You're sharing everyone else's content that doesn't have anything to do with your business

So you've just found this awesome piece on how to build a successful online business in under a year - you absolutely LOVE IT!!!! You click on the link at the bottom of the authors post, and share it straight to your business page. But hang on - you're a HEALTH COACH... Not a BUSINESS COACH. 

Whilst you might find some awesome quotes, shareable content or even some hilarious youtube clips of baby Panda's sneezing, when you're consistently sharing content that doesn't align with your brand vision, you're actually diluting your brand.

In an age of social media, where we're all seemingly fighting for space on the facebook-air-waves, we start thinking we need to post every couple of hours, and because we're not super-human blogging machines that can write a new blog post every two hours we source content from other places.

So next time you go to hit that blue little 'share' button, ask yourself "Am I adding to the conversation on {your main area of expertise} when I share this content?". A rule of thumb I like to follow is by sharing content that backs up the things that I share with my tribe, that way you're also able to reinforce your brand's values and share your own insights!

4. You're talking in a voice that's just not you.

So, you're a one man band hey? AWESOME. But how come everything you're putting out into the online world is riddled with "we" and "our"? This is just one way that I see Brands talking in a voice that's not them. 

Another is when it comes to writing their blog posts, they get all official and strict and throw in words that they wouldn't dream of using in a conversation in a million years. 

If you're not talking how you would in real life, then when you're clients meet you they'll be in for a real shock. The biggest compliment someone can give you is to say 'I felt I knew you from reading your blog posts'. Because THAT is being real and being authentic!!!

But, where to start? If you're wanting to inject a little more you into your content (because you ARE part of your brand!) then start with a jargon jar. Go through your existing blog posts and pull out words that aren't words you use in your normal conversation and words that someone new to your brand might not understand. Exchange these words for easy to understand words that you would use - and then continue to use these moving forward.

5. You're not telling us what you want to be known for

As an online entreprenuer, you've probably felt the pressure to create 'leveraged' products, update your opt-in monthly, offer high-priced VIP offerings. All of this is seemingly good advice, in it's right time, but what many of us fail to realise is that by offering ALL these things, we dilute what we want to be known for. So you're a business coach, that offers content coaching and mindset audio meditations. Okkkkkkayyyyy.. 

I'm all for finding the perfect 'niche' of people that want exactly what you're laying down - but sometimes, enough just has to be enough. 

Take a look at your products and services, do each of your lower-priced offerings share a little bit about what it's like to work with you in your premium offerings? Are those opt-ins focused on up-selling into your mastermind program or 1:1 coaching packages?

If you can't draw a clear path between how someone goes from downloading your opt-in to buying your e-course to working with you 1:1, then neither will they. So make sure everything you're putting out is shouting from the rooftops what you want to be known for.

6. You're trying to please everyone and anyone - but really pleasing no one.

I've chatted to alot of lady-bosses recently that are really starting to come into their own and realise who they're in business for. This lights me up! 

Their stories often start a little something like this:
" I got into business because I just wanted to help people. I wanted to help them with their {business/health/mindset/branding/social media/other area of expertise}. But what I didn't realise was that some of these people aren't the right people for me to be helping."

They go on to say things like:
"Our personalities just clashed"
"She just didn't have the budget for it"
"They always paid me late"
"ARGGGH!!! They just don't GET IT!!!"

All of these things are small elements of what their dreamiest clients AREN'T. So instead of trying to be everything to everyone, they get clear on exactly WHO they're in business for, and then start to build everything around that. And in return, something magical happens!!!

They start attracting more dream clients to THEM, and spend less time 'promoting' themselves to no avail.

I'd love to know, what's one branding mistake you'd like to avoid?