5 Reasons Your Opt-in Isn't Bringing You Sales

I'm pretty passionate about high-quality, meaningful opt-ins. But I'm equally as passionate about seeing opt-ins created that actually form part of a strategic sales funnel and bring you in more dream clients!

In fact, I'm more than passionate. I can get somewhat ranty about your opt-ins. Why?

Because I've been victim to so many opt-in promises that deliver nothing more than stock-standard content I could've got myself just by punching in a few strategically thought out letters to Google.  Not only have I wasted precious time, energy and Internet download data to find out that this opt-in is completely lack-lustre, now this person that's manipulated me into believing that they'll solve my {insert name of falsely-promised opt-in topic here} dilemma in under  10 minutes, is sending me emails 5 times a week and asking what I thought of their opt-in.

I feel like writing back, and telling them how duped I feel. But usually decide that this is just an even grosser waste of my time, spending my precious hours carefully crafting a response that helps them build their business.... I mean I get paid for that shit!!! 

So instead, I'm writing my somewhat ranty response to you, in the hope that the next time you jump on your shiny new opt-in idea, that you're a little more inclined to spend a little time on the things that matter - the things that will actually HELP bring you sales!! Because, really, if that's not the point - what IS the point of creating the thing in the first place!!!

1. Your opt-in isn't solving the problem that you solve for your clients

I see many online entrepreneurs, who already know that they need an opt-in, a hook, a lead-magnet (whatever you'd like to call it!) in order to build their list jump in to making an opt-in that doesn't ACTUALLY solve a problem.

The reason for this is often their 'scarcity-mindset'. They believe that by giving away their good stuff, the stuff that their premium VIP clients get in a 1:1 session with them, no one will end up hiring them!

Unfortunately though, the opposite occurs. When you don't solve a problem for your new subscriber, then they don't believe that you can solve a larger problem for them.

Prove to them you've got valuable knowledge, and you're prepared to help them - and you'll hook them for life!!!

2. You're not treating it as though it was a paid product.

If you're going to invest your time and energy into creating a valuable opt-in for your potential tribe members (aka potential clients) then you want it to have just as much impact on your bottom line as it would if it were a paid product.

'BUT I'M GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE!!!" you scream.

Firstly, stop screaming at me through your computer screen - I can't hear you!

Secondly, if done right - your opt-in CAN and WILL bring money into your business.

In order to do so though, you need to start treating it like it's just as worthy as your paid products! Spend time on crafting it, and making it the best possible version of itself. Invest in it; hire a designer (or get a professional template and DIY it!), get it professionally edited.

THEN, market the thing like you mean business. Spend a little moolah and boost that FB post. Promote IT on your Facebook groups promo day. Ask your peers to share it with their client base. Don't be afraid to tell people how great it is, because if you're using these tips, I know it will be.

3. You're not showing what it's like to work with you

When you focus on creating an opt-in that only gives away a smidge of the advice you've got to give, you're doing yourself a disservice.

When someone signs up to your list, they want to know more. They're hungry for information and they've welcomed you into their life to be the one to school them in your topic of expertise.

But then somewhere along the way, you shut the door on them. You told them they could only come inside once they've paid the entry fee, but truth-be-told they've no idea what's on the inside.

So, instead of hiding your process and the way you work behind heavily-guarded closed doors, why not open things up. Consider how you can take some of the tips, tricks, resources and steps you take with your 1:1 clients and package that up into a nice and neat little opt-in! One that truly shows them how brilliant you are, and how much they need you in their life!!!

4. You don't ask for the sale

Ahhh, so you've you nodding your heading to all of the above. You already get it girl and your opt-in is just plain killer!!! But you're still not getting the sale! 

You see your opt-in growing steadily week by week, but no one is progressing to the next step.

Well, lovely one. Did you tell them what it was??? Or did you just hope and pray that they would wander over to your site, see that there was shiny little button called 'shop' and then decide "YES! I'd like to give this person some money today!"

Sadly, that's not going to happen. Because:

a. we're usually pretty lazy creatures, and like to be spoon-fed our information

b. sometimes we just don't realise how much we need something until we're told

So instead of waiting for that sale to come about SOMEDAY, why not set up an email automation series that gently (and yes, I really do mean gently) leads your potential client to discovering how awesome your paid-for products and services are too!

5. You're not providing real value

I guess this one kinda sums it all up. Somewhere along the way, we got scared to knock the bloomin' socks off our potential clients.

We settled for something mediocre over something grand. And yes, you might get some people sign up for your opt-in even when it's of a mediocre nature. But if that's what you're getting back when you're putting minimal effort, minimal energy and minimal value into your opt-in, just imagine how amazing your list could be if you created something that blew them out of the water.

There's two little fast-facts that I'd love to leave you with here:

1. You can offer up to 40% of a paid product FOR FREE, and the people that were going to buy it in the first place will STILL buy it!

2. The best opt-ins (or lead magnets) are worth at least $100 in value!

Now what are you waiting for! Go create something brilliant and let your list grow with ease!!!

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