5 Reasons To Choose Squarespace

It's no secret, I'm a lover of Squarespace!!! I was first introduced to Squarespace by a fellow web-designer, when I asked him this question: "I want to find a platform that allows me to create beautiful designs, but isn't difficult for my clients to use after I've created the site for them. Do you have any suggestions?" His answer of course, was Squarespace!!!

Since starting with Squarespace, I've learned so much more about this platform and fall deeper and deeper in love with it! Not only do I design websites with Squarespace, I also have a few exciting projects in the works for the remainder of 2016 (which you'l have to find out about over here!). I'm also a proud member of Squarespace's 'inner-circle' (aptly named 'The Circle'), which ensures that I'm one of the first to know when new features are released as well as giving me (and my clients) a free 6-month trial to get their site JUST RIGHT, before going live!

If you're thinking of making the switch to Squarespace, or you're still in the early stages of planning your site, I've put together a list of my top reasons why Squarespace is my choice for my website, and my clients'.

It's a one-stop shop solution

When you first get started, there's a lot to consider about your website. The three main things that one must consider:
1. Who will you purchase your 'domain' name through (i.e. www.yournamehere.com)
2. Who will you 'host' your site with (i.e. where will all the files, images and content be stored on the internet).
3. What 'platform' will you use to create your site (i.e. Wordpress, Weebly, Squarespace etc - this is how you actually build, design and add content to your site).

With Squarespace, you can do all of this in the one place. You can purchase your domain through them (or you can purchase it somewhere else and easily link it up using Squarespace's built in-system). All your files, images and content is stored utilising Squarespace's servers and finally, you can of-course build and design your site completely using the Squarespace platform.

You don't have to be a web-designer/developer to use it

These days, it's pretty easy to create a website yourself. If you're a wordpress fanatic then you'd be familiar with the whole idea of a 'template'. A template is simply a pre-designed site that you can customise to your own requirements.

The problem I find with most Wordpress templates is that to REALLLY be able to customise them, you need to have some skills in the coding department. Without this, you're really stuck to the template you've downloaded (and possibly paid good money for!).

With Squarespace, you're still building off a template (one of their professionally designed starting templates), however with their built in style editor almost EVERYTHING is customisable. Meaning you can splash your brand colours and fonts around everything, and really create a cohesive look, with ease! 

It's completely mobile-friendly

Ahhhh, good ol' mobile friendliness! With 4 out of 5 consumers using their smartphone to shop, it's kind of a big deal to make sure your site looks amazing both onscreen, and on a smart device! 

Plus, Google now ranks mobile friendl sites higher than non-mobile friendly sites if someone is searching using their smartphone. 

With Squarespace's professional templates, this functionality comes built in! No need to update your template, no need to hire a designer, this is (as I said before) a complete solution! So whether someone is reading your blog sitting at a cafe on their laptop, or scrolling through on their phone whilst catching the train - you can rest assured that your site will be looking gorgeous!

They keep up to-date with the latest trends

One big concern when debating to create your site with Squarespace or Wordpress is that with Squarespace you won't have access to the millions of plugins at your disposal through Wordpress! 

This is true - you won't. But I haven't built a site yet that I haven't been able to do exactly what we wanted to do.

Need to link up your mailing list?
Yep, easy-peesy!
Creating an e-course?
You can easily implement a user-login screen (on your existing site! No need for a new one!)
Oh you want to host a podcast?
Yep - you can even do that too with Squarespace!

The reason all this is possible, is that Squarespace have a dedicated team to research the top plugins being downloaded, the latest trends in web-design and user-experience and they build that into the standard Squarespace experience! So it's right there, all available to you at the click of a button!

You can get a bit more advanced if you'd like to

Another reason I hear all the time for NOT going with Squarespace is that you can't get into the nitty-gritty, and make things a bit more advanced. 

Well that's simply untrue, and probably a rumour circulated by someone who wants you to just go with their website company, without even TRYING out Squarespace.

The thing is, I've tried sooooo many website platforms, and none have been more easy to get into the code if you need to!

The thing I love is that this is kept completely separate from the rest of the site, so I'm able to customise elements such as implementing a beautiful backdrop for making your site glamourous, but my clients don't have to deal with that part (if they don't want to!). They can just get on with the business of doing their business, without worrying they might accidentally BREAK SOMETHING!!!

The ability to customise code comes with every Standard plan, or you can upgrade to a Developer plan if you know your way around website code and wish to get your hands dirty customising things even further!