5 Minimum-Effort, Maximum Impact Ways to Market Your Business

There’s a common thread that pops up in many of our coaching calls with clients, particularly when client first come to JuJu HQ for help. They’ve been striving so hard; blogging, sending newsletters and creating new products, only to realise that they’ve overestimated how many would actually sell.

Often they’ve spent the time getting clear on who their dream clients are. They’re posting on social media daily and they’ve created a powerful free opt-in gift. But there’s one thing missing. Their client calendar is looking a little more minimalistic than they’d like! 

Sound familiar?

In the start-up phases of any business, these are just a few of the pains that you’re bound to experience. It can feel disheartening, pouring your heart and soul into creating offers, packaging up your services and marketing them to your tribe, only to hear crickets!!!

But don’t despair, because we’ve put together our top five tips for marketing, that are not only minimal effort but are designed for maximum impact with your dream clients! Even better still, each one is something that you can totally do yourself - no expert marketing knowledge required!!

Conquer the guest pitch. 

There's a reason why this one is top of our list - for many female online entrepreneurs putting ourselves out there in the form of 'pitching' can conjure up all sorts of fears.

However it can actually be one of the most important, minimal effort ways to market your services to an aligned audience.

Firstly when you can identify blogs, magazines, podcasts and events that your dream tribe are diving into and devouring, it gives you the perfect opportunity to get your knowledge, expertise and brand in-front of an audience that have already shown an interest in the topic of choice and the medium in which it's being delivered.

How to use this technique:

  1. Identify what content your dreamiest are devouring & what platforms they enjoy diving into it on
  2. Craft a pitch outline that highlights the topic/s you love to talk about, the types of people you help and, of course, your expertise
  3. Customise your pitch outline to the  specific brand or platform you're pitching - because there's nothing worse than being generic!

Minimal effort:

Crafting an outline that shares your topic area, target audience and brand values means you've only got to do a minimal amount of customising per pitch.

Maximum impact:

People that listen to, read or interact with the chosen platform you're pitching already have a proven record of being interested in the topic you're going to pitch!

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Social Media is the new networking

Using social media for your business is a whole different ball-game to using it as a tool to keep mum up to date on your exciting travel plans.

When using Social Media in your marketing strategy, it's important that you're showing up and adding value to your tribe - answering their questions (even the ones they haven't verbalised), inspiring them, educating them and a little bit of promotion in there too.

Social Media can be one of your most cost-effective marketing tools, but just like your ordinary networking events there are some rules of etiquette that should be followed. 

Think of it this way: would you show up to a networking event, pounce on the first person that met you insisting you work together and proceed to handing out business cards to each person in the room, rapid-fire style?

For your sake, and theirs, we hope not!

Surely, you're much more likely to have a longer lasting impact if you show up with the desire to connect with some other people in your field, create some meaningful conversations and genuinely build relationships at the event. Your social media interactions should be no different.

Show up to inspire, add value & educate and you'll build a natural desire for your followers to want to know more and click that all-important 'link in bio.'

How to use this technique:

Spend some time crafting some social media lists. Some examples of the types of lists you could create are: 

  1. The platforms your dream clients are hanging out on
  2. Who they're following
  3. Who's following & interacting with them
  4. What hashtags they are using
  5. What brands they share content about

Minimal effort:

Schedule some time daily to show up and interact with the people, brands and hashtags you've listed out. Give value and contribute to the conversation.

Maximum impact:

This technique has ripple effects. Not only are you impacting on the people you directly interact with, you're also widening the net of people likely to see your brand in their 'suggested' feed and friend's activity feeds. 

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Use FB ads for list-building

It's surprising the number of people that are running their online business and are still hesitant to utilise the power of Facebook advertising. 

In years gone by, it would've been a no-brainer for small-business owners to spend money on advertising in the local paper, yellow pages directory or even sometimes radio advertising. These forms of advertising don't often come cheap. 

What's worse is that they are also unlikely to cause much of an impact. Businesses would often fork out hundreds, sometimes thousands, to  advertise their latest product, service or sale. Rarely will you hear a report of more than a handful of customers actually purchasing these products. However the mere fact that one or two people bought their product is enough to keep these businesses forking out their hard-earned money on these forms of advertising, for fear of losing those few customers.

Many online business owners who have tried Facebook advertising will often start their journey with Facebook advertising in one of the following ways:

  1. They boost a post from their page
  2. They create an ad to promote their FB page
  3. They create an ad-set promoting their product

There's more than a few things wrong with these tactics, but they all have one common theme that's stopping them from being an effective marketing strategy. Each and everyone of them does not create a lasting impression and relationship with your dream client. 

Boosting posts will only mean you're likely to have to keep boosting posts, to reach your target audience and grow your Facebook following.

Promoting your page will likely result in a few more likes on your Facebook profile, but unless your new followers actively engage with your content it's highly unlikely that they'll see many of your posts and move towards being a customer.

Advertising a paid product rarely works without first establishing a connection and brand awareness with your dream client.

Therefore, the best way to spend your marketing dollar is by creating a targeted ad-set that shares some epic-value with your potential dream clients. Offering them a free gift in exchange for their email address means that you can keep the conversation going via email, developing a relationship as you nurture them through your strategically designed customer value ladder. 

How to use this technique:

Firstly, it's important that you install your Facebook pixel as soon as possible to every page of your website along with any landing pages or sales page that you host through applications such as ClickFunnels. This allows Facebook to collect data on the people that visit your site, enabling you to retarget these people directly through Facebook advertising down the track, or create look-a-like audiences from this data.

Minimal effort:

By creating targeted audiences using the Facebook Power Editor you can ensure that your Facebook marketing budget is being spent on people that are most likely already interested in the topic you're sharing. No wasted time and money on mass-marketing in the hope of a few hits or 'brand-awareness'.

Maximum impact:

Focusing on using Facebook advertising to build your email list allows you to provide value up-front to your dream clients. Providing value for free, in the form of an opt-in, has proven effects in boosting your brand and allows you to continue the conversation over email. This means you can spend as little as $1-2 per lead and even make back (or make more) than you spent on advertising in the first place, through a strategic sales funnel/email automation series.

Show off your best asset - your expertise

Many online entrepreneurs have a big fear that's holding them back from really making waves in their marketing efforts.

They fear that if they give away their knowledge in the form of blog posts, opt-ins and social media posts that no one will actually buy from them.

However the reverse is actually true. We're in an age where we are skeptical of everything and anything that promises change and results, because we've been sold products and services too many times that didn't live up to our expectations. 

So we've developed an advertising filter, and before we can be convinced to buy a product we now have a new measuring stick for what we will hand over our hard-earned money for. 

Therefore it's important to be sharing your knowledge, expertise and skills in a way that naturally guides your client to wanting to know more and establishes you in their mind as an expert BEFORE the buying process begins.

How to use this technique:

Spend 5 minutes brainstorming all the topics that you could POSSIBLY write about, that your dream clients would be interested in. Start with an outline of the main points for each topic.

Once you’ve got your outline, consider what important information you need to get across for each point. Is there a quote you’d like to refer to, or articles that you’ll link to in order to back up your points? Pad out your post with a few sentences that get your point across then simply add an intro and outro paragraph and voila, you’re ready for publishing!

Minimal effort:

Blogging doesn’t have to be like an essay, just start with sharing the things you love about the topic you’re talking on. It often helps if you can think of one person that you’re writing your blog post for, pretending that you’re sitting over a glass of wine chatting away.

Utilise your blog post content in the form of social media posts, to fill out your content calendar and continue to direct traffic back to your site. 

Make sure you’re also linking other relevant blog posts that you’ve created into each article or link through to your services for that particular topic, so that your dream clients have a clear call to action on how they can get an even greater benefit from your wealth of knowledge.

Maximum impact:

As mentioned above, creating your own content shares your unique knowledge and expertise with your dream clients, helping them know exactly how you can help them! It’s the perfect way to transform your social media followers into newsletter subscribers and then into customers.

Connect in real life

Yes, in-person connection can be one of your most powerful marketing tools. After all, we buy from people! As an online business owner, developing real-life human connection with like-minded individuals can transform your business’ growth.

Now, reading that you have to ‘connect in real life’ might’ve send shivers down your spine as you thought to yourself “But I started my online business so I didn’t have to talk to people in real-life, just online”. But please don’t let fear get the better of you here, because there are some really natural and authentic ways to connect in real life, that don’t involve going to stifling networking events where 90% of the room are men in blue-collared suits.

How to use this technique:

There’s a few ways to use this technique. All of them though require some pre-work to be done on your part, which will really turn your minimal effort into maximum impact!

Firstly, you’ll want to do some research on the kind of in-person activities your dream clients are loving. Do they love to connect at events and conferences? Are they attending workshops or retreats? Once you’ve brainstormed a list of ideas of places to meet your dream clients it’s time to create some connection.

Minimal effort:

The most obvious option here is to actually GO to these events. But for some of us, the thought of doing so is just oh-so-completely overwhelming.

If you’re not an event-going type, then you can still utilise in-person connection by engaging with those that love to attend these events and following on in the Social Media conversations (by searching the event hashtags!).

If events aren’t really your thing, you can still create real-life connection. Open up some free coaching spots for members of your tribe, offer ‘coffee catchups’ to your social media followers or create a free monthly group call. Not only is it a perfect way for your dream clients to know you (the real you, and not the one that’s presented on your picture perfect Instagram) it’s also a fantastic way to gain insight into what your dream clients are struggling with.

Maximum impact:

By engaging in in-person connection, you’ll give your dream clients an insight into what it’s really like working with you. You’ll be able to start conversations around topics of interest and graciously share your knowledge, proving to them that you’re the expert! 

Above-all, these in-person connections will create a longer-lasting brand memory on your dream clients than any Facebook or Instagram post ever will!

Stay tuned to the blog, or sign up for updates below as we dive deeper into each of the above topics in our Marketing blog-series over the next 5 weeks.

Which marketing technique will you try this week? Let us know in the comments below!