4 courses that shaped my business in 2015

(and what I'm looking to invest in, in 2016)

It seems that everywhere you look these days, almost everyone is creating an e-course. If you're anything like me, and love to expand your knowledge, it's verrrrrryyy easy to fall into the trap of learning, learning, learning! This doesn't leave much time for applying what you've learned in your business.

In 2015, I would say that a fair chunk of my income went to investing in other women's e-courses, so I wanted to share with you the ones that had the most impact on my business. The reasons why I loved going through these e-courses is that they are all about taking inspired action and DOING THE WORK.

What I invested in, in 2015

Bright Eyed & Blog-Hearted

I had seen the beautifully designed Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted booklets popping up on the Instagram accounts of bloggers I was following for a while. It's african-style tapestry design spoke to the hippy in me and I'd been intrigued about the whole world of 'blogging' (with a few failed attempts of my own blogs over the years!).

My beautiful friend, Sophie Zen told me that she was going to be doing Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted, and after some pondering (ok, I didn't REALLY need much convincing) I decided it would be fun to do it together.

Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted is all about solidifying your vision for your blog and sharing this vision with the online world in an authentic way. Whether an idea for a blog has been stirring in your heart, but hasn't quite reached the online world or whether you're just a little stuck on how best to build your connected tribe through the written word online, this course is your ultimate guide. 

There is so much to cover on a topic such as blogging, but Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted provides an easy to understand approach to wrapping your head around each important element. Some of these include:

- Starting Out
- Blog Planning
- Social Media
- 'Going Pro' aka: how to make money from blogging!
- The 'techy' stuff explained (like what's the difference between a domain name & hosting????)
- Introduction to SEO

The content in this e-course is second-to-none, as Rachel MacDonald opens up and generously gives her learned advice to all those with a heart to give through the art of blogging. However, what really made this e-course shine is it's generous, connected and heart-warming online community of fellow 'BEBH-ers'.

Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted can be found here.


"What if your business actually fulfilled you? ...It might sound like a crazy pipe dream – and sooo far away from where you’re at right now – but the truth is, it’s entirely possible."

How's that for an introduction to an e-course? I mean, WOW! I'm a firm believer in following your excitement, and living a life full of passion - hence why I left an unfulfilling job to start a business built around my passion and purpose!

Purposeful, for me, was a huge part of that journey, taking me through the understanding of where I've come from (yes, there's a little bit of introspection required) and guiding me to designing a (as Kate so adequately puts it!) "Heart-fuelled. Soul-centered. Mission-driven" business of my own.

Your purposeful journey is all about you, so make it your own. Throughout the e-course, there's plenty of internal reflection, soul-searching and big dreaming to be done. Kate walks you through each of these areas to finding your 'why' and understanding that your 'why' is unique to you. Your why doesn't need to tick a certain amount of boxes, and your why doesn't necessarily need to be your main income stream either. 

Kate breaks down the process of uncovering your purpose in a series of easy practical activities and is a welcome guide for the more soul-searching 'inner-work' required.

My favourite practice, is the Inner Sage visualisation - there's something about chatting to your older, wiser self that cuts through all the bullcrap messages we tell ourselves about why we don't deserve to follow our passions and live out our purpose, that helps you to see clearly where you need to live with a little more purposeful intention.

Purposeful can be found here.

The Unicorn Project

Whether you believe in unicorns or not is irrelevant, the fact of the matter is: You have a Unicorn waiting to be discovered.

When you're in business, sometimes you can be flooded with ideas for creating new products, services, opt-ins, social media series - you name it! But unfortunately, we get busy doing 'all the things' and our beautiful creative projects that fulfil us (and would most likely bring in new revenue for our business) gets pushed to the bottom of the list!

But, what if you could focus on taking simple action each day for 30 days? Chances are, that you'll be a whole lot closer to launching that baby into the world! 

This e-course is focused on creatively taking action EVERY day, for 30 days. So if you're not going to commit to doing it, it's not worth buying. But if you can give yourself the permission to make time and space to create whatever it is that your heart has been craving to create, this course will shine a light on the soul-centered work that makes it feel a little less like 'work'

I'll definately be doing this live again in March 2016, but there are some great principles that should be applied to your daily/weekly/monthly business schedule.

You can sign up to get notified about the next round of The Unicorn Project here.

The Braid Method

BY BRAID CREATIVE  www. braidcreative.com

BY BRAID CREATIVE www. braidcreative.com

Branding: it's a topic I harp on about a fair bit! However, it's very evident to me that a lot of entrepreneurs don't feel that they have the budget (or don't want to spend the money on) to hire a brand strategist.

The Braid Method is a DIY approach to uncovering your brand messaging as a creative entrepreneur, coach or consultant and crafting positioning statements and content that helps educate your audience who you are, what your expertise is and how they can hire you.

Helping people understand what you do and how to hire you doesn't have to be hard - and it doesn't have to be sleazy. Crafting your messaging for helping potential clients understand you and your process will help to ensure that your dream clients remain dreamy. It's also extremely helpful in identifying who isn't your dream client, and politely declining working with them - so that you can remain focused on the work that you're good at and enjoy doing.

You can find out more about The Braid Method here.*

Please note: I am a Braid affiliate – that means when you use the links in my post I get a commission on all referred sales. That said, I fully believe in The Braid Method ECourse and how it’s helped me in work and life.

What I'm looking to invest in, in 2016


By Dr. Kate Byrne - bettymeansbusiness.com

I'm in love with everything Kate puts out, soaking up her blog content, furiously taking notes on her jam-packed webinars and am looking in the near future to get her business mind assisting on taking JuJu Marketing to the next level. 

In the meantime, I'm keen to look at her acclaimed 'Packaging You' e-course to assist in creating packages that best serve my clients, providing value and focus on my own creative expertise.


By Dr. Ezzie Spencer - www.lunarabundance.com

I'm not so secretly a hippy at heart - and that's probably why I love the beautiful words of Dr. Ezzie Spencer. I'm a big believer in letting my life and business be guided by the moon, setting my intentions with the new moon. My 'word' for 2016 is ABUNDANCE - not necessarily in money, but in everything. Love, energy, health, connection - I want to be fully soaked up with all the goodness this world has to offer! So I'm excited for when the doors of the Lunar Abundance Salon open in 2016.

I'd love to know, what have been your favourite e-course invesments? Or what are you looking to invest in?