31 Opt-In Ideas to build your list

  1. Create a cover-all-bases checklist
  2. Host a video series & interview some industry leaders/online peers relating to your topic
  3. Hold a webinar
  4. Write an e-book
  5. Record a guided meditation
  6. Create an add-on worksheet related to your blog posts
  7. Provide a discount code to your online shop
  8. Create a joint opt-in with an aligned business
  9. Create a digital-magazine
  10. Myth-bust your industry
  11. Let them sign up for a free trial
  12. Design a mantra
  13. Share a step-by-step behind-the-scenes look at your process
  14. Run an email challenge
  15. Record a video tutorial
  16. Share your content planner (yes, the completed version!)
  17. Create an industry relevant how-to guide
  18. Access to an online library of resources
  19. Share a list of your favourite resources and why
  20. Give away a paid product FOR FREE
  21. Create a quiz
  22. Provide a PDF printable version of your post
  23. Host an online summit, ask along some brilliant blogging business babes!
  24. Share your 'black-book' of industry contacts
  25. Preview chapters of an e-book or book
  26. A collection of your favourite previous emails
    If you've been building your tribe for a while now, chances are you've shared some gold tips and tricks over in your newsletter. This is the perfect content to give your audience a glimpse of what it looks like to be part of your tribe!
  27. Write an e-book that answers your readers questions
    Constantly getting asked some brilliant questions over in email-land? Or maybe you've hosted a live Q&A on Facebook. Why not bundle up your brilliant truth-bombs into a nicely branded opt-in!
  28. Design a desktop or phone wallpaper
    If you've got a mantra you live by, why not share it with your tribe to keep as a constant reminder on their phone or desktop
  29. Share your on-boarding questionnaire
    Want to truly make the transition from blog-reader to client as smoothe as possible? Share transparently the steps you take to help someone make the transition
  30. Create a custom planner
    If you've got a business process, that helps you plan your next steps, why not create a copy using Canva, brand it up nice and pretty, and share it with your audience. They'll love the sneak-peek behind your business process too!
  31. Access to a private facebook group
    Want to really connect with your tribe? Ask them to come and hang out with you in your private Facebook group - exclusively accessed through your mailing list