7 ways to build your brand when you're hearing crickets

You've crafted a killer sales page, your about page shares your story and your services are all packaged up and ready to change your future client's life! But no one is clicking that 'buy now button! DAMN!

Well, the good news is, you don't have to sit here twiddling your thumbs! It's time to start getting your name out there, building your brand and attracting more dream clients into your business!

I've gathered up my favourite 7 ways to do just that. Take a read below, and let me know which one you're going to try out in the comments at the end of the article!

1. Write a guest blog article

The best way to expose yourself to new audiences (aka potential new clients) is to get in front of someone else's! 

Do some research on websites that your audience are interacting with; focus on ones which offer complementary products or services to yours, check out whether they have existing guest posts on their blog, and pitch an article idea that you think their audience will LOVE!

It's a bonus for them because they didn't have to slave over creating yet another post and it's a great way to share your brand's area of expertise with a brand new tribe!

2. Create a new opt-in

If you've been in the game for a while, chances are you'll have some articles that have been sitting in a dark-hidden corner of your blog for a while now, but they're still full of gold! Or maybe you share some super inspiring insights in your weekly newsletter?

Why not package them up into a nice little e-book or email challenge? It's a perfect way to repurpose existing content in order to gain yourself some new subscribers and share your brand's message in the process!

3. Do a blog audit

Want to be known for your absolute zone of genius? The go-to gal for all things {insert your area of expertise here}. 

If there's no clients storming down your door right this second, take a second to see if your blog's are really representing your brand in the best light!

Conduct and audit of your Categories & Tags. Do these accurately reflect the content AND your brand message? In most cases, it's good to stick to 3 or 4 categories that sum up the key areas of your brand message. You might want to create an excel spreadsheet to track all your posts, and work out your categories from there.
While you're over in blog-land, conduct some SEO research. Are you using the best combination of keywords in your blog post titles? Try updating some titles to ensure that you're sharing your brand message with the people searching for exactly what you're putting out into the world!

4. Reach out to 'dream clients'

It's completely okay to be pro-active in the search for new clients, in fact - I'd encourage it. If you're calendar looks more like you're on holidays, than working at building your own business why not reach out to some of your dream clients?

I keep a list of my top-50 dream clients, which gets updated from time-to-time as my business grows and evolves. Try it out, search through the FB pages you like, the Instagrammers you follow and who you're interacting with in Facebook groups. Write them out on a piece of paper. 
Now, how can you help them in some way? Can you conduct a complimentary audit, offer up a free introductory session or perhaps you've written an e-book that you can gift them for free? I'm sure you've got SOMETHING in your toolbelt that you can reach out potential dream clients and get a conversation flowing. At the very least, maybe you'll have one more testimonial you can add to your website as a little extra social proof of how awesome you are!

5. Pitch yourself for a podcast interview

It seems podcasts are popping up everywhere these days, with so many traditional bloggers opting for the spoken word over the written form. Pitching yourself for a podcast interview is a great way to introduce yourself to a new audience who may not be into reading your 1000 word essays on a weekly basis. 

When it comes time to record your interview, make sure you have a clear call-to-action in mind as most podcast hosts will let you take the floor and do a short promo at the end of the interview. Ensure that the next steps for your listener relates directly to the topic area you'll be chatting about, so that they know exactly how you can help them delve a little deeper.

6. Start a YouTube channel

Video is here to stay people! The introduction of Periscope, the boom of snapchat and now Facebook Live are proving that. Now maybe you're not quite ready for the live-streaming video platforms yet - that's okay. Why not start a YouTube channel?

Getting your face in front of potential clients and tribe members is an integral part of building your personal brand. Not only does putting your message out there through video help to build brand recognition and establish you as an expert in your area, it's also a great form of content that can be packaged up into a paid product at a later date. Maybe it will form part of an e-course you create or you could repurpose it as an email opt-in challenge. 

7. Plan your first leveraged online program

You want to be 'fully-booked' right? But the idea of working non-stop, day and night was not what you had in mind when you started this business you've been building.
Why not take this time to start planning our your first leveraged online program? Creating leveraged income is a great way to share your brand message with more people that may not be able to afford your 1:1 premium services. So get planning lady!

This article was originally published in the June issue of The Goddess Sisterhood.