10 Content Marketing Ideas If You Hate to Blog

You've got a few blog post ideas mapped out on a scrunched up post it somewhere (hmmmm, where did I put that?) but they never seem to make it onto your website, because if you're really honest - writing lengthy blog posts just is NOT your calling! 

Well never fear my dear, here's a list of 10 content marketing ideas to help you interact with your dream clients. 

1. Podcasts

Podcasts are all the rage at the moment, and it seems every online entrepreneur is popping up on our iPhones, filling us in on the latest and greatest about their industry across the airwaves. Now podcasting is not for the faint hearted, there's a fair bit of technology involved - but if you'd prefer to chat it out with your tribe rather than writing a blog post (or getting your teeth pulled out at the dentist, with no anaesthetic!), then perhaps you might want to try your voice at some pod-jaying!

2. Video Blogging 

Another alternative to blog-post writing is to video-blog it. Just like podcasting, this medium allows you to speak rather than write. It also has the added benefit of getting your pretty little face in front of your tribe! And in an age of relationship marketing, that kind of face-to-face exposure is PRICELESS!

3. Create a Social Media Series

Weeks before publishing a blog post about the lessons she'd learned in her 33 years, Rachel MacDonald discovered that a blogging peer had done the very same thing almost to a tee! So putting on her creative genius hat, Rachel repurposed this content into an Instagram series with a specific hashtag for her tribe to follow along with.

4. Micro Blogging

You can blog without ACTUALLY having a blog!!! WHAAAAAT!!! Yes, Micro-blogging is all the rage. Using a platform like Facebook or Instagram to share your content in a similar manner that you would if you had a blog, allows you a little more flexibility to just post those three sentences that have been swirling around in your head, without getting lost down the rabbit hole of a long-winded blogpost.

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5. Create an interview series

Creating an interview series can not only cut down on the amount of time you spend creating new content, but also increase your blogs exposure as your guest is likely to promote the interview to their tribe also. (BONUS!) Set up a few questions you ask each and every time, and create a pitch to your interviewees! Then all you've got to do is publish and promote! EASY!

6. Create checklists or step-by-step guides

Got a process you do every single time??? Next time you do it, why not jot down the steps as you go and create a free downloadable checklist or step-by-step tutorial guide. 

7. Make an infographic

Prefer to showcase your knowledge in a visual form, and get a little creative? Try out Piktochart (similar to Canva) to create some informative graphics for your tribe on a particular topic. Make sure you make it a Pinnable image so that your tribe can share it over and over - growing your websites reach exponentially.

8. Host a Twitter Q&A

Love to get live feedback and really get into the nitty-gritty with your tribe members? Why not host a twitter Q&A. Develop your own hashtag to go along with it to keep track of the conversation. Publish the results on your website, either by creating your own FAQ post, collating all question/answers on a particular topic, or use your hashtag and create a custom hashtag widget. 

9. Write a round-up of links

Chances are, if you're writing a blog for your website you're also consuming blogs. If you've come across some spectacular blog posts, resources or other media that is relevant to your tribe, why not share them in a link round-up. While you're at it, why not share you're article with the bloggers who's links you're promoting - you never know, they might be stoked and share it to their tribe on your behalf!

10. Host a webinar

Just like video-blogging, only LIVE!!! Chatting to your tribe in a live atmosphere is exhilarating, plus you can get instant feedback. You can host a webinar in a formal or informal setting! Why not try this platform and see how it feels, what have you got to lose?

Do you love to blog, or are you keen to try out a new form of content marketing? Which one sparks your interest?

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